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2015  Computer Simulations Using Pattern Specific Loss Coefficients for Cross Junctions

2014  Gene Expression Models for the Prediction of Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficients in Transitional and Turbulent Pipe Flow

2014  Noncrossover Dither Creeping Mutation-Based Genetic Algorithm for Pipe Network Optimization

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  The Estimate of Influence of Drainage Pipe Network Operation on Influent of WWTP

2013  Integrating Genetic Programming and Agent-based Modeling to Identify Sensor-based Rules for Flushing Contaminated Water from a Pipe Network

2013  Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Mock Open Tree Topology

2013  Optimal Sensor Placement of TYTON Joints in the Water Pipeline Networks Subjected to Near-Fault and Far-Fault Earthquakes

2013  Study Pressure Field in Lateral Pipe Network Hydraulic

2012  Accounting for Directional Devices in WDN Modeling

2012  Analysis on the Oil Transport Pipeline Unsteady Operation

2012  Computationally Efficient Modeling Method for Large Water Network Analysis

2012  Electromagnetic Wave Signals’ Propagation, Particularity in Horizontal Directional Drilling Stratum

2012  Flood Wave Modeling Based on a Two-Dimensional Modified Wave Propagation Algorithm Coupled to a Full-Pipe Network Solver

2012  Hydraulic Reliability Analysis of Gas Networks

2012  Improved Design of Pipeline Trajectory Measuring Instrument

2012  Optimization of CBM Surface Gathering Pipeline Network

2012  Reliability Analysis of Water Distribution Networks Using the Adaptive Response Surface Approach

2012  Research on Hydraulic Optimal Operation Scheduling of Multi-Heat Source Co-Heating Network

2012  Research on Simulation of Gas Flow in a Loop Pipeline Network with Multiple Gas Sources

2012  Research Status and Perspective on Urban Heating Network GIS

2012  Study on the Simplification of the Large Water Distribution Network Model

2012  Transient Analysis of Gas Networks Based on the Method of Characteristics with Inertial Multiplier

2011  Adjoint-Based Probabilistic Characterization of Contaminant Sources in Water Distribution Systems under Realistic Flow and Sampling Conditions

2011  Alternative Approaches for Solving the Sensor Placement Problem in Large Networks

2011  Analysis on Potential Safety Hazard in Natural Gas Pipeline Network of Beijing

2011  Applied Research of Improved Electromagnetic-Like Mechanism Algorithm in the Layout Optimization of Oilfield Water Injecting Pipeline Network

2011  Calibrating the Water-Hammer Response of a Field Pipe Network by Using a Mechanical Damping Model

2011  Design and Application of a Sewerage Pipeline Network Maintenance Information Platform Based on GIS

2011  A Directly Disjoint Algorithm for Pipeline Network s-t Reliability Evaluation

2011  Dynamic Deterioration Models for Sewer Pipe Network

2011  Dynamic Memory Computation of Impedance Matrix Method

2011  Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Water Distribution Systems by Using EIO-LCA-Based Multiobjective Optimization

2011  Head- and Flow-Based Formulations for Frequency Domain Analysis of Fluid Transients in Arbitrary Pipe Networks

2011  Influence of Network Properties and Model Purpose on the Level of Skeletonization

2011  A New Form of Asset Management for Sewer Networks

2011  Novel Approach in Pipe Condition Scoring

2011  Performance Estimation of a Remote Field Eddy Current Method for the Inspection of Water Distribution Pipes

2011  Research on Optimal Operation Methods of Heating Pipe Network

2011  Study of Fault Propagation Model of the Hydraulic Conditions for City Gas Distribution Pipeline Network

2011  Study on Breaks Analysis System for the Heating Pipeline Network Based on ComGIS

2011  Water Distribution Network Pressure-Driven Analysis Using the Enhanced Global Gradient Algorithm (EGGA)

2011  Water Distribution System Analysis: Newton-Raphson Method Revisited

2010  Advancements in Water Distribution Network Simulation by Enhanced GGA

2010  Analysis of Simplification Errors for Water Distribution Models

2010  Calibration and Optimization of the Pumping and Disinfection of a Real Water Supply System

2010  Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis of the C-Town Pipe Network Model

2010  Calibration of Water Distribution System Using Topological Analysis

2010  Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Parameter Setting Methods for Chlorine Injection Optimization

2010  Considering Actual Pipe Connections in Water Distribution Network Analysis

2010  Frequency-Domain Modeling of Transients in Pipe Networks with Compound Nodes Using a Laplace-Domain Admittance Matrix

