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2015  Bearing Capacity of Circular Footings on Reinforced Soils

2015  Concrete Damage Plasticity Model for Modeling FRP-to-Concrete Bond Behavior

2015  Development of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve for Flexible Base Materials Using the Methylene Blue Test

2015  Disturbed State Concept-Based Solution for Consolidation of Plastic Clays under Cyclic Loading

2015  Effect of Soil Density and Suction on the Elastic and Plastic Parameters of Unsaturated Silty Soil

2015  Effects of Interphase Regions of Particulate-Reinforced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Using a Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Model

2015  Flowability and Density Characteristics of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2015  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Embedded Foundations on a Sloping Ground Surface

2015  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Pile Groups Using FE-CIFECM Coupling in a Hybrid Domain and HISS Plasticity Model

2015  Undrained Pore Pressure Prediction in Clayey Soil under Cyclic Loading

2014  Adaptive Plasticity Model for Bucket Foundations

2014  Analytical Model for Vertically Loaded Anchor Performance

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations in Reinforced Soils

2014  Bounding Surface Plasticity Model Incorporating the State Pressure Index for Rockfill Materials

2014  Characterization of Yield Surfaces for FRP-Confined Concrete

2014  Compressibility Characteristics of Low-Plasticity Silt before and after Liquefaction

2014  Cyclic Volumetric Strain Behavior of Sands with Fines of Low Plasticity

2014  Ductile Fracture Simulation of Structural Steels under Monotonic Tension

2014  Dynamic Performance of Simply Supported Rigid Plastic Circular Thick Steel Plates Subjected to Localized Blast Loading

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2014  Experimental Studies and Models for Ductile Fracture in ASTM A992 Steels at High Triaxiality

2014  Fast-to-Compute Weakly Coupled Ductile Fracture Model for Structural Steels

2014  Finite-Element Parametric Study of Bond and Splitting Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Tie Members

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. I: Analytical Solutions

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. II: Analytical Interpretation and Prediction

2014  Low-Complexity Candidate for Benchmarking Collapse Prediction of Steel Braced Structures

2014  Modeling Cyclic Behavior of Rockfill Materials in a Framework of Generalized Plasticity

2014  Plasticity Model for Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete under True Triaxial Compression

2014  Prediction of Cyclic Behaviors of Mild Steel at Large Plastic Strain Using Coupon Test Results

2014  Shaft Resistance and Setup Factors for Piles Jacked in Clay

2014  Simplified Mapping Rule for Bounding Surface Simulation of Complex Loading Paths in Granular Materials

2014  Solving Axisymmetric Stability Problems by Using Upper Bound Finite Elements, Limit Analysis, and Linear Optimization

2014  Stability of Unsupported Vertical Circular Excavations

2014  Strain-Rate Effects in Shear Highlighted by a Dynamical Systems Model

2014  Strength and Stiffness Characterization of Controlled Low-Strength Material Using Native High-Plasticity Clay

2014  Tension Chord Model Modification for Uniaxial Unloading and Reloading in Elastic and Plastic States

2014  Transformed Stress Method for Generalizing Soil Constitutive Models

2014  Uplift Resistance of Long Pipelines in the Presence of Seismic Forces

2014  Upper-Bound Axisymmetric Limit Analysis Using the Mohr-Coulomb Yield Criterion, Finite Elements, and Linear Optimization

2014  Vertical Uplift Resistance of Pipes Buried in Sand

2014  Vertical Uplift Resistance of Two Interfering Horizontal Anchors in Clay

2013  3-D Masing Behavior of a Parallel Iwan Model

2013  Associated Generalized Plasticity Framework for Modeling Gravelly Soils Considering Particle Breakage

2013  Bearing Capacity of Foundations with Inclined Groundwater Seepage

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Burst Pressure of Pipelines with Plastic Anisotropy under Combined Internal and External Pressures

2013  Characterizing Low Plastic Fine-Grained Foundation Soils under Strong Earthquake Shaking

2013  Constitutive Modeling of Loose Sands under Various Stress Paths

2013  A Depinning Model for Creep and Plasticity of Disordered Materials

2013  Dynamic Properties and Influence of Clay Mineralogy Types on the Cyclic Strength of Mine Tailings

2013  Effect of Previous Cyclic Shearing on Liquefaction Resistance of Mississippi River Valley Silt

2013  Experimental Investigation and Direct Strength Design of High-Strength, Complex C-Sections in Pure Bending

2013  Full-Scale Shallow Anchor Testing in High Moisture Content Fine-Grained Levee Soils

2013  Fully Softened Strength of Natural and Compacted Clays for Slope Stability

2013  Generalized Symmetric Formulation of Tangential Stiffness for Nonassociative Plasticity

2013  Homogenization-Based Poroplasticity Damage Formulations for Cohesive-Frictional Geomaterials

2013  Linearization of Drucker-Prager Yield Criterion for Axisymmetric Problems: Implementation in Lower-Bound Limit Analysis

