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2014  Limit Analysis of Frames Based on the Navier-Bernoulli Beam Model with Local Plasticity, Damage, and Hardening

2014  Long-Term Performance of Rigid Plastic Foam Building Insulation

2014  A Method to Reduce Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using the Re-Vibration Technique

2014  Numerical Study of Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Pin

2014  Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Fly Ash Mixed with Randomly Distributed Plastic Waste

2014  Temporary Lateral Support of a Concrete Retaining Wall Footing Using Recycled Plastic Pin

2014  Utilization of Fly Ash and Waste Recycled Product Reinforced with Plastic Wastes as Construction Materials in Flexible Pavement

2013  Engineering Properties of Silty Soil Stabilized with Lime and Rice Husk Ash and Reinforced with Waste Plastic Fiber

2013  NewsBriefs: Plastic Lightbulb Shows Promise (

2013  Strain Capacity and Cracking Resistance Improvement in Mortars by Adding Plastic Particles

2012  Analytical Model for Stress-Strain Response of Plastic Waste Mixed Soil

2012  Recycled Routes

2012  World’s First Recycled Plastic Bridges

2011  Material Flow Analysis Applied to Household Solid Waste and Marine Litter on a Small Island Developing State

2011  Plastic Waste As an Effective Stormwater Best Management Practice

2011  Production of Segmental Retaining Wall Units from Recycled Mixed Glass and Plastic

2010  Anaerobic Biodegradation of Polyhydroxybutyrate in Municipal Sewage Sludge

2010  Design of Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Stacks

2010  Emerging Trends in Failures Involving EPS-Block Geofoam Fills

2010  Utilization of Plastic Wastes for Improving the Sub-Grades in Flexible Pavements

2009  NewsBriefs: World’s Largest Bottle Recycling Facility Opens

2009  Performance of Pavement Plate Reinforced with Modified Unsaturated Polyester Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

2009  Plastic Zone around Circular Holes

2009  Role of Yield Mechanism Selection on Seismic Behavior of Steel Moment Frames Designed by Performance-Based Plastic Method

2008  Influence of Composition of uPVC on Mechanical Properties of Window Profiles Exposed to Weathering

2008  Soil Fused with Recycled Plastic Bottles for Various Geo-Engineering Applications

2007  NewsBriefs: New Circuitry to be Printed on Flexible Plastic (USA Today)

2007  Plastic Rotation of an RCC T-Beam Bridge Girder under the Combined Influence of Flexure and Torsion

2007  Plastics Waste Processing: Comminution Size Distribution and Prediction

2006  Materials: Lumber Made of Recycled Plastic Prevents Marine Borer Damage

2005  Ring-Deflection Theory in Determining Plastic Pipe Deformations

2005  Service Life of HDPE Drain Pipe: The Recently Proposed Specification and an Alternative Approach

2004  Compression and Deformation Performance of Concrete Containing Postconsumer Plastics

2004  Computer Simulation of Recycled Content Guardrail Post Impacts

2004  Crumb Rubber-Bitumen Interactions: Diffusion of Bitumen into Rubber

2004  Design Methodology for Stabilizing Slopes using Recycled Plastic Reinforcement

2004  Energy-Based Design of Dowel Connections in Wood-Plastic Composites Hollow Sections

2004  People: Students’ Small Plastic Bridge is Big Success Story

2004  Plastic Deformation Potentials of Sandy Clay from Repeated Load Triaxial Test

2004  Potential Construction Applications for Thermoset Composite Scrap Material

2003  Development of Design Values for Wood-Plastic Composite Materials

2003  Load-Duration Behavior of Wood-Plastic Composites

2003  Materials: Pine Barrens Bridge Features Plastic I Beams

2003  Practitioner’s Forum: Fire Performance of Foam-Plastic Building Insulation

2002  Materials: Recycled Plastics Find Structural Applications

2002  Tensile Strength and Toughness of Soil—Cement—Fly-Ash Composite Reinforced with Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Strips

2002  Tripartite Cohesive Crack Model

2002  Wind Sensitivity of Recycled Plastic Soundwalls

2001  Accelerated Degradation of Recycled Plastic Piling in Aggressive Soils

2001  Thermal Treatment of Polyethylene in System Containing Hydrogen Chloride

2000  Combination Glare Screen Pedestrian Fence Using Recycled Plastics

2000  Compressive Resistance of Steel Columns in Fire: Rankine Approach

2000  Geomechanical Analysis of Unbound Pavements Based on Shakedown Theory

2000  Recycled Content Sign Blanks

2000  Recycled Plastic Pins Can Save Slipping Slopes

2000  Unstable Slopes Get Pinned with Recycled Plastic

1999  Field Monitoring of Copper Concentrations in Estuaries and Creeks of Virginia’s Eastern Shore

1998  Nonconductive Retaining Wall Resists Corrosion

1998  Plastic-Damage Model for Interfaces in Cementitious Materials

1998  Plastics Hit the Deck at Army Base

1997  Buckling Models of Thin Circular Pipes Encased in Rigid Cavity

1997  A Cost Effective Rehab Scheme for URM Structures

1997  Low Temperature Strength and Notch Sensitivity of Glass Mat Polypropylene

1997  Vinyl Bulkheads Used For Yacht Club Rehabilitation

1996  Cellular Rigid Pavement

1996  Design Considerations for the Use of Plastic Lumber in Structural Applications

1996  A Plastic Tomb for DOE’s Mixed Waste

1996  Strength Properties of Polyester Mortar Using PET and Fly Ash Wastes

1995  Bitumen Coating versus Plastic Sheeting for Reducing Negative Skin Friction

1995  Buckling of Encased Elliptic Thin Ring

1995  Commingled Plastic Guardrail Post

1995  Composite Recycled Plastic Marine Piling and Timber: An Alternate to Traditional Wood Products for Marine Use

1995  Experimental Statistical Study of the Motion of a Particle on a Rough Surface

1995  Marine Application of Recycled Plastics

1995  New Committee Formed for Plastics

1995  Recycled Plastic Lumber & Shapes Design and Specifications

1995  Recycled Plastics as an Engineered Material

1995  Recycled Plastics for Roadside Safety Devices

1995  Recylcing of Scrap Tires and Plastic Waste in Modification of Asphalt Binders

1995  Special Protective Coatings and Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe

1995  Trenchless Replacement & Corrosion Protection of Deteriorated Manholes

1994  Design Basis for Creep in Composites Structures

1994  Milk Jugs, Soda Bottles and Concrete

1994  Plastic in the Forest

1994  Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling on a Future Lunar Base

1994  Reinforced-Concrete Dimensioning Based on Element Nodal Forces

1994  Shear Design Guidelines for Polyester Concrete Using Recycled Plastic

1994  Special Considerations in the Design of Connections for Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber

1994  Structural Behavior of Polymer Concrete Beams Using Recycled Plastic

1994  Utilization of Waste Materials in Highway Construction

1993  Credit where Credit is Due

1993  Dynamic Response of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Plates Under Distributed Impact Loads

1993  Infrastructure Repair with Polymer Composite Using Recycled Plastics

1993  Offshore Marine Litter in Swansea Bay, Wales, UK

1993  Piling: Prestressed concrete VS. Plastic

1993  Plastic Piling

1993  Plastics Composites for 21st Century Construction

1993  Recycled Plastic Roofs Experimental House in Maryland

1993  Recycled Playground Not the Same Old Thing

1993  Recycling Plastics in Polymer Concrete for Construction Applications