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2015  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Types by Deterioration Trends

2014  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Deterioration Trends

2014  Seismic Loss Estimation of Residential Wood-Frame Buildings in Southwestern British Columbia Considering Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2013  Construction Project Peer Reviews as an Early Indicator of Project Success

2013  Experimental Investigations of Performance Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash-Blended Concrete

2013  Functionality of Damaged Steel Truss Systems Strengthened with Posttensioned CFRP Tendon

2013  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on the Performance Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Limiting Tip and Side Resistance - Fact or Fallacy?

2013  Measuring the Networking Performance for Contractors in Practicing Construction Management

2013  Municipal Water/Wastewater Project Delivery Performance Comparison

2013  Operational Structural Performance of Bridge Types by Areas

2013  Ordinal Logistic Regression Model for Predicting AC Overlay Cracking

2013  Performance Analysis of PEM Fuel Cell with Varying Oxidant Supply Rates

2013  Performance Measurement to Aid Decision Making in the Budgeting Process for Apartment-Building Construction: Case Study Using MCDA-C

2012  Assessment of Long-Term Performance of a 50-Year-Old Jetty in the South of Iran

2012  Case Study of Strategies for Seismic Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Multicolumn Bridge Bents

2012  Development of Pervious Concrete Pavement Performance Models Using Expert Opinions

2012  Evaluating the Quality Performance of Pavement Contractors

2012  Freight Resilience Measures

2012  Governance of Learning Mechanisms: Evidence from Construction Firms

2012  Investigation into the Structural Performance of Pervious Concrete

2012  Measurement and Antecedents of Cooperation in Construction

2012  Novelty and Technical Complexity: Critical Constructs in Capital Projects

2012  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Areas

2012  Pavement Treatment Short-Term Effectiveness in IRI Change Using Long-Term Pavement Program Data

2012  Performance Analysis and Calibration of a New Low-Cost Capacitance Soil Moisture Sensor

2012  Performance Analysis of a Flapping-Wing Vehicle Based on Experimental Aerodynamic Data

2012  Performance and Characterization of Shear Ties for Use in Insulated Precast Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels

2012  Performance Comparison of Large Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Highway Projects

2012  Performance Dashboard for a Pharmaceutical Project Benchmarking Program

2012  Proposed System for Measuring Project Performance Using Process-Based Key Performance Indicators

2012  Reliable Statewide Pavement-Performance Study Using a Confidence Evaluation System

2012  Taquezal Buildings in Nicaragua and Their Earthquake Performance

2012  Total Building Performance Approach in Building Evaluation: Case Study of an Office Building in Singapore

2012  Toward the Development of a Performance-Related Specification for Concrete Shrinkage

2012  Trade-Off Analysis for Multiobjective Optimization in Transportation Asset Management by Generating Pareto Frontiers Using Extreme Points Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II

2011  Comparative Response Assessment of Minimally Compliant Low-Rise Base-Isolated and Conventional Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Buildings

2011  Comparison of the Ability of Three Coagulants to Enhance Filter Performance

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation of Virginia Department of Transportation’s Experience with its First Performance-Based Road-Maintenance Contract

2011  Damage Modeling and Damage Limit State Criterion for Wood-Frame Buildings Subjected to Seismic Loads

2011  Development and the Comparison of a Weighted Factor and Fuzzy Inference Model for Performance Prediction of Metallic Water Pipelines

2011  Evaluating the Knowledge Management Practices of Construction Firms by Using Importance–Comparative Performance Analysis Maps

2011  Evaluation of 13 Empirical Reference Potential Evapotranspiration Equations on the Island of Crete in Southern Greece

2011  Evaluation of Arterial and Freeway Interaction for Determining the Feasibility of Traffic Diversion

2011  Evaluation of Final Cover Systems and the Importance of a Geocomposite Layer on the Predicted Performance

2011  Framework for Computing a Performance Index for Urban Infrastructure Systems Using a Fuzzy Set Approach

2011  Glasphalt Mixtures’ Performance Research and Analysis

2011  Identification of Key Performance Indicators for Measuring the Performance of Value Management Studies in Construction

