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2014  Numerical Modeling of Frozen Soils

2013  The Adfreeze Strength Characteristics of Vibratory Driven Piles

2013  Analysis of a Frozen Debris Lobe: A First Look inside an Impending Geohazard

2013  Analyzing the Performance of a Flat-Loop Evaporator Thermosyphon

2013  Crowther, G. Scott "Frozen Soil Strength Criteria for Lateral Pile Analysis" J. Cold Reg. Eng., 27(3), 155-167, 10.1061/(ASCE)CR.1943-5495.0000058

2013  Cryogenic Freezeback of Uncontrolled Artesian Wells in Permafrost

2013  Geocryological Problems of Railroads on Permafrost

2013  An Investigation into a White Painted Airfield on Permafrost: Thule Air Base, Greenland

2013  Modeling Cold Region Ground Temperatures with a Heat Flux Upper Boundary Model

2013  Opportunities and Constraints of Engineering Frozen Backfill for Underground Mining Applications in Permafrost

2013  Review of Effectiveness and Costs of Strategies to Improve Roadbed Stability in Permafrost Regions

2013  Riding out the Thaw

2013  Stability Challenge for a Wharf in the High Arctic

2012  Applicability of Solar Heat-Blocking Pavement Technology to Permafrost Regions

2012  Assessing the Vulnerability of Ministère des Transports du Québec Infrastructure in Nunavik in a Context of Thawing Permafrost and the Development of an Adaptation Strategy

2012  Cold Regions Engineering 2012, Sustainable Infrastructure Development in a Changing Cold Environment

2012  Development of Bearing Capacity of Fine Grained Permafrost Deposits in Western Greenland Urban Areas Subject to Soil Temperature Changes

2012  Engineering Problems and Mitigation for Design, Construction, and Operation of the Mo’he Airport in Northeastern China in the Boreal Forest Zone

2012  Features of Permafrost Technogenic Transformation in Northern Enisey Region Cities

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geophysical Investigation and InSAR Mapping of Permafrost and Ground Movement at the Iqaluit Airport

2012  Geothermal Aspects for Designing a Water Ballasted Bottom Founded Gas Plant for the Mackenzie River Delta

2012  Groundwater Geochemical Characterization of a Fuel-Contaminated Fractured Bedrock in a Permafrost Environment

2012  Investigating the Effects of Groundwater Flow on the Thermal Stability of Embankments over Permafrost

2012  Landslide in the Permafrost near a Ministère des Transports du Québec Infrastructure in Salluit and Stabilization Work

2012  Multi-Criteria Analysis with Geographic Information Systems in Changing Permafrost Environments: Opportunities and Limits

2012  Numerical Model for the Variation of the Frost Boundary below Embankments Using Surface Temperature and Net Radiation Data

2012  The Optimal Design Principles and Method of Crushed-Rock Based Embankment in Cold Regions

2012  Optimization in the Use of Air Convection Embankments for the Protection of Underlying Permafrost

2012  Penetration Rate-Controlled Electrical Resistivity and Temperature Piezocone Penetration Tests in Warm Ice-Rich Permafrost in Northern Quebec, Canada

2012  Performance and Cost-Effectiveness of Thermal Stabilization Techniques Used at the Tasiujaq Airstrip

2012  Performance of a Thermopile (Long Thermopile) Foundation—50 Years Later

2012  Properties of Subgrade and Construction Techniques of Mobei Expressway

2012  Seasonal and Long-Term Within-Channel Permafrost and Its Effect on Northern River Navigation

2012  Segregation Potential from a Highway Embankment on Thawed Permafrost

2012  Study on Dynamic Response of Bridge Pile Foundation at the Permafrost Regions under Seismic Load

2012  Study on Heat Insulation of Diatomite Asphalt Concrete in Permafrost Regions

2012  Thaw Settlement Analysis of Permafrost Embankment with Different Pavement Materials

2012  Thermal Design of Shallow Building Foundations in Permafrost Regions

2012  Thermal Status of the Main Roadbeds of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Permafrost Regions after 5 Years’ Service

2012  Using Air Convection Ducts to Control Permafrost Degradation under Road Infrastructure: Beaver Creek Experimental Site, Yukon, Canada

