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Found 53 Records with the keyword term of "Piezoelectricity"

2015  Predictive Electromechanical Model for Energy Scavengers Using Patterned Piezoelectric Layers

2013  Research on Evaluation Index of Pipeline Structure Damage Based on Piezoelectric Impedance Method

2010  Electromechanical Behavior of Interface Deformable Piezoelectric Bilayer Beams

2010  Embedded Cement-Based Piezoelectric Sensors for Acoustic Emission Detection in Concrete

2009  Embedded Piezo-Transducer in Concrete for Property Diagnosis

2009  Simplified Impedance Model for Adhesively Bonded Piezo-Impedance Transducers

2008  Cement-Based Piezoelectric Sensor for Acoustic Emission Detection in Concrete Structures

2008  A Circuit Design for Piezoelectric Impedance-based Health Monitoring

2008  Fast Stacking and Phase Corrections of Shear Wave Signals in a Noisy Environment

2008  Novel High-Stiffness Active Structure Actuators Built on Piezo-Based Principles

2008  Piezoelectric Sensor-Based Health Monitoring of Railroad Tracks Using a Two-Step Support Vector Machine Classifier

2008  Seismic Protection of a Building Complex Using Variable Friction Damper: Experimental Investigation

2008  Stable Torque Regulation of Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors

2007  The Signal Processing Method of Strip Piezoelectric Sensor of Weigh-In-Motion on Highway

2006  Application of Cement-Based Piezoelectric Sensors for Monitoring Traffic Flows

2006  Electroelastic Response of a Laminated Composite Plate with Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators

2006  Estimation of Energy Loss and Electrical Resistance of Piezoelectric Resonator Structures by an Energy Sink Method

2006  Feasibility of Using the Piezoelectric Properties of Wood for Structural Health Monitoring

2006  Measurement of Small-Strain Modulus of Gravelly Soils Using Oedometer Equipped with Piezoelectric Sensors

2006  Three-Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Multiphase Piezocomposite Structures

2005  Nonlinear Zigzag Theory for Buckling of Hybrid Piezoelectric Rectangular Beams under Electrothermomechanical Loads

2004  Application of the Piezoelectric Materials for Health Monitoring in Civil Engineering: An Overview

2004  Damage Detection of Composite Laminates Using Smart Piezoelectric Materials

2004  Postbuckling of Axially Loaded Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panels with Piezoelectric Actuators in Thermal Environments

2004  Seismic Performance of a Piezoelectric Friction Damper in Reducing the Peak Response of a 1/4-Scaled Steel Frame Building

2004  Semiactive Control of the 20-Story Benchmark Building with Piezoelectric Friction Dampers

2004  Weigh-in-Motion System Design with Piezoelectric Sensor

2002  Structures: Structural Health Monitors Go Wireless

2001  Evaluation of Measurement Specialties, Inc. Piezoelectric Weigh-In-Motion Sensors

2001  Evaluation of Thermocoax Piezoelectric Weight-in-Motion Sensors

2000  Biosensor for Detecting Odorous Compounds

1999  Alleviation of Deformation of Cylindrical Shell Using Piezoelectric Rings

1998  Measuring Droplet Impact Energy with Piezoelectric Film

1998  Three-Dimensional Vibrations of Layered Piezoelectric Cylinders

1997  3D Solutions for Free Vibration of Initially Stressed Thermoelectroelastic Multilayered Cylinders

1997  Application of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1997  Inaccuracy in Closed Form Piezoceramic Actuator Models

1997  Planar Free Vibrations of Off-Axis Piezoelectric Laminates

1995  Diffraction of an Antiplane Shear Wave by a Finite Crack in an Orthotropic Piezoelectric Ceramic

1995  Effect of Temperature on Accurate Interpretation of Data from Piezoelectric Sensors

1995  Free Vibrations of Piezoelectric Crystals: Application to the Determination of Elastic and Piezoelectric Constants

1995  Micromechanical Modeling of Electromagnetic Composite of Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Phases

1995  Nonlinear Formulations of Laminated Plates with Piezoelectric Laminae

1995  Piezoelectric Sensors and Resonators in Quartz

1995  Planar Dynamics of Finite Piezoelectric Laminates: Exact and Discrete-Layer Solutions

1995  Saint-Venant’s Principle for Linear Piezoelectric Porous Materials

1995  Simulation of Elastic Wave Propagation in a Composite Piezoelectric/Metallic Medium Using Finite Elements

1995  Vibration Control of Moving Flexible Member Using Piezoelectric Actuators

1994  A Piezoelectric Sediment Density Probe

1994  Thermal Stresses in Piezoelectric Materials: A Boundary Integral Formulation

1994  Thermoelastic Theory of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells with Piezoelectric Sensors or Actuators

1994  The Use of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1991  Multi-Directional Wave Velocity by Piezoelectric Crystals