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2015  Estimating the Elastic Settlement of Piled Foundations on Rock

2015  Neuro-Fuzzy GMDH to Predict the Scour Pile Groups due to Waves

2015  Pile Group Settlement Estimation: Suitability of Nonlinear Interaction Factors

2015  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Pile Groups Using FE-CIFECM Coupling in a Hybrid Domain and HISS Plasticity Model

2014  Full-Scale Test and Numerical Simulation of a Truck Impacting a Group of Side-by-Side Piles

2014  Lateral Vibration of Pile Groups Partially Embedded in Layered Saturated Soils

2014  Model Tests on Horizontal Impedance Functions of Fixed-Head Inclined Pile Groups under Soil Nonlinearity

2014  Simulating Centrifuge Model Tests of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in CDSM-Improved Soft Clay Using a Nonlinear Winkler Model

2013  Clear-Water Scour at Pile Groups

2013  Effect of Shaking Intensity on Interactive Behavior of Soil-Pile Group Foundations in Liquefiable Soil during Shaking Table Tests

2013  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of the Three-Dimensional Modal Dynamic Response of Bridge Pile Foundations Submerged in Water

2013  Lateral Load on a Large Pile Group: A 3D Finite Element Model

2013  Numerical Study on Dynamic Behavior of Pile Group in Liquefiable Soils

2013  Pile-Group Response to Large Soil Displacements and Liquefaction: Centrifuge Experiments versus a Physically Simplified Analysis

2013  Prediction of Settlement of Pile Groups

2012  Clear-Water Local Scour around Pile Groups in Shallow-Water Flow

2012  Design for Settlement of Pile Groups by the Unified Design Method: A Case History

2012  Effects of Axial Load and Slope Arrangement on Pile Group Response in Laterally Spreading Soils

2012  Hybrid Method for Analysis and Design of Slope Stabilizing Piles

2012  Numerical Modeling of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Soft Clay Improved by Jet Grouting

2012  Seismic Analysis of Pile Group in Soil Slopes Using Pseudostatic Approach

2012  Simplified Calculation Approach for Settlement of Single Pile and Pile Groups

2012  Tunneling Effects on Pile Group Response in Bangkok

2012  Variation of p-Multipliers for Pile Groups in Clayey Soils

2011  Centrifuge Modeling of Ship Impact Loads on Bridge Pile Foundations

2011  Employment of the P-Multiplier in Pile-Group Analysis

2011  Interpretation of Lateral Load Test of Batter Pile Group Using High Order Polynomials Curve Fitting

2011  Model Test on Vertical Capacity of Inclined Pile Groups with Center Pile in Layered Strata

2011  Numerical Analysis of X-Section Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile Groups under Vertical Load

2011  Pile Group Efficiency of Micropiles Structure

2011  Riprap Sizing for Pile Groups

2011  Slope Stabilizing Piles and Pile-Groups: Parametric Study and Design Insights

2011  Tensile Response of Pile Groups under Compression Part 1: Experimental Investigations

2011  Tensile Response of Pile Groups under Compression Part 2: Analysis

2011  Thermal Conductivity Evaluation of a Pile Group Using Geothermal Energy Piles

2011  Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis of Bridge Pile Group Settlement in Soft Soils

2010  Analysis of the Effects of Soil Behavior Law on the Transfer and Impedance Functions in Soil-Pile Interaction Models

