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2015  Adequately Protecting Construction Insolvencies: Disposition of Trusts to Facilitate Security of Payment in Australia

2015  Proposed Reform for Singapore’s 2004 Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act

2015  Synthetic Cash Flow Model with Singularity Functions. II: Feasible Prompt Payment Discount Scenarios

2015  Use of the Security of Payment Act in Resolving Disputes in Victoria, Australia

2014  Late Payment and Nonpayment Encountered by Contracting Firms in a Fast-Developing Economy

2013  Avoiding Performance Failure Payment Deductions in PFI/PPP Projects: Model of Critical Success Factors

2013  Refocusing on Liquidated Damages in Incentive/Disincentive Contracts

2011  Regulative Measures Addressing Payment Problems in the Construction Industry: A Calculative Understanding of Their Potential Outcomes Based on Gametric Models

2010  Comparison of Water/Wastewater Project Performance by Project Delivery Systemand Payment Provision

2010  Contractor Performance Evaluation for the Best Value of Superpave Projects

2009  Federal Government Avoids Liability Under Prompt Payment Act

2008  Construction Adjudication in the United Kingdom: Past, Present, and Future

2008  An Inventory Model with Limited Storage Capacity and Shortages under Permissible Delay in Payments

2008  Payment Problems and Regulatory Responses in the Construction Industry: Mainland China Perspective

2008  Research on the Optimal Cycle Time and Credit Time for Retailers under Permissible Delay in Payment

2007  Cash Flow Projections for Selected TxDoT Highway Projects

2006  Court Decisions: Payment May be Requested After Others Complete Work

2006  Mechanical Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete with Bottom Ash for Sustainable Pavements Applications

2006  Security of Payment Legislation — Case of a Blunt but Practical and Equitable Instrument

2005  Assessment of Construction Smoothness Specification Pay Factor Limits using Artificial Neural Network Modeling

2005  Attitudes of Contractors and Employers Towards Transfer of a Time-Related Risk in Construction Contracts

2005  Court Decisions: Oral Contract Valid Even Though no Price was Set

2004  Analysis of the United States Department of Transportation Prompt Pay Provisions

2002  Guarantees for Contractor’s Performance and Owner’s Payment in China

2002  On the Choice of Payment Modes in Urban Railway Service

2002  Option Coverage Techniques for Environmental Projects

2002  Pay-If-Paid Clauses Not Absolute

2002  Too Small Footprint?

2001  Architect’s Role in Certifying Payments May Create Duty to Subcontractors

2001  City’s Payment of Debt Would Violate Construction

2001  General Approach to Payment Adjustments for Flexible Pavements

2001  Withheld Payments Do Not Constitute A Taking

2000  DOT Will Begin Accepting Payments via Internet

2000  Firm Negligent Regarding Payment Bond

2000  Government Not Required to Pay for Work on Destroyed Building

2000  Joint Check Agreement Yields Unexpected Results

2000  Lapsed License Prevents Payment

2000  Purchasing and Payment Policies for Building Construction Materials

2000  Pursuing Past-Due Accounts

1999  Contract Addendum Recognized by Court

1999  How to Get Paid for Construction Changes by Steven S. Pinnell

1999  Owner Not Responsible for Tenant’s Failure to Pay

1999  Payment Bond Covers Delay Damages

1999  Promise of Payment Falls Outside Arbitration Clause

1999  Subcontractor’s Payment Depends on Payment by Owner

1998  Construction Law a ‘Hot’ Topic in Bangkok

1998  Court Rules Against Subcontractors in Contingent Payment Clause Dispute

1998  Effect of Variability on End Product Specifications

1998  “Pay If Paid” Clause Unenforceable

1998  Shadow Tolls

1997  Cash-Flow Forecasting and Management

1997  Highway Specifications - Quality vs Pay

1997  Pay if Paid

1996  California State Route 91 Variable Toll Express Lanes: Operational Aspects and Impact Assessment

1996  County Responsible for Bond

1996  Electronic Signatures Are Revolutionizing Highway Programs

1996  The Enforceability of “Pay When Paid” Clauses

1996  Free Checking

1996  The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

1996  Insolvency Does Not Excuse From Payment

1996  Paid-When-Paid Clauses

1996  Pay When Paid

1996  Pay-When-Paid Risks are Limited

1996  Representing the City

1996  State Agency Not Responsible for Performance Bond

1996  Subcontractor Gives His Side of Story

1994  The Contractor-Subcontractor Relationship: The Subcontractor’s View

1994  Effect of Testing Variability on Contractor Payment for Asphalt Pavements

1994  Final Payment Frees Contractor From Sub’s Claims

1994  On Getting Paid

1993  Court Gives Weight to Guaranteed Maximum Price

1989  No Deposit, No Return

1988  Graduated Unit-Price Payment Schedules

1987  No Progress, Work Halted

1987  Pay When Paid Clause Keeps Sub Waiting

1987  Sub Must be Paid by Prime Contractor

1986  No Contract: Promise to Pay Upheld

1985  Few Firms Charge Late Pay Interest

1983  Payment Timing as a Factor in Bid Evaluation

1983  Payment Witholding

1981  Canadian Holdback Policies

1977  Payment for Shotcrete from the Construction Management Viewpoint

1977  Payment Provision as Seen by the Owner

1977  Payment Provisions as Seen by the Consultant

1977  Payment Provisions for Shotcrete as Seen by the Owner

1977  Shotcrete Payment Provisions as Seen by the Contractor

1945  Original and Readjusted Repayment Contracts, Boulder Canyon Project