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Found 98 Records with the keyword term of "Pile load tests"

2013  Comparison of Rapid Load Test Analysis Techniques in Clay Soils

2013  Instrumented Static Load Test on Rock-Socketed Micropile

2009  Load Testing of a Closed-Ended Pipe Pile Driven in Multilayered Soil

2008  Behavior of Slender Piles Subject to Free-Field Lateral Soil Movement

2008  Database Assessment of CPT-Based Design Methods for Axial Capacity of Driven Piles in Siliceous Sands

2008  Load Resistance Factor Design of Axially Loaded Pile Based on Load Test Results

2008  Statnamic Damping Coefficient: Numerical Modeling Approach

2006  Pile Spacing Effects on Lateral Pile Group Behavior: Load Tests

2005  Analysis of Dynamic Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay

2005  Bayesian Neural Network Analysis of Undrained Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts

2005  Implementation of a Pile Load Test Program in the Design Phase: Marquette Interchange Project

2005  Performance Evaluation of a Large Scale Pile Load Testing Program in Light of Newly Developed LRFD Parameters

2005  Side Shear Setup. I: Test Piles Driven in Florida

2005  Side Shear Setup. II: Results From Florida Test Piles

2005  Simulation of Full-Scale Cyclic Lateral Load Tests on Piles

2004  Deep Foundation Challenges at the New Benicia-Martinez Bridge

2003  Behavior of Open- and Closed-Ended Piles Driven into Sands

2003  Determination of Bearing Capacity of Open-Ended Piles in Sand

2002  Measured and Predicted Capacity of H-Piles

2001  Assessment of SIMBAT® Dynamic Pile Tests

2001  Laterally Loaded Pile Group Effects and P-Y Multipliers

2000  Dam Stabilization with Micro Piles

2000  Design Methods for Auger CIP Piles in Compression

2000  Determination of Rock Mass Modulus for Foundation Design

2000  High Capacity Drilled Cast-in-Place Piles

2000  High Capacity Steel H-Piles in Franciscan Rock

2000  Soil Set-up, Variable Concrete Modulus, and Residual Load for Tapered Instrumented Piles in Sand

1999  Analysis of Load Tests on Piles Driven through Calcareous Desert Sands

1999  The Behavior of Distinctive Pile Type Under the Same Building

1999  Evaluation of Pile Load Tests in Soft Cohesive Louisiana Soils

1998  Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

1997  SALLOP: Simple Approach for Lateral Loads on Piles

1996  Long-Term Pile Load Testing System Performance in Saline and Ice-Rich Permafrost

1995  Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction Behavior in Submerged Sands

1994  Design and Performance of a Piled Raft Foundation

1994  A program for the Analysis of Pile Load Tests

1994  Static Pile Load-Movement From Dynamic Measurements

1994  Structural Capacity of Precast Piles with Grouted Base

1993  Constitutive Model for Cyclic Behavior of Clays. I: Theory

1993  Constitutive Model for Cyclic Behavior of Clays. II: Applications

1993  Piles for Marquette University Math Building

1993  Tension Pile Test

1992  Caltrans/Private Sector Partner Pile Load Test

1992  Case Study — Elliott Bay Marina Floating Moorage

1992  Pile Lateral Load Test in the Port of Los Angeles

1991  An Analytical Investigation of the Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles

1991  The Pressuremeter: Some Special Applications

1990  Foundation Construction within Wastewater-Treatment Plant

1990  Probabilistic Evaluation of the Performance of Axially Loaded Bored Piles

1989  Comparative Performance of Two Pile Types

1989  Contribution of Soil Freeze to Pile Capacity

1989  Cost Effective Pile Foundation Supports Fast Track Paper Mill

1989  Estimation of Ultimate Capacity of Driven Piles and Drilled Piers

1989  Interpretation of Instrumented Driven Steel Pipe Piles

1989  Load Transfer Behavior of Rock-Socketed Piles

1989  Predicted and Observed Axial Behavior of Piles, Results of a Pile Prediction Symposium

1989  Settlement of Single Piles

1989  Subsurface Conditions and Pile Installation Data: 1989 Foundation Engineering Congress Test Section

1988  Lateral Load Analysis of Nonlinear Piles

1988  Measured and Predicted Axial Response of 98 Piles

1988  Pile-Group Settlement Using Independent Shaft and Point Loads

1987  Concrete Pile Design in Tidewater Virginia

1987  Full-Scale Cyclic Dynamic Lateral Pile Responses

1987  Interpretation of a Pile Load Test Considering Residual Stresses

1987  Prediction of Dynamic Lateral Response of Nonlinear Single-Pile by Using Winkler Soil Model

1987  Selected Papers from the Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering —1985

1986  Analysis of Dynamic Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay

1986  Bearing Capacity of Bored Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles on Oil Sand

1986  Design Parameters for Grouted Piles in Rock From In-Situ Load Tests

1986  Load Test Provides Pile Strength

1986  Measured Lateral Response of Mass on Single Pile in Clay

1986  N-Values Used to Predict Settlements of Piles in Egypt

1986  Predictions of Pile Shaft Capacity With the PLS Cell

1986  Role of Load Tests in Friction Pile Design

1986  Shaft Behavior of a Model Pile in Plastic Empire Clays

1986  Terminal 5 Renovation—Port of Seattle

1986  Uplist Capacity of Pile Foundations Using CPT Data

1985  Foundations in Permafrost and Seasonal Frost

1985  Pile Load Tests Cut Bridge Costs

1985  Standards for Pile Load Tests in Permafrost

1984  Compression Load Tests on Concrete Piles in Alluvium

1984  A Flat-Dilatometer Study of Lateral Soil Response

1984  Lateral Load Tests of Piles in Sloping Rock Fill

1984  Pile Caps Subjected to Lateral Loads

1984  Residual Stresses in Piles and the Wave Equation

1983  Driven Piles in a Granular Calcareous Deposit

1983  Pile Group Analysis: A Study of Two Methods

1983  Scale Effects of Ultimate Pile Capacity

1982  H-Pile Heave: A Field Test

1982  Laterally Loaded Pile Behavior

1981  Pile Load Tests: Cyclic Loads and Varying Load Rates

1979  Pore-Water Pressures Induced by Pile Driving

1976  Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Pile Foundations

1974  H-Bearing Piles in Limestone and Clay Shales

1970  Deflections of Shallow Pier Foundations

1970  Lateral Load Tests on Piles—Arkansas River Project

1970  Model Study of Laterally Loaded Piles

1969  Settlement of Single Compressible Pile