2010  Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Dual Water Distribution Network

2010  Optimization of Contaminant Sensor Placement in Water Distribution Networks: Multi-Objective Approach

2010  Pipe Routing through Ant Colony Optimization

2010  A Tool for Preliminary WDN Topological Analysis

2009  Application of SPS and TGNET in Natural Gas Pipeline Network Simulation

2009  Case Study of Urban Water Distribution Networks Districting Management Based on Water Leakage Control

2009  Design and Implementation of Optimizing Operation System of Sulige Gas Field Pipeline Network

2009  Economics and Environment Assessment of Urban Drainage Pipe Network’s Heat Recovery in Lanzhou

2009  Energy Loss Analysis and Conservation Potential Prediction for the Pipelines Network of Oil and Gas Gathering and Transferring System

2009  The Establishment and Solution of Economic Frictional Factor Model in Heating Pipe Network Based on the Economic Calculation

2009  Evaluating Environmental Impact in Water Distribution System Design

2009  Evaluation of Aseismatic Fuzzy Reliability for Gas Field Pipeline Network Based on Monte-Carlo Simulation

2009  A Framework for Alternative Formulations of the Pipe Network Equations

2009  Hydraulic Calculation Software Development on the Heating Pipeline Network Based on Visual Basic

2009  Improved Pressurized Pipe Network Hydraulic Solver for Applications in Irrigation Systems

2009  Mini-HDD Method Overcomes Cable Pipeline Network Installation Challenges in Developed Areas

2009  Modified Methods on Testing Roughness Coefficient of Water Pipes in Urban Water Distribution Network

2009  Multiobjective Approach for Pipe Replacement Based on Bayesian Inference of Break Model Parameters

2009  Multi-Objective Optimization of the Gathering and Transferring of Oil-Gas Pipe Network Based on the Genetic Algorithm

2009  Multi-Objective Parameters Optimization Design of Oil-Gas Gathering and Transportation Pipe Network

2009  A Pipe Network Skeleton Method Based on GIS Network Analysis Technologies

2009  Research on THMs Formation in Water Network Based on Lab and Field Test

2009  Selection Method for Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Networks

2009  Stochastic Analysis of Factors Affecting Sewer Network Operational Condition

2009  Study and Application on Auto-Generation of Drainage Pipe Network Given a Sink

2009  Study of Integrated Oil-Field Pipelines Network System Based on GIS Spatial Data Sharing Platform

2009  Study on Key Techniques in Pipe Corridor Management: An Example from Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

2009  Study on Parameter Optimization of Gas Network Based on Reliability

2009  Study on Real-Time Detection of Pipe Bursts with Simulation and Management System on Water Distribution Networks

2009  Study on Techniques of an Integrated Management Platform for Urban Underground Pipeline Networks

2009  Study on the Hydraulic Calculation Model for the Heating Piping Network

2009  Study on Water Distribution Network Digital Analysis Platform in H City, Northeast China

2009  Transient Modeling of Arbitrary Pipe Networks by a Laplace-Domain Admittance Matrix

2009  Urban Drainage Network Analysis Based on GIS

2009  Water Supply Network Micro-Scope Hydraulic Model Simplification Technology

2008  Address-Oriented Impedance Matrix Method for Generic Calibration of Heterogeneous Pipe Network Systems

2008  Analysis of PVC Pipe-Wall Viscoelasticity during Water Hammer

2008  Axial Dispersion in a Pressurized Pipe under Various Flow Conditions

2008  Calibration of on-Demand Irrigation Network Models

2008  Detecting Topological Changes in Large Water Distribution Networks

2008  Determining the Accuracy of Automated Calibration of Pipe Network Models

2008  Explicit Power Formula for the Carcy — Weisbach Pipe Flow Equation: Application in Optimal Pipeline Design

2008  Impulse Response Method for Pipeline Systems Equipped with Water Hammer Protection Devices

2008  New Concepts and Tools for Pipe Network Design

2008  On The Convergence Properties of the Different Pipe Network Algorithms

2008  Optimal Design of Gravity-Fed Looped Water Distribution Networks Considering the Resilience Index

2008  Optimal Design of Pressurized Irrigation Submit

2008  Optimal Design of Water Networks Using a Modified Genetic Algorithm with Reduction in Search Space

2008  Pressure-Driven Demand and Leakage Simulation for Water Distribution Networks