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Found 99 Records with the keyword term of "Pathogens"

2014  Filtration of Bioaerosols Using a Granular Metallic Filter with Micrometer-Sized Collectors

2014  Laboratory Study of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Contamination in Groundwater

2014  Parametric Study of Fate and Transport Model of E. coli in the Nearshore Region of Southern Lake Michigan

2014  Project Pathogens Network: New Approach to Analyzing Construction-Defects-Generation Mechanisms

2013  Levels and Treatment Options for Enteric and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Sewage from Sisimiut, Greenland

2013  Survival of Fecal Indicator Bacteria on Pervious Environmental Surfaces

2012  Identification of the Naegleria Species in Natural Watersheds Used for Drinking and Recreational Purposes in Taiwan

2012  Identifying Pathogen Sources and Dealing with Squirrely Data Sets

2012  Meeting Hydrologic and Water Quality Goals through Targeted Bioretention Design

2012  Nanofiltration Membranes for Removal of Color and Pathogens in Small Public Drinking Water Sources

2012  UV Dose-Response Behavior of Air-Exposed Microorganisms

2011  Ceramic Filters Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticles for Point-of-Use Water Treatment in Rural Guatemala

2011  Evaluating a Probabilistic Approach for Simulating Pathogen Removal at a Riverbank Filtration Site in India

2011  Inactivation of Pathogens in Agricultural Wastewater Using Controlled Release Chemical Oxidation Polymer System

2011  Mass Balance and Water Quality Modeling for Load Allocation of Escherichia coli in an Urban Watershed

2011  Multistaged Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Processes

2011  Quantifying Pathogen Sources in Streams by Hydrograph Separation

2011  Removal of Cryptosporidium-Sized Polystyrene Microspheres from Swimming Pool Water with a Sand Filter with and without Added Perlite Filter Media

2010  Enhanced Estimation of Terrestrial Loadings for TMDLs: Normalization Approach

2010  Indicator Bacteria Removal by Stormwater BMPs in Coastal North Carolina

2010  Linking Pathogen Sources to Water Quality in Small Urban Streams

2010  Nutrient and Pathogen Removal in a Passive On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal System (OSTDS) with a Recirculation Filtration Tank

2010  Pathogen Intrusion in Distribution Systems: Model to Assess the Potential Health Risks

2010  Real Time Monitoring for Pathogens in Water

2009  Nutrient and Pathogen Removal with an Innovative Passive Underground Drainfield for On-Site Wastewater Treatment

2009  Risk-Based TMDLs in Pathogen-Impaired Waters

2009  Simple Model of Attachment and Detachment of Pathogens in Water Distribution System Biofilms

2009  A Simplified Model of Combined Sewer Overflows to Estimate Event Driven Enteric Pathogen Concentrations in Drinking Water Sources

2008  Artificial Intelligence-Based Inductive Models for Prediction and Classification of Fecal Coliform in Surface Waters

2008  Assessment of a Point-of-Use Ultrafiltration System for Turbidity and Microbial Pathogen Removal

2008  Cryptosporidium Outbreak (Water Treatment Failure): North