2011  Impact of Optimism Bias Regarding Organizational Dynamics on Project Planning and Control

2011  Laboratory Evaluation of Sasobit-Modified Warm-Mix Asphalt for Alaskan Conditions

2011  Leadership Principles and Performance Measurement in Facilities Management: A Case Study

2011  A Literature Review on Measuring Building Performance by Using Key performance Indicators

2011  Local Revision of Pavement Performance Index Weights by Modified Analytic Hierarchy Process

2011  Long-Term Performance Evaluation of Permeable Asphalt Treated Base in Arkansas

2011  Noise Reduction Performance of Double-Layered Porous Pavement

2011  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Types

2011  Part Load Performance Characteristics of a Low-Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

2011  Performance Analysis of a Modular Adsorption Cooling System with Sonic Vibration at the Evaporator

2011  Performance Measurement Approach to Contracting and Delivering Design Services

2011  Performance of Conventionally Reinforced Coupling Beams Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2011  Performance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Patching Binder for Minimizing Reflective Cracking

2011  Performance-Based Design: Concepts in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

2011  Preliminary Dynamic Modulus Criteria of HMA for Field Rutting of Asphalt Pavements: Michigan’s Experience

2011  Prescriptive Approach to the Performance-Based Seismic Design of Low-Rise Wood-Frame Residential Buildings

2011  Road Pavement and Material Characterization, Modeling, and Maintenance

2011  Road Performance of Brucite Fiber Asphalt Concrete

2011  Selection and Performance Evaluation on Tack Coat Oil Used in Ultra Thin Wearing Course

2011  Toward a Multidimensional Performance Measure for International Joint Ventures in Construction

2011  Use of a Multimethodology Research Approach to Improve Building Operating Decisions

2010  Advanced Modeling for Efficient Computation of Life-Cycle Performance Prediction and Service-Life Estimation of Bridges

2010  Assessment of the Use of Hot-Mix Recycled Asphalt Concrete in Plant

2010  Design and Performance of a 46-m-High MSE Wall

2010  Effects of Coarse Aggregate Coatings on Concrete Performance

2010  Impact of Irrigation Management Transfer on Land and Water Productivity and Water Supply in the Gediz Basin, Turkey

2010  Influence of Recycled Asphalt Pavement on Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete Base Courses

2010  Performance Assessment of Construction Companies Integrating Key Performance Indicators and Data Envelopment Analysis

2010  Performance of Bridge Materials by Structural Deficiency Analysis

2010  Performance of International Joint Ventures in Construction

2010  Performance of MBE/DBE/WBE Construction Firms in Transportation Projects

2009  Back Matter

2009  Bridge Rail Rating Curves and Submergence Characteristics

2009  Building Infrastructure Functional Capacity Measurement Framework

2009  Case Study of a Full-Scale Evapotranspiration Cover

2009  Comparative Evaluation of Base-Isolated and Fixed-Base Buildings Using a Comprehensive Response Index

2009  Evaluations of Rehabilitation Strategies Using Grey Relational Analysis for Specific Pavement Study — 5 Sites in the LTPP Program

2009  Front Matter

2009  Future Design of Perpetual Pavements: Issues and Options

2009  Fuzzy Intellectual Capital Index for Construction Firms

2009  Measuring the Impact of Rework on Construction Cost Performance

2009  Monitoring and Analysis of Shanghai Pudong Seawall Performance

2009  Performance Consequences of Psychological Empowerment

2009  Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Pavement Systems and Materials, Selected Papers from the 2009 GeoHunan International Conference

2009  Performance Monitoring of a Rammed Aggregate Pier Foundation Supporting a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall

2009  Performance-Based Approach for the Design of a Deflection Hardened Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

2009  Predicting and Evaluating Construction Trades Foremen Performance: Fuzzy Logic Approach

2009  Quality of Service in Irrigation Distribution Networks: Case of Palos de la Frontera Irrigation District (Spain)

2009  Reversed Cyclic Performance of Shear Walls with Wood Panels Attached to Cold-Formed Steel with Pins

2009  Seasonal Performance Variations for Storm-Water Management Systems in Cold Climate Conditions

2009  Toward Physically Based Estimation of Surface Irrigation Infiltration

2009  Why Contracts: Evidence