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Found 95 Records with the keyword term of "Petroleum refining"

2013  Engineering Challenges in the Design of Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects

2013  Reuse of Water in Typical Indian Oil Refinery

2011  Back Matter

2011  Design and Evaluation of Tanks at Grade

2011  Design and Evaluation Philosophy

2011  Determination of Base Shear for Selected Structures

2011  Earthquake Contingency Planning

2011  Earthquake Related Coastal Inundation

2011  Examples of Configurations of Petrochemical Structures where Dynamic Analysis is Recommended

2011  Front Matter

2011  Ground Shaking

2011  Guidance For California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program Seismic Assessments

2011  Guidelines for Determination of Base Shear for Combination Structures

2011  Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities

2011  Index

2011  International Codes

2011  Introduction

2011  Methodology for Determination of Sliding Displacements (Existing Facilities Only)

2011  New and Existing Marine Oil Terminals

2011  Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment

2011  Primary Structural Design

2011  References

2011  Retrofit Design

2011  Seismic Analysis

2011  Seismic Hazards

2011  Stability Check Using Energy Balance Approach (Existing Facilities Only)

2011  Typical Period (T) Computations for Nonbuilding Structures

2011  Walkdown Evaluations of Existing Facilities

2010  Ancillary and Architectural Considerations

2010  Back Matter

2010  Design and Pilot Tests of Binder Stabilization of Oily Refinery and Dredged Marine Sediments

2010  Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities

2010  Design Procedures

2010  Determination of Loads

2010  Dynamic Analysis Methods

2010  Dynamic Material Strength and Response Criteria

2010  Evaluation and Upgrade of Existing Buildings

2010  Front Matter

2010  General Considerations

2010  Index

2010  Introduction

2010  A Laboratory Study of Binder Stabilization of Oily Refinery and Dredged Marine Sediments

2010  Masonry Retrofit Design Example

2010  Metal Building Design Example

2010  References

2010  Shear Wall Building Design Example

2010  Types of Construction

2010  Typical Details

2007  Use of International Codes for Seismic Design of Petrochemical Facilities

2006  Gasification of Aromatic Volatile Organic Compounds Generated from Petroleum and Refinery Industries with Syngas Recycling

2005  Optimizing Long Term Monitoring at a BP Site Using Multi-Objective Optimization

2005  Structural Storm Water (Sedimenter-filters) Treatment BMPs

2002  Effects of Pretreatments on Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion

2001  Identifying Hurricane-Induced Hazardous Material Release Scenarios in a Petroleum Refinery

2001  In Memoriam. James A. Maple

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Effluent Recycling Plant Expands to Provide Boiler Feedwater to Chevron Refinery

2000  Remediation of Petroleum Refinery Waste Pond Contents: A Case Study

1999  Blast Loading on Petrochemical Buildings

1999  Evaluation of Biodegradability of a Petroleum Refinery Wastewater by Respirometry

1999  A Risk-Based Approach to Subsurface NORM Disposal

1997  Condition Survey and Assessment of Concrete Footings in Industrial Plants

1997  Remediation of Soils

1996  Evaluation of Select Trade-Offs between Ground-Water Remediation and Waste Minimization for Petroleum Refining Industry

1996  Modeling Ground-Water Remediation at an Oil Refinery

1996  Use of Reclaimed Water in Cooling Towers

1995  Site Remediation Using Biological Processes

1992  Case History: TRE At a Refinery/Chemical Plant

1992  An Integrated Expert System for Operating a Petroleum Refinery Activated Sludge Process

1992  Nutrient Removal for Two Industrial Recycling Projects

1992  Start-Ups

1991  Air Stripping of Refinery Effluent for TC Compliance

1991  Application of Discrete Fracture Analysis to Site Characterization

1991  Start-ups

1990  Startups

1989  Impacts of Oil Industry in Mexican Coastal Areas

1989  Weathering of Constituents at Land Treatment Sites

1988  Health Risk Assessment

1987  Hydrocarbon Refining Waste Stabilization for Landfills

1986  Assessment of Analytical Techniques for Monitoring Petroleum Waste Land Treatment Systems

1986  Damage to Oil Refineries from Major Earthquakes

1986  Environmentally Balanced Sugar Refinery Complex

1986  Installation of the Port of Singapore’s SPM System

1986  The Role of Regulatory Documents in Controlling H.E.

1986  Saudi Petrochemical Plant Noise Control

1985  Land Treatment of Refinery Wastes

1985  Program for Control of Petroleum Refinery Wastewater

1984  Noise Control for the Saudi Petrochemical Complex

1984  Oil Sludge Solidification Using Cement Kiln Dust

1980  North Carolina Oil Refineries—Who Makes Decision?

1976  Impact of the Public on Proposed Offshore Oil Terminal and Refinery

1974  Temperature-Toxicity Model for Oil Refinery Waste

1971  Treatment of Refinery Waste by Physicochemical Processes

1928  Industrial Waste Disposal: A Symposium: Treatment of Waste from Oil Refineries

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: The Detection and Elimination of Odors From Oil Refineries