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2014  Applicability of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Ash on Base Layers of Pavements

2014  Capabilities and Potential Applications of Continuous Pavement Deflection Measuring Devices

2014  Characterization of the Stiffness of Unbound Materials for Pavement Design: Do We Follow the Right Approach?

2014  Comparing Results between the Repeated Load Triaxial Test and Accelerated Pavement Test on Unbound Aggregate

2014  Comparison between Alternative Methods for Estimating Vehicle Class Distribution Input to Pavement Design

2014  Comparison between GA and PSO in Analyzing Pavement Management Activities

2014  Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Evaluating Pavement Roughness Based on Vehicle Response

2014  Connected Vehicle Approach for Pavement Roughness Evaluation

2014  Determination of the Most Effective Cement Concrete Block Laying Pattern and Shape for Road Pavement Based on Field Performance

2014  Development of Performance Criteria for Korean Pavement Warranty Specification

2014  Effect of Surface Friction on Tire-Pavement Contact Stresses during Vehicle Maneuvering

2014  Estimation of Nonlinear Model Parameters for Resilient Modulus of Base Materials Using Index Properties

2014  Estimation of Pavement Macrotexture by Principal Component Analysis of Acoustic Measurements

2014  Evaluation and Characterization of Aggregates for Sustainable Use in Pavement Engineering

2014  Evaluation of Climatic Factors for the Classification of Oklahoma Pavement Regions

2014  Evaluation of Sawdust Ash-Stabilized Lateritic Soil as Highway Pavement Material

2014  Evaluation of Surface Infiltration Testing Procedures in Permeable Pavement Systems

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Explaining Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration: Clusterwise Linear Regression Model

2014  Exterior Roadside Noise Associated with Centerline Rumble Strips as a Function of Depth and Pavement Surface Type

2014  Financial Evaluation for Toll Road Projects Considering Traffic Volume and Serviceability Interactions

2014  Flügge’s Conjecture: Dissipation- versus Deflection-Induced Pavement-Vehicle Interactions

2014  Full-Lane Coverage Micromilling Pavement-Surface Quality Control Using Emerging 3D Line Laser Imaging Technology

2014  Geocharacterization for State Highway 161, President George Bush Western Extension, Dallas, Texas

2014  I-BACK: Iowa’s Intelligent Pavement Backcalculation Software

2014  Improving Systemwide Sustainability in Pavement Preservation Programming

2014  Mechanistic Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Systems

2014  Modeling Permanent Deformation under Repetitive Loads

2014  Multiscale Crack Fundamental Element Model for Real-World Pavement Crack Classification

2014  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2014  Performance Evaluation of Cement Treated/Stabilized Very Weak Subgrade Soils

2014  Rapid In Situ Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity for Granular Pavement Foundations

2014  Real-Time Modeling of Moisture Distribution in Subgrade Soils

2014  Resilient Behaviors of Compacted and Unsaturated Subgrade Materials

2014  Robust Method for Automated Segmentation of Frames with/without Distress from Road Surface Video Clips

2014  Simultaneous Network Optimization Approach for Pavement Management Systems

2014  Study of MEPDG Sensitivity Using Nonparametric Regression Procedures

2014  Use of Wicking Fabric to Help Prevent Frost Boils in Alaskan Pavements

2013  An Analysis of Frost Penetration Depth with Field Temperature Data of Paved Road in Korea

2013  Analysis of Near-Surface Cracking under Critical Loading Conditions Using Uncracked and Cracked Pavement Models

2013  Analytical Model for Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Unbound Granular Material

2013  Appropriate and Reliable Use of Pavement Instrumentation on In-Service Roads

2013  Assessment of Clogging Dynamics in Permeable Pavement Systems with Time Domain Reflectometers

2013  Assessment of Toughness Performance of Recycled Aggregates for Use in Highway Pavement

2013  Back-Calculation of Resilient Modulus of Lightly Stabilized Granular Base Materials from Cyclic Load Testing Facility

2013  Backcalculation of Ultrathin Whitetopping Pavement Based on Saint-Venant’s Principle

2013  Capillary Pressure Controlled Concrete Curing in Pavement Construction

2013  Clustering Pavement Condition Data Based on Spatiotemporal Patterns

2013  Comparative Analyses of Methods for Posting Spring Load Restrictions

2013  Comparison of Theoretical Freezing Depths of Permeable and Conventional Pavements

2013  Comparison of Thermal Stresses Calculated from Asphalt Binder and Asphalt Mixture Creep Tests

2013  Computational GIS and Agent-Based Model Development for Routing Optimization to Facilitate Pavement Condition Data Collection