2012  Vulnerability to Climate Change Assessment for a Highway Constructed on Permafrost

2011  Monitoring Technology in Permafrost and Geotechnical Regions of MoHe-DaQing Pipeline

2011  Will the Permafrost Remain?

2010  Adfreeze Behavior between Chilled Gas Pipeline and Surrounding Frost Bulb

2010  Analysis on Ground Temperature Character and Cooling Effect of the Particle Improved Roadbed in Permafrost

2010  The Research Based on Running Speed Model of Perennial Permafrost Area Road

2010  Research on the High Performance Concrete Used for Pile Foundation in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Permafrost Region

2010  Thermal Interaction between Permafrost and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

2010  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis for the Cooling Characteristics of Crushed-Rock Interlayer Embankment with Ventilated Duct along the Qinghai-Tibet Expressway in Permafrost Regions

2009  AHP for the Assessment of Permafrost Environment in Muli Mining Area of Qinghai Province, China

2009  Case Study of Degrading Permafrost beneath a Road Embankment

2009  The Effect of Permafrost Preservation of Different Height Subgrade in Permafrost Regions

2009  Estimate the Permafrost Degradation at Muli Coalfield, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

2009  Experimentation of Several Mitigation Methods in Tasiujaq Airport to Minimize the Effects Caused by the Melting of Permafrost

2009  The Frost Heave Calculation of Permafrost Pipeline

2009  Frost Heave Damage to a Road on a Permafrost Island in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

2009  Geophysical Investigations at Shishmaref, Alaska

2009  Geotechnics in Permafrost Regions in Alaska

2009  Highway Embankment on Degrading Permafrost

2009  Mechanical Properties of the Active Layer for Pavement Design in Permafrost Conditions

2009  Reasonable Height of Roadway Embankment in Permafrost Regions

2009  Study on Asphalt Treated Permeable Base in Permafrost Regions

2009  Study on Construction Technology for Tunnelling in the Plateau Permafrost Region

2009  Thermal Characteristics of Oil and Permafrost along the Proposed China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline

2009  Vibration Characteristics of Permafrost Embankment Induced by Passing Trains in Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Winter

2008  Analysis of the Deformation of Embankments on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

2008  Deformation Characteristics of Ventiduct Embankment on Qinghai-Tibet Railway

2008  Front Matter

2008  Frozen in Time, Permafrost and Engineering Problems

2008  A Glossary of Permafrost Terms

2008  Index

2008  Influence of Route Direction on Thermal Field of Embankments Constructed in High-Altitude Permafrost Area

2008  Introduction

2008  Key to Glossary Sources

2008  Permafrost and Engineering Problems

2008  Permafrost Science

2008  References

2008  Select Bibliography

2007  Deformation of Permafrost Yard-and-Station Roadbed for Qinghai-Tibet Railway

2007  Design Parameters Analysis of Insulated Embankments in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Permafrost Region

2007  Experimental Study on Bearing Features of Bored Pile under Non-Refreezing Condition in Permafrost Region

2007  Front Matter

2007  Index

2007  Numerical Evaluation of Insulation Application to Embankment of Qinghai — Tibetan Highway

2007  Permafrost Foundation, State of the Practice

2007  Qinghai-Xizang Railroad Construction in Permafrost Regions

2006  Application of Blasting Method in Excavation of Road Cut in Permafrost

2006  Back Analysis of a Slope Failure in Permafrost in the Mackenzie Valley, Canada

2006  Development of a New Heat Extraction Method to Reduce Permafrost Degradation under Roads and Airfields

2006  Effect of Slope Protection of Crushed Stone on Subgrade in Permafrost

2006  Engineering Studies for Degrading Permafrost

2006  History of the Fairbanks Permafrost Experiment Station, Alaska

2006  Permafrost and the International Polar Year

2006  Pile Load Tests in Permafrost Using Spiral Legs to Support Hot Ice No 1 Drilling Platform

2005  Experimental Study on the Ventiduct Embankment in Permafrost Regions of the Qinghai-Tibet Railroad

2005  In Situ Test on Cooling Effectiveness of Air Convection Embankment with Crushed Rock Slope Protection in Permafrost Regions

2005  Laterally Loaded Pile Study in Permafrost of Northern Québec, Canada

2005  Permafrost Controls on Hydrological Processes in a Changing Climate

2005  Permafrost Studies in the Qinghai.Tibet Plateau for Road Construction