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2015  Experimental Study of Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Vibration of a Flexible Rectangular Plate

2015  Experimental Study of RC Beams Strengthened with Prestressed Steel-Wire BFRP Composite Plate Using a Hybrid Anchorage System

2015  Forced Vibration Analysis of Prestretched Plates with Twin Circular Inclusions

2015  Hygrothermoelastic Buckling Response of Laminated Composite Plates with Random System Properties: Macromechanical and Micromechanical Model

2015  Predictive Electromechanical Model for Energy Scavengers Using Patterned Piezoelectric Layers

2015  Tunnel Design and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction

2014  Analytical and Numerical Evaluation of Continuously Stiffened Composite Web Shear Links

2014  Analytical Design Model for Reinforced-Concrete Beams Strengthened in Shear Using L-Shaped CFRP Plates

2014  Analytical Solution of a Wave Diffraction Problem on a Submerged Cylinder

2014  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened in Shear Using L-Shaped CFRP Plates: Experimental Investigation

2014  Buckling Analysis of a Functionally Graded Thin Circular Plate Made of Saturated Porous Materials

2014  Buckling and Vibration of Symmetrically Laminated Composite Elliptical Plates on an Elastic Foundation Subjected to Uniform In-Plane Force

2014  Buckling Delamination of a Rectangular Viscoelastic Sandwich Plate Containing Interface Inner Cracks

2014  Closed-Form Solution for a Cantilevered Sectorial Plate Subjected to a Tip Bending Moment

2014  Continuously Stiffened Composite Web Shear Links: Tests and Numerical Model Validation

2014  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave Scattering by a Submerged Plate

2014  Deformable Stiffener Welded to an Elastic Plate

2014  Dynamic Response of the Rectangular Plate Subjected to Moving Loads with Variable Velocity

2014  Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge Collapse during Deck Removal

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, and Displacements of a Rotating Annular Plate with Variable Thickness Subjected to a Centrifugal Body Force

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, Displacements, and Stress Concentration Factors of a Perforated Rectangular Plate by a Circular Hole Subjected to In-Plane Bending Moment on Two Opposite Edges

2014  Expansion of PCA Rectangular Concrete Tank Plate Tables

2014  Experimental Investigation of SPSW Web Plate Stress Field Development and Vertical Boundary Element Demand

2014  Experimental Study of Flow-Induced Vibration of Lens-Shaped Vertical Lift Gates

2014  Gusset Plate Stability Using Variable Stress Trajectories

2014  Improving Plate Anchor Design with a Keying Flap

2014  Increasing Girder Elastic Buckling Strength Using Split Pipe Bearing Stiffeners

2014  Investigation of Nonlinear Bending Analysis of Moderately Thick Functionally Graded Material Sector Plates Subjected to Thermomechanical Loads by the GDQ Method

2014  Mechanical Performance of the Wet-Bond Interface between FRP Plates and Cast-in-Place Concrete

2014  Modeling and Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections under Column Loss

2014  Modified Nonlocal Mindlin Plate Theory for Buckling Analysis of Nanoplates

2014  New Quasi-3D Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for the Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates

2014  Preliminary Study of Blast Response of Steel Plate-Reinforced Concrete Walls

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. II: Computer Simulations

2014  Revision of Engesser’s Approach to the Problem of Euler Stability for Built-Up Columns with Batten Plates

2014  Robustness of Older Flat Plate Buildings against Dynamic Progressive Collapse

2014  Self-Excitation of Small Plate Impingement Tones from Flat Plates with and without Coaxial Hole

2014  Semianalytical Solution for Three-Dimensional Vibration Analysis of Thick Multidirectional Functionally Graded Annular Sector Plates under Various Boundary Conditions

2014  Solitary Waves Incident on a Submerged Horizontal Plate

2014  Stability of Flexible Orthotropic Rectangular Plates in Supersonic Flow: Amplitude-Speed Dependency in Precritical and Postcritical Flight Conditions

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2014  Three-Dimensional Elasticity Solution for Free Vibrations of Exponentially Graded Plates

2014  Uniformly Loaded, Rotationally Restrained Rectangular Plate and Corner Singularities

2013  Amendment to the Galin Plane Elastoplastic Solution

2013  Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition to Damage Detection in Homogeneous Plates and Composite Beams

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Buckling of Stiffened Antisymmetric Laminated Plates

2013  Conjugate Heat-Transfer Analysis for Hypersonic Flow over Finite Thickness Flat Plate

2013  Considerations on the Design of Keying Flap of Plate Anchors

2013  Development of a New Asymmetric Anchor Plate for Prefabricated Vertical Drain Installation via Centrifuge Model Tests

