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2015  Characteristics of Jobs and Jobholders that Affect Job Satisfaction and Work Performance of Project Managers

2015  Importance of Workplace Relationships and Attitudes toward Organizational Change in Engineering Asset-Management Organizations

2015  Individual-Level Antecedents of Psychological Empowerment

2014  Building a Proactive, Engagement Culture in Asset Management Organizations

2014  Career Paths and Development: Actions and Examples from the Heavy Civil Sector

2014  Cognitive Workload Demands Using 2D and 3D Spatial Engineering Information Formats

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Construction Workers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Social Norms as Predictors of Their Absence Behavior

2014  Diary Study of Disruption Experiences of Crew Members on a Jobsite

2014  Fostering Successful Career Paths in Construction: Motivation, Evaluation, Feedback

2014  Interpersonal Conflict in Construction: Cost, Cause, and Consequence

2014  Modeling Retention Loss in Project Networks: Untangling the Combined Effect of Skill Decay and Turnover on Learning

2014  Predictive Modeling of Workplace Stress among Construction Professionals

2014  Predictive Models for Work-Life Balance and Organizational Commitment of Women in the U.S. Construction Industry

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Chris Gould on what engineering firms look for during job interviews

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Dean Palumbo, P.L.S., on how to attract and manage clients

2014  Structural Equation Modeling of Occupational Stress in the Construction Industry

2014  Workplace Stress, Stress Effects, and Coping Mechanisms in the Construction Industry

2013  Assessment of Engineering Students’ Leadership Competencies

2013  Conceptualizing Safety Management in Construction Projects

2013  A Culture of Unconditional Dedication to Safety

2013  Data Fusion of Real-Time Location Sensing and Physiological Status Monitoring for Ergonomics Analysis of Construction Workers

2013  Developing High-Performing Organizations: Keys to Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing People Who Make the Difference

2013  Effect of Reverse Mentoring on Traditional Mentoring Functions

2013  Effects of Workers’ Social Learning: Focusing on Absence Behavior

2013  Enhancing Construction Worker Safety Performance Using Leading Indicators

2013  Establishing Perfect Evalution Mechanism to Improve Cadres’ Performance Ability—Exploration and Practice of Leading Cadres’ Duties and Accountability Evaluation

2013  Mentoring Recent Graduates on Tweaking Software Activity

2013  Relationship between Personal Protective Equipment, Self-Efficacy, and Job Satisfaction of Women in the Building Trades

2013  Skills That Matter: The Reality and Importance of Learning on the Job

2013  Task Demands in Masonry Work: Sources, Performance Implications, and Management Strategies

2013  Work-Family and Construction: Public and Private Sector Differences

2013  Work-Life Balance and Organizational Commitment of Women in the U.S. Construction Industry

2013  Workplace Stress Experienced by Construction Professionals in South Africa

2012  Automated Vision-Based Recognition of Construction Worker Actions for Building Interior Construction Operations Using RGBD Cameras

2012  Detection of Construction Workers in Video Frames for Automatic Initialization of Vision Trackers

2012  Effective Methods and Learning Environment for Retaining Cost Estimating Knowledge and Skills

2012  Establishing a Mentoring Program

2012  Exploring Absenteeism Control Policies with Awareness of the Effect of Group Norms on Absence Behavior, Using Agent-Based Modeling

2012  A Framework of Teamwork Attributes Affecting Workers’ Safety

2012  Measurement and Antecedents of Cooperation in Construction

2012  A Positive Analysis on the Effect of Demographic Factors on Organizational Trust of Enterprise Employees

2012  Real-Time Posture Analysis of Construction Workers for Ergonomics Training

2012  Ten Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results!

2011  Characteristics of Talent Demand and Coping Strategies in High-Speed Railway Era

2011  The Competencies of BIM Specialists: A Comparative Analysis of the Literature Review and Job Ad Descriptions

2011  Formulation, Structure, and Analysis of a Model to Optimize Staffing Levels at Border Checkpoints

2011  Human Resource Allocation for Remote Construction Projects

2011  Leadership Behaviors in Project Design Offices

2010  Chinese Values and Stressors of Construction Professionals in Hong Kong

2010  Forecasting Construction Manpower Demand by Gray Model

2010  MBTI Personality and Hemisphericity of a U.S. Air Force Group

2010  On the Research of Competency of Manufacturing Logistics Personnel

2010  Research on Employees’ Psychological Capital Development and Evaluation—Based on Chinese Ten Port Companies

2010  Study on Enterprise Logistics System Optimization Path Selection Based on Human Resources Management

2010  Study on Logistics Project Team Member’s Incentive Mechanism Based on Reputation

2010  Work-Family Conflict in Construction: Case for a Finer-Grained Analysis

2009  Automated Data Acquisition System to Assess Construction Worker Performance

2009  Consulting Engineers: Myers-Briggs Type and Temperament Preferences

2009  Forecasting Construction Manpower Demand: An Econometric Model

2009  Job Burnout among Construction Engineers Working within Consulting and Contracting Organizations

2009  Job Redesign as an Intervention Strategy of Burnout: Organizational Perspective

2009  Leadership Grid between Concern for People and Intuition

2009  Managerial Competencies of Female and Male Construction Managers

2009  Organizational Power in Perspective

2009  Performance Consequences of Psychological Empowerment

2009  The Validity of Data Dependent System Modelling to Predict Relative Physiological Workload during Construction Work

2008  Craft Training Issues in American Industrial and Commercial Construction

2008  Critical Issues and Possible Solutions for Motivating Foreign Construction Workers

2008  Demystifying Moderate Variables of the Interrelationships among Affective Commitment, Job Performance, and Job Satisfaction of Construction Professionals

2008  The Empirical Study of Employee Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment’s Impact on the Contextual Performance in Logistics Enterprises

2008  Engineering Professional Growth and Quality and Cultivating the Next Generation

2008  Impact of Stress on the Performance of Construction Project Managers

2008  Need for Cognition, Task Complexity, and Job Satisfaction

2008  Personal Coaching for Business Persons: A Plethora of Choices

2008  Pit Stops and Scenic Routes: How to Aid Women to Stay on Track in Their Careers

2007  The Bionic Model of Knowledge Supply Chain of Enterprise Human Resources in Crew-Manning Companies

2007  Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles in Construction Project Management

2007  Four-Day Workweek and the Construction Industry

2007  Improving Employees’ Work-Life Balance in the Construction Industry: Project Alliance Case Study

2007  It’s All about People: Stemming the Pending Shortfall of New Engineers

2007  Job Performance Dimensions for Improving Final Project Outcomes

2006  Case for Drug Testing of Constructoin Workers

2006  Effect of Humor Usage by Engineers at Construction Sites

2006  Fundamental Principles of Workforce Management

2006  Job Performance Evaluation for Construction Companies: An Analytic Network Process Approach

2006  Leveraging Personality for Business Success

2006  Motivational Climate of Construction Apprentice

2006  Proposed Subcontractor-Based Employee Motivational Model

2006  Strategic Management of Human Resources in Construction

2006  Summary Report: Leading the Way as Full Diversity Partners — A Senior Executive Workshop on Critical Skills for Courageous Leaders

2005  Effect of Foremen on Construction Apprentice

2005  Graphical Approach for Manpower Planning in Infrastructure Networks

2005  Leadership Effectiveness and Behavior

2005  Learning Organizations in Construction

2005  Make and Keep Commitments at Work

2005  Management’s Perception of Key Behavioral Indicators for Construction

2005  Quantifying Engineering Project Scope for Productivity Modeling

2005  Superior – Subordinate Relationships in Korean Civil Engineering Companies

2005  Workers’ Skills and Receptiveness to Operate under the Tier II Construction Management Strategy