2010  Axial Vibration of Partially Embedded Pile Groups in Layered Soil

2010  Effects of Soil Improvement by Mass Mixing on the Lateral Capacity of Pile Group Using Finite Element Method

2010  Experimental Investigation of Clear-Water Local Scour of Compound Piers

2010  Group Interaction Effects on Laterally Loaded Piles in Clay

2010  Increased Lateral Resistance of Pile Group in Clay Using Compacted Fill

2010  Jet Grouting and Soil Mixing for Increased Lateral Pile Group Resistance

2010  Nonlinear Efficiency of Bored Pile Group under Lateral Loading

2010  Predicting Non-Linear Response of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups via Simple Solutions

2010  Role of Linear Elasticity in Pile Group Analysis and Load Test Interpretation

2010  Seismic Performances of Pile Groups in Inclined Soil Layers Subjected to Strong Motions

2010  Shaking Table Model Tests on Pile Groups behind Quay Walls Subjected to Lateral Spreading

2010  Theoretical Study on Pile Length Optimization of Pile Groups and Piled Rafts

2009  Behavior of a Nine-Pile Group with and without a Pile Cap

2009  Behavior of Pile Groups Subject to Excavation-Induced Soil Movement in Very Soft Clay

2009  Case Studies for Shaking Table Tests on Seismic Soil-Pile Group-Bridge Structure Interaction in Liquefiable Ground

2009  Evaluation of Behavior of a Laterally Loaded Bridge Pile Group under Scour Conditions

2009  Jet Grouting to Increase Lateral Resistance of Pile Group in Soft Clay

2009  Numerical Aspects of Pile Group-Interaction under Lateral Loading

2009  Optimization of Pile Groups Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms

2009  Saving Our Infrastructures

2009  Simple Energy-Based Method for Nonlinear Analysis of Incompressible Pile Groups in Clays

2009  Simplified Approach for the Seismic Response of a Pile Foundation

2008  Analysis of Statnamic Behavior of Full-Scale Pile Group in Soft Clays and Silts

2008  Centrifuge Model Study of Pile Group Subject to Adjacent Excavation

2008  Effect of Arching on Uplift Capacity of Pile Groups in Sand

2008  Lateral Behavior of Vertical Pile Group Embedded in Stabilized Earth Slope

2008  Liquefaction-Induced Settlement of Pile Groups in Liquefiable and Laterally Spreading Soils

2008  Mechanism of Pile Group Settlement in Liquefiable Soils

2007  Centrifuge Modeling of Large-Diameter Bored Pile Groups with Defects

2007  Centrifuge Modeling of Torsionally Loaded Pile Groups

2007  Lateral Load Tests on Bored Piles and Pile Groups in Sand

2007  Liquefaction-Induced Softening of Load Transfer between Pile Groups and Laterally Spreading Crusts

2007  Physical Model on Deformation Behavior of Super-Large Pile Group

2007  Settlement Ratio of Pile Groups in Sandy Soils from Field Load Tests

2006  Analysis of Large Group of Piles under Axial and Lateral Loading

2006  Bearing Capacity of Piles Rafts on Soft Clay Soils

2006  Behavior of Axially Loaded Pile Groups Driven in Clayey Silt

2006  Behavior of Axially Loaded Pile Groups Subjected to Lateral Soil Movement

2006  Behaviour of Pile Groups in Liquefying Soil

2006  Data Reduction of Horizontal Load Full-Scale Tests on Bored Concrete Piles and Pile Groups

2006  Experimental Investigation of Clear-Water Local Scour at Pile Groups

2006  Interaction Diagram and Load Effects for Vertical Pile Groups with Application to the AASHTO LRFD

2006  Passive Earth Pressure Mobilization during Cyclic Loading

2006  Pile Group Settlement Estimation — Research to Practice

2006  Pile Spacing Effects on Lateral Pile Group Behavior: Analysis

2006  Pile Spacing Effects on Lateral Pile Group Behavior: Load Tests

2006  Prediction of Lateral Response of Nonlinear Soil-Pile Group Interaction

2006  Pressure-Flow Scour: A Re-Examination of the HEC-18 Equation

2006  Raked Piles — Virtues and Drawbacks

2006  Soil-Pile Response to Blast-Induced Lateral Spreading. I: Field Test

2006  Soil-Pile Response to Blast-Induced Lateral Spreading. II: Analysis and Assessment of the py Method

2005  Analysis of Group Pile Behavior under Lateral Spreading

2005  Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups with Partial Pile Head Fixity

2005  Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups with Partial Pile Head Fixity

2005  Assessment of Pile Group Response to Lateral Spreading by Single Pile Analysis

2005  Behavior of Pile Foundations in Laterally Spreading Ground during Centrifuge Tests

2005  Clearwater Local Scour at Complex Piers

2005  Cyclic Lateral Loading of Large-Scale Pile Group

2005  Effects of Pile Cap in Single Pile and Lateral Capacity of Pile Group

2005  Experimental Observations of Inertial and Lateral Spreading Loads on Pile Groups during Earthquakes

2005  Interaction Factors for the Analysis of Pile Groups in Layered Soils

2005  Lateral Resistance of a Full-Scale Pile Group in Liquefied Sand

2005  Measured and Computed Lateral Response of a Pile Group in Sand