2013  Liquefaction Resistance of Sands Containing Plastic Fines with Different Plasticity

2013  A Micro-Macro Model for the Mortar with Drying Effect

2013  Modeling Cyclic Behavior of Clay by Micromechanical Approach

2013  Modelling Particle Breakage in Unsaturated Granular Assemblies

2013  A Multiscale Anisotropic Poroplasticity Damage Model for Cracked Solids

2013  Multiscale Modeling of Inclusions and Precipitation Hardening in Metal Matrix Composites: Application to Advanced High-Strength Steels

2013  Noncoaxial Behavior of Sand under Various Stress Paths

2013  Overall Properties of a Soft Porous Material: Surface Tension Effects

2013  Performance of Soil Nail Wall in High Plasticity Expansive Soil

2013  Post-Peak Fully-Softened Strength and Curved Strength Envelope in Shallow Slope Failure Analysis

2013  p-y Plasticity Model for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Piles in Liquefiable Soil

2013  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundations on Cohesionless Slopes

2013  Shaft Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Clay

2013  Simulation of the Unsaturated Excavation Damage Zone around a Tunnel Using a Fully Coupled Damage-Plasticity Model

2013  Singular Solutions in the Mechanics of Soils

2013  Stability Charts for 3D Failures of Homogeneous Slopes

2012  Aggregate Physical Properties Affecting Modulus and Deformation Characteristics of Unsurfaced Pavements

2012  Analysis of a Field Experiment to Assess the Performance of an Anisotropic Plasticity Model for Cohesive Soils

2012  Behavior of Suction Embedded Plate Anchors during Keying Process

2012  Computational Plasticity for Geotechnical Applications

2012  Design of Micropiles for Tunnel Face Reinforcement: Undrained Upper Bound Solution

2012  Effects of Steel Slag Addition on the Plasticity, Strength, and Permeability of Lateritic Soil

2012  Fabrication of Piezoresistive CNT/CNF Cementitious Composites with Superplasticizer as Dispersant

2012  Finite Element Computations of Yield Vertex Non-Coaxial Models

2012  Impact of Hydraulic Hysteresis on the Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Low Plasticity Soils

2012  Improvement of High and Low Plasticity Clayey Soils Using Polypropylene Fibers and Fly Ash

2012  Influence of Matric Suction on Pressuremeter Modulus

2012  Limit Analysis of 3D Reinforced Concrete Beam Elements

2012  Limited Mobility Grouting -- Past, Present, and Future

2012  Modeling Structural Performance of Second-Generation Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Pi-Girders

2012  Modeling Structural Performance of Ultrahigh Performance Concrete I-Girders

2012  Monotonic Behavior of Mississippi River Valley Silt in Triaxial Compression

2012  New Developments of the Boundary Element Method for Underground Constructions

2012  Numerical Simulations for Large Deformation of Granular Materials Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method

2012  A Rate Dependent Constitutive Model for Clay

2012  Reevaluation and Modification of Plasticity-Based Criterion for Assessing the Suitability of Material as Compacted Landfill Liners

2012  Retracted: Salomoni, Valentina A., Fincato, and Riccardo "Subloading Surface Plasticity Model Algorithm for 3D Subsidence Analyses above Gas Reservoirs", Int. J. Geomech., 12(4), 414-427, 10.1061/(ASCE)GM.1943-5622.0000124

2012  Role of Dislocation Density on the Sample-Size Effect in Nanoscale Plastic Yielding

2012  Seismic Compression Behavior of Sands with Fines of Low Plasticity

2012  A Study of the Torsional Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Trough Girder Based on ABAQUS

2012  Thermal and Mechanical Responses of BCC Metals to the Fast-Transient Process in Small Volumes

2012  Undrained Shear Strength of Normally Consolidated Clays with Different Plastic Properties

2012  Upper Bound Solution for Pullout Capacity of Vertical Anchors in Sand Using Finite Elements and Limit Analysis