2013  Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Flow past a Normal Flat Plate

2013  Dynamic Analysis of Magnetoelasticity for Ferromagnetic Plates with Nonlinear Magnetization in Magnetic Fields

2013  Dynamic Fracture of Cellular Cementitious Plates under Blast/Shock Loading

2013  Effect of Concrete Slab on Shear Capacity of Composite Plate Girders under Positive Moment

2013  Effectiveness of Externally Applied CFRP Stirrups for Rehabilitation of Slab-Column Connections

2013  Experimental Performance of Steel Braced Frames Subjected to Bidirectional Loading

2013  Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with Steel-Wire Continuous Basalt Fiber Composite Plates

2013  Experimental Tests of Truss Bridge Gusset Plate Connections with Sway-Buckling Response

2013  Finite-Element Modeling of Circular Nanoplates

2013  Imaging Tools for Evaluation of Gusset Plate Connections in Steel Truss Bridges

2013  Innovative Design Features Trusses Without Gusset Plates

2013  Load Settlement Response of Footing Placed over Buried Flexible Pipe through a Model Plate Load Test

2013  Local Buckling Analysis of Restrained Orthotropic Plates under Generic In-Plane Loading

2013  Mechanical Buckling of Thick Composite Plates Reinforced with Randomly Oriented, Straight, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Resting on an Elastic Foundation using the Finite Strip Method

2013  Numerical Study of Behavior of Anchor Plates in Clayey Soils

2013  Plate Buckling Strength of Steel Wide-Flange Sections at Elevated Temperatures

2013  Semianalytical Solution for Buckling Analysis of Variable Thickness Two-Directional Functionally Graded Circular Plates with Nonuniform Elastic Foundations

2013  Simplified Model for Strength Assessment of Timber Beams Joined by Bonded Plates

2013  Static and Dynamic Analysis of Functionally Graded Skew Plates

2013  Stress Analysis of Transversely Loaded Functionally Graded Plates with a Higher Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory

2013  Uplift Behavior of Anchor Plates in Slope

2013  Uplift Performance of Anchor Plates Embedded in Cement-Stabilized Backfill

2013  Vulnerability of Disproportionate Collapse in Older Flat Plate Buildings Subjected to Sudden Removal of a Bearing Column

2012  Accurate Critical Buckling Load/Temperature of Thick Annular Sector Plates

2012  Application of Spline Element and State-Space Approach to Dynamic Analysis

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. I: Experimental Investigation and Finite-Element Modeling

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. II: X-Type Parametric Numerical Study and Design

2012  Bridge Piers with Structural Fuses and Bi-Steel Columns. II: Analytical Investigation

2012  Collapse Behavior of Composite Plate Girders Loaded in Shear

2012  Development and Validation of "Forged Rings" for Base Plate Material Use

2012  Digital Imaging Technique Aids Gusset Plate Loading Research

2012  Elastic Analysis of Beam-Wall Joints Subjected to Out-of-Plane Bending

2012  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Dilatancy on a Shallow Anchor Plate in Sand

2012  Experimental Study on the Fatigue Behavior of Steel Beams Strengthened with Different Fiber-Reinforced Composite Plates

2012  Failure Analysis of Composite Plates Subjected to Localized Loadings via a Unified Formulation

2012  Indirect Identification Method of Bilinear Interface Laws for FRP Bonded on a Concrete Substrate

2012  Interfacial Stresses in RC Beams Strengthened by Externally Bonded FRP/Steel Plates with Effects of Shear Deformations

2012  Large Deflection Analysis of Plates Stiffened by Parallel Beams with Deformable Connection

2012  Large Deflection of Thin Plates in Convex or Concave Cylindrical Bending

2012  Laterally Loaded Reinforced Concrete Stiffened Plates: Analytical Investigations

2012  A Method for Measuring Average Strain of Cracked Ferrocement Plates

2012  Modeling of Fracture in the Sill Plate in Partially Anchored Shear Walls

2012  Postbuckling Behavior of 3D Braided Rectangular Plates Subjected to Biaxial Compression

2012  Rapid Assessment of Gusset Plate Safety in Steel Truss Bridges

2012  Rotational Stiffness of Exposed Column Base Connections: Experiments and Analytical Models

2012  Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization of a Hole in a Vibrating Rectangular Plate for Eigenfrequency Maximization

2012  Stability Analysis of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Assemblies

2011  Analytical Solutions to General Orthotropic Plates under Patch Loading

2011  Application of Indirect Capacity Design Principles for Seismic Design of Steel-Plate Shear Walls

2011  Behavior of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Beams Subjected to Concentrated Loads in the Plane of the Web