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2014  Effects of Firing Conditions on the Properties of Calcareous Clay Roofing Tiles

2013  Study on Serpentinites and the Consequence of the Misuse of Natural Stone in Buildings for Construction

2012  Characterizing Physical Properties of Clay by Water Vapor Sorption

2012  Geotechnical Performance of Dredged Material—Steel Slag Fines Blends: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2012  Physical Properties of Cement-Sodium Silicate Grout with Kaolinite

2012  Properties of TJ-1 Lunar Soil Simulant

2012  Studies on the Effect of Retention Time of Rice Husk Combustion on the Ash’s Chemo-Physical Properties and Performance in Cement Mixtures

2011  Experimental Setup for a Large-Scale Bridge Superstructure Model Subjected to Waves

2011  Sulfate Attack on Concrete: Effect of Partial Immersion

2010  Stabilized Dredged Material. I: Parametric Study

2010  Stabilized Dredged Material. II: Geomechanical Behavior

2009  Dynamic Response of Compacted CG, DM, and CG-DM Blends

2009  Physical Properties of Rapid-Setting Concrete Using Ultra Fine Fly Ash

2008  Aging of Crushed Glass-Dredged Material Blend Embankments

2008  Application of a Distributed Hydrologic Model to Flood Forecasting in Catchments of Different Conditions

2008  Crushed Glass-Dredged Material (CG-DM) Blends: Role of Organic Matter Content and DM Variability on Field Compaction

2008  Physical Modeling of Raft on Settlement Reducing Piles

2007  Teaching Tools to Promote Active Learning: Case Study

2006  Case Study of an S-Shaped Spillway using Physical and Numerical Models

2006  Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Behavior of Bentonite Engineered with a Controlled Organic Phase

2006  Field Evaluation of Crushed Glass – Dredged Material Blends

2006  Laboratory Evaluation of Crushed Glass–Dredged Material Blends

2005  Ladle Furnace Slag in Construction

2005  Physical Properties of Vegetable Oil and Chlorinated Ethene Mixtures

2005  Predicting Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Natural Streams by Artificial Neural Network

2001  Early Strength and Physical Properties in Accelerated Shotcrete

2001  Effect of Treatments on Pore Network of Granites

2000  Observations on Some Physical-Chemical Characteristics of River-Ice Breakup

2000  Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bituminous Mixtures Containing Oil Shales

2000  Triaxial Behavior of Kaolinite in Different Pore Fluids

1999  Coal Ash Utilization in Asphalt Concrete Mixtures

1999  Stochastic Considerations in Hydraulics—A Call for Papers

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in this Issue

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in This Issue

1997  Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations

1997  Strength Properties of Autoclaved Cellular Concrete with High Volume Fly Ash

1997  Strength Variability of Conventional Slab Formwork Systems

1997  Testing Methods to Determine Properties of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panels Used for Reinforcing Glulams

1995  HP-GPC Characterization of Asphalt Aging and Selected Properties

1994  Natural Decay Resistance of Glued-Laminated Beams

1994  Use of Gel-Permeation Chromatography in Predicting Properties of Asphalt

1993  An Additional Parameter for the Zero Crossing Wave Definition and its Probability Distribution

1993  Bonded Polyester Concrete Overlays Used in California

1993  Dynamic Perspective on the Capillary Barrier Effect at the Interface of an Upper Fine Layer with a Lower Coarse Layer

1993  Field Measurements on Placed Block Revetments

1993  The General Characteristic of the Black Sea Coasts

1993  Hydraulic Design of a Low Submergence Siphon Intake

1993  Manufacture of Cement from Sewage Sludge

1993  Object Based Visualization of Physical Behavior

1993  Sludge Ash Bricks Fired to Above and Below Ash-Vitrifying Temperature

1993  Use of GPC Chromatograms to Characterize Aged Asphalt Cements

1992  Combustion Synthesis of Advanced Materials

1992  Concrete Construction on the Moon

1992  The Microstructure of Hardened Cement Paste and Concrete

1992  MSW Incinerator Ash as Aggregate in Concrete and Masonry

1992  Nowcast Protocol for the Great Lakes Forecasting System

1992  Physical Processes and Effects of Magmatism in the Yucca Mountain Region

1992  The Physiography and Engineering Constraints of the Continental Slope in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

1992  Probabilistic Micromechanics in Constitutive Modeling of Granular Material

1992  Properties of Gypsum Wallboards Containing Fly Ash

1992  The Remote Monitoring of Waste Glass Melter Product

1992  Time-Viscosity Relationships of Newtonian and Binghamian Grouts

1991  The Application of Computerized Tomography for Determining Material Properties

1991  Engineering Properties of Incinerator Residue

1991  MARNIE, a Near Field Transport Model for Radioactive Waste Repositories

1991  A Phenomenological Approach to Physico Chemical Phenomena Coupled with Damage in Massive Concrete

1991  A Probe Method for Measuring In Situ Rock Thermophysical Properties

1990  A 3D-Stereo Graphics Interface for Operational Great Lakes Forecasts

1990  Aggregate Made from Incinerated Sludge Residue

1990  Ash from Oil-Palm Waste as a Concrete Material

1990  Asphalt Cement Specifications and HMA Performance

1990  Coefficient of Friction for Steel on Concrete at High Normal Stress

1990  Compressive Strength Relationship Between Cylinder Tests and Core Tests

1990  Failure Prediction for Non-Linear Structural Systems

1990  Fracture of AAC as Influenced by Specimen Dimension and Moisture

1990  Generalization of Flow Behavior of Cement-Fly-Ash Pastes and Mortars

1990  Long-Term Compressive Strength of Silica-Fume Concrete

1990  Measurement and Evaluation of Snowpacks

1990  Qualitative Analysis of Natural Pozzolanas, Fly Ashes, and Blast Furnace Slags by XRD

1990  Strength Enhancement in Type K Expansive Cement Using Additives

1989  Asphalt-Rubber Concrete—A New Horizon

1989  Characterization of MSW Incinerator Ash

1989  Comparisons of Numerical Random Wave Simulators

1989  Curing Effects, Strength and Physical Properties of High Strength Silica Fume Concretes

1989  Developing Performance Concrete and Its Acceptance by Code Authorities

1989  Effect of Contaminants and Cure Time on EPDM Single-ply Joint Strength

1989  Effect of Early Freezing on Permeability of Cement Paste

1989  Fold and Bond Construction of Cement Laminate Structural Shapes

1989  Fracture Mechanics Analysis of High-Strength Concrete

1989  High-Strength Concrete: Weighing the Benefits

1989  Mitigation of Biological Process Upsets Caused by Organic Inhibitors

1988  Efficient Formulation of Physical Theory Brace Models

1988  Influence of Lime on the Fines Content of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures

1988  Model-Prototype Correlation of Hydraulic Structures

1988  Quarts and Congress to Collide over Funding

1987  Prediction of Properties of Marine Sand by In-Situ Measurement of Wave Induced Pore Pressure

1987  The Typical Engineering Properties of Fly Ash

1983  Thermal Dependent Physical Properties of Water

1981  Physical and Statistical Aspects of Cumulative Damage

1981  Physical and Statistical Aspects of Fatigue