2013  Conductive Cement Could Pave Way to Heated Roads, Bridges

2013  Confidence Interval of Pavement Layer Parameters Estimated from FWD Time Series Data

2013  Cool and Long-Lasting Pavements with Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Thin Surface Treatments in Pavement Treatment Strategies and Cycle Maintenance

2013  Cost-Estimating Model for Rubberized Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation Projects

2013  Design Guide for Semirigid Pavements in China Based on Critical State of Asphalt Mixture

2013  Design of Planar Geosynthetic-Improved Unpaved and Paved Roads

2013  Development of a Roadway Index for the North Texas Tollway Authority

2013  Drivers’ Lane Utilization for United Kingdom Motorways

2013  Driving Behavior Test on Roundabout with Road Surface Changes

2013  Dual-Light Inspection Method for Automatic Pavement Surveys

2013  Dynamic Modulus of HMA and Its Relationship to Actual and Predicted Field Performance Using MEPDG

2013  Effect of the Combined Traffic Load and Weathering on the Skid Resistance of the Aggregates for Road Surface

2013  Effects of Bicycle Boxes on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior at Intersections in Austin, Texas

2013  Effects of Geometrical Parameters on Numerical Modeling of Pavement Granular Material

2013  Effects of Pavement Conditions on Effective Structural Number of In-Service Pavements

2013  Equivalent Loading Frequencies for Dynamic Analysis of Asphalt Pavements

2013  Estimation of Pavement Crack Initiation Models by Combining Experimental and Field Data

2013  Evaluating Compaction Quality Using Elastic Seismic P Wave

2013  Evaluation of Filling Ruts to Micro-Surface Technology Based on Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Test

2013  Experimental Apparatuses for the Determination of Pavement Material Thermal Properties

2013  Fatigue Analysis of a Heavy Truck Based on Actual Road Tests and Rigid-Flexible Coupling Multi-Body Model

2013  Fatigue Reliability Assessment for Long-Span Bridges under Combined Dynamic Loads from Winds and Vehicles

2013  Field-Monitoring System for Suction and Temperature Profiles under Pavements

2013  Framework for Empirical Process to Improve Nonnuclear Gauge Performance in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Construction

2013  Front Matter

2013  Geosynthetics and Common Sense Give You Design Options

2013  Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Properties of Recycled Construction and Demolition Materials in Pavement Subbase Applications

2013  Geotechnical Performance of Recycled Glass-Waste Rock Blends in Footpath Bases

2013  Geotechnical Properties of Blends of Recycled Clay Masonry and Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Unbound Pavement Construction

2013  Impact of Antistrip Additives on Pavement Performance Using Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

2013  Impact of Tire Loading and Tire Pressure on Measured 3D Contact Stresses

2013  Impact of Traffic Overload on Road Pavement Performance

2013  Implementation of Ontario’s Pavement Sustainability Rating System - GreenPave

2013  Improved Intelligent Pavement Performance (IIPP) Modeling for Botswana District Gravel Road Networks

2013  Improved Structural Condition Index for Pavement Evaluation at Network Level

2013  Improving the Strategy Selection Process in the Caltrans Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide

2013  In-Situ Hydraulic Properties of Unbound Aggregate Layers Measured Using Gas Permeameter Test (GPT) Device

2013  Instrumentation Experience at the Kansas Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Life Cycle Assessment for Local Government Pavements: What Questions Should We Be Addressing and How?

2013  Measuring Grip and the Contact Patch

2013  Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide Input Parameters for Unbound Aggregates in Oklahoma

2013  Methodology for Pavement Design Reliability and Back Analysis Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation

2013  Methodology to Estimate the Hydraulic Efficiency of Nontested Continuous Transverse Grates

2013  Methods in Detecting Typical Embankment Defects During Operation Period

2013  Microindentation Specification Grading of Thin Film Aged Asphalt Cements from a Northeastern Ontario Pavement Trial

2013  Modeling Effect of Geocomposite Drainage Layers on Moisture Distribution and Plastic Deformation of Road Sections