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2014  Drilled Shaft Foundation and Anchored, Drilled Shaft Soldier-Pile Wall Design for an Automated People Mover Guideway

2013  The 360-Degree Approach for an APM Infrastructure: Involving the Supplier in Every Step

2013  50 Years of Powering APMs: A Historical Perspective of Variables and Constants in Power Rail Design

2013  Advances in Voice over IP and Passenger Information for APM Systems: Utilizing Wireless Networks

2013  Aerial Transit Link—New York City

2013  Airport APMs—History and Future

2013  Alternative Project Delivery Strategies

2013  APM and Other Driverless Systems for Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainability

2013  APM History in Canada

2013  APMs and Airport Mobility—Historic Trends and Future Possibilities

2013  Application of ASTM E 119 Testing Requirements to APM Vehicles: INNOVIA APM 300 Case Study

2013  Automated Light Metro for Honolulu

2013  Automated People Mover Standards

2013  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2013, Half a Century of Automated Transit—Past, Present, and Future

2013  Automated Systems for Last Mile Connections at High-Speed Rail Stations

2013  BART OAC Project: Application of Buy America to a Cable-Propelled System

2013  Cable Propelled Transit Systems—Emirates Air Line London

2013  Calculating the Capacity of Automated Transit Network Systems

2013  Challenges with System Integration

2013  Chicago O’Hare Airport Transit System: Sustainable Ground Transportation

2013  Delivering an APM to the Sacramento County International Airport

2013  Development of the PHX Sky Train Guideway Alignment

2013  Evaluation of Passenger Satisfaction with the Heathrow PRT System

2013  Evolution of a New Generation of Automated Transit Systems: INNOVIA APM 300

2013  Evolving Clark County Amusement and Transportation System (ATS) Code Requirements

2013  First Results of Paris Metro Line 1 Automation

2013  Friction Stir Welding APM Vehicle Body Structures: INNOVIA APM 300 Case Study

2013  Front Matter

2013  Improving Airport People Mover Performance with an Intelligent Onboard CCTV System

2013  Maintaining Reliable Service While Expanding the World’s Busiest Airport

2013  Mirage/Treasure Island Automated People Mover: Safe Operations for 19+ Years

2013  A Modern Mobility Solution for Urban Transit with the Latest Generation of the INNOVIA System

2013  MODSAFE—A Detailed Safety Model for Urban Guided Transport Systems

2013  New "AC/AC" Propulsion System for the INNOVIA APM 300

2013  Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Computer Network Simulation and Analysis of Flow Capacity

2013  Personal Rapid Transit User Interface

2013  Personal Rapid Transit—Computer Simulation Results and General Design Principles

2013  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: PHX Sky Train—Making Tracks in the Arizona Desert

2013  PHX Sky Train Facilities—Tailor-Made for the Airport and Local Community

2013  PHX Sky Train Means and Methods

2013  Planning Partnership: Support for the PHX Sky Train

2013  The Sacramento International Airport APM: Takeaways from the Early Under-Budget Big Build

2013  Seattle Tacoma International Airport STS: APM and Airport Growing Together

2013  Service Improvements to the Toronto (GTAA) Pearson Airport Link System

2013  Simplifying the Measure of Service Availability

2013  The Track to Suncheon: Making APMs Intelligent

2013  Train Control Upgrade for the Morgantown Person Rapid Transit System at West Virginia University

2012  Design of an Infrastructure Project Using a Point-Based Methodology

2011  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2011, From People Movers to Fully Automated Urban Mass Transit

2011  BART OAC Project: Moving Forward at Last

2011  BeemCar-The Innovative "Plastic" PRT Solution

2011  A Cableway People Mover for a Strategic Interchange Node

2011  The CDG Val Roissy: The On-Going Extension

2011  Cityval or the Rubber Tire APM for Our Cities’ New Development

2011  Design and Construction of Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Phoenix Sky Train Project

2011  Design Considerations for Capacity in PRT Networks

2011  DFW Skylink: Enhancements to Station Quality

2011  Downtown People Movers-History and Future in U.S. Cities

2011  Dulles International Airport Automated People Mover System: Design and Construction of the Main Terminal and Tier 2 Stations

2011  Front Matter

2011  The Future of High Capacity PRT

2011  Gravity Powered Transport Systems for Rail, Road, Water, and Airport Use

2011  How to Move Passengers in a Comfortable Way?

2011  Integrating Systems Integration with Safety Certification

2011  Integration of Transit Systems at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

2011  Mandalay Bay People Mover: Safe Operations for 10+ Years

2011  Measuring the Performance of Automated People Mover Systems

2011  MIA Mover-Project Delivery in a Constrained Financial Environment

2011  Moving Forward

2011  On Solid Footing

2011  PHX Sky Train: APM Adaptation for Phoenix

2011  PHX Sky Train: Transit Design for Smart Airport and Community Growth

2011  PHX Sky Train-Positioned for Success

2011  Planning and Procurement of an Urban People Mover System in Doha, West-Bay

2011  PRT Vehicle Architecture and Control in Masdar City

2011  PRT-Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Track and Vehicle

2011  Re-Entrant Corner Cracking on Bulb Tees on the Miami Airport MIA Mover APM System Project

2011  Refurbishment of the Inter Terminal Shuttle, Gatwick Airport, UK

2011  Skylink Modification Mitigates Station Water Intrusion

2010  Laminated Glass in Structural Glass Enclosures

2009  Advanced Composite Carbody Systems

2009  Advances in Passenger Convenience and Comfort

2009  APM Feasibility Study for the Vienna Central Station Development Area

2009  APM Systems: The Key to Atlanta Airport Expansion

2009  Automated People Movers 2009, Connecting People, Connecting Places, Connecting Modes

2009  Back Matter

2009  The Dallas Love Field People Mover Connector

2009  DFW Skylink: Tracking Success

2009  Energy-Efficient APM Using High Performance Batteries

2009  An Enhanced Bombardier CX-100 APM Vehicle

2009  Evolving Clark County APM Code Requirements

2009  Expanding the APM System at Atlanta Airport

2009  Fall and Rise of the Largest Construction Manager-at-Risk Transportation Construction Project Ever

2009  Front Matter

2009  Guangzhou APM: First Urban APM in China

2009  The Impact of APMs on Property Value

2009  Landside APM Planning at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

2009  Las Vegas People Mover Integration Potential

2009  London Heathrow Terminal 5 APM Project

2009  Market Trends and Comparative Study of Economic and Technological Parameters of APM Systems