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2015  Effects of Macrosynthetic Fibers on Pervious Concrete Properties

2015  Evaluating the Relationship between Permeability and Moisture Damage of Asphalt Concrete Pavements

2015  Water Retention and Gas Migration of Two High-Performance Concretes after Damage

2014  Assessment of Winter Maintenance of Porous Asphalt and Its Function for Chloride Source Control

2014  Effect of Shape Parameters and Gradation on Laboratory-Measured Permeability of Aggregate Bases

2014  Evaluation of Hydraulic Permeability of Open-Graded Asphalt Mixes Using a Full Numerical Simulation

2014  Hydrologic Performance of Three Partial-Infiltration Permeable Pavements in a Cold Climate over Low Permeability Soil

2014  In Situ Permeability Determination Device for Porous Pavement Systems

2014  Influence of Clay and Silt Proportions on Cement-Treated Fine-Grained Soil

2014  Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Verification of Fluid Flow through Deformable Rough Rock Joints

2014  Mechanisms Controlling the Permeability of Clays

2014  State of the Art: Permeability of Asphalt Concrete

2014  Statistics of Flow and the Scaling of Ceramic Water Filters

2014  Winter Effluent Quality from Partial-Infiltration Permeable Pavement Systems

2013  Aggregate Size Distribution and Hydraulic Permeability of HMA: A Full Simulation Study

2013  Air Flow Characteristics in Granular Biofilter Media

2013  Assessment of Clogging Dynamics in Permeable Pavement Systems with Time Domain Reflectometers

2013  Assessment of the Lacunar-Canalicular Permeability Using Harmonic Loading

2013  Biofilter Media Gas Pressure Loss as Related to Media Particle Size and Particle Shape

2013  Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation

2013  Characterization of Gas Transport in Low-Permeability Media: Two-Phase Flow Analysis of an In-Situ Experiment

2013  Commonly Used Porous Building Materials: Geomorphic Pore Structure and Fluid Transport

2013  The Effect of Crack Closure on Permeability and Dynamic Elastic Moduli of Sandstone

2013  Effect of Paste-to-Voids Volume Ratio on the Performance of Concrete Mixtures

2013  Evaluation of Apparent Permeability and Field Assessment of Aged Asphalt Capping Systems

2013  Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilization of Recycled Asphalt Shingles for Use in Structural Fills

2013  Experimental Investigations of Performance Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash-Blended Concrete

2013  FFT-Based Homogenization of Permeability Using a Hashin-Shtrikman Type Variational Framework

2013  Finite Element Modeling of Fluid-Driven Fracture in Permeable Medium

2013  Inversion Calculation of Permeability Coefficient with the Multi-Scale Asymptotic Expansion Method

2013  Modelling Rest-Inserted Loading in Bone Mechanotransduction Using Poroelastic Finite Element Models: The Impact of Permeability

2013  Monitoring and Evaluation of the Thermal Behavior of Permeable Pavements for Energy Recovery Purposes in an Experimental Parking Lot: Preliminary Results

2013  Multiscale Performance Characterization of Concrete Formed by Controlled Permeability Formwork Liner

2013  Multi-Scale Permeability of Murine Bone Measured by Nanoindentation

2013  New Model of Permeability of Tight Shale Gas Rock Based on Open-System Geomechanics

2013  Novel Use of Time Domain Reflectometry in Infiltration-Based Low Impact Development Practices

2013  Nucleation and Mixed Mode Crack Propagation in a Porous Material

2013  On the Impact of Cracking on Unsaturated Hydrous Properties of Porous Materials

2013  On the Reconstruction of Dynamic Permeability of Cancellous Bones

2013  Permeability Evolution Laws and Equations during the Course of Deformation and Failure of Brittle Rock

2013  Permeability of Uniform and Mixed-Size Tire Chips under Different Loading Conditions

2013  Poromechanics Axisymmetric Mandel-Type Solutions and Pore Pressure Intricate Behaviors in Dual-Porosity Dual-Permeability Shale

2013  Porosity and Permeability Change under Stress and Correlation to Rock Texture

2013  Porosity, Flow, and Filtration Characteristics of Frustum-Shaped Ceramic Water Filters

2013  The Pressure Dependence of Permeability as a Function of Stiff and Compliant Porosities

2013  Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete Made with High Volumes of Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2013  Quantification of Oxidative Aging of Polymer-Modified Asphalt Mixes Made with Warm Mix Technologies

2013  Slow Shear Waves in Poroelasticity and the Concept of Dynamic Permeability

2013  Study on 1-D Nonlinear Consolidation Behavior for Ningbo Soft Clay with Threshold Gradient

2013  Use of the Falling-Head Method to Assess Permeability of Freshly Mixed Cementitious-Based Materials

2013  U-Tube Method of Identification of Drag Parameters for High Permeability Materials

2013  The Wave Field of a Point Source that Acts on the Permeable Free Boundary of a Biot Half-Plane

2012  Assessment of Gas Leakage Rates through Damaged Reinforced-Concrete Walls

2012  A Case Study: Two-fluid Jet Grouting for Tunneling Application - Soil stabilization and Permeability Reduction

2012  Characterization of Infiltration Capacity of Permeable Pavements with Porous Asphalt Surface Using Cantabrian Fixed Infiltrometer

2012  Concrete Containing Natural Pozzolans: New Challenges for Internal Curing

2012  Design and Validation of a Test Rig to Simulate High Rainfall Events for Infiltration Studies of Permeable Pavement Systems

2012  Effect of the Water to Binder Ratio and Ground Fly Ash on Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

2012  Experimentally Measured Permeability of Uncracked and Cracked Concrete Components

2012  Groundwater Flow in a Tidally Influenced Gravel Beach in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2012  Insight into Role of Clay-Fluid Molecular Interactions on Permeability and Consolidation Behavior of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay

2012  Oxygen Permeability of FRP-Concrete Repair Systems

2012  Properties and Performance of Concrete Made with Recycled Low-Quality Crushed Brick

2012  Rapid Chloride Ion Permeability of OPC- and PPC-Based Carbonated Concrete

2011  Acid-Gas Storage in a Deep Saline Aquifer: Numerical Sensitivity Study to Evaluate Parameter and Model Uncertainty

2011  Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Permeability Data Using Representative Pore Size

2011  Consolidation and Permeability of Clay Minerals—Expansive to Non-Expansive

2011  Cyclic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Used as Impervious Core in Embankment Dams

2011  Effects of the Storage of CO2 on Multiaxial Mechanical and Hydraulic Behaviors of Oil-Well Cement

2011  Formation of Secondary Containment Systems Using Permeation of Colloidal Silica

2011  FRACOD Modeling of Rock Fracturing and Permeability Change in Excavation-Damaged Zones

2011  Impact of Solids Formation and Gas Production on the Permeability of ZVI PRBs

2011  Long-Term Performance Evaluation of Permeable Asphalt Treated Base in Arkansas

2011  Oxygen Permeability of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2011  Permeability Change Driving Effect on Embankment Dams Case Study: The Zonouz Embankment Dam

2011  Prediction of Compression and Permeability Characteristics of Mine Tailings Using Natural Computation and Large-Strain Consolidation Framework

2010  ASCE-EWRI Permeable Pavement Technical Committee—Introduction of Committee Goals and Chapter 1 of Guidelines Design Considerations Common to All Permeable Pavements

2010  Contaminant Diffusion, Solubility, and Material Property Differences between HDPE and PEX Potable Water Pipes

2010  Development of Design System for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

2010  Diffusive Transport of VOCs through LLDPE and Two Coextruded Geomembranes

2010  Drainability of Permeable Friction Course Mixtures

2010  Effect of Coarse Aggregate on the Freeze-Thaw Durability of Pervious Concrete

2010  Effective Porosity Measurement of a Marine Clay

2010  Effects of Groundwater Table Position and Soil Properties on Stability of Slope during Rainfall

2010  Permeability Reduction in Pervious Concretes due to Clogging: Experiments and Modeling

2010  Permeable Pavement Demonstration at the Edison Environmental Center

2010  Structural/Hydrologic Design and Maintenance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

2010  Urban Runoff Mitigation by a Permeable Pavement System over Impermeable Soils

2010  Wave Overtopping and Damage Progression of Stone Armor Layer

2009  Applicability of Analytical Models to Single-Well Permeability Tests in Deep and Hydraulically Tight Geological Formations

2009  Compressive Strength and Rapid Chloride Permeability of Concretes with Ground Fly Ash and Slag

2009  Correlation of Radial Flow-Through and Hollow Cylinder Dynamic Pressurization Test for Measuring Permeability

2009  Evaluation of Pervious Concrete Workability Using Gyratory Compaction

2009  Evaluation of Properties of Porous Friction Course Mixes for Different Gyration Levels

2009  Influence of High-Permeability Layers for Enhancing Landfill Gas Capture and Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions from Landfills

2009  Modeling of Flow in Three-Dimensional, Multizone, Anisotropic Porous Media with Weakly Singular Integral Equation Method

2009  Permeability due to the Increase of Damage in Concrete: From Diffuse to Localized Damage Distributions

2009  Resistance of Scoria-Based Blended Cement Concrete against Deterioration and Corrosion in Mixed Sulfate Environment

2009  Wavelet Analysis of Characteristic Length Scales of Permeability in Stationary and Non-Stationary Porous Media

2008  Effect of Beach Permeability and Freshwater Recharge on Beach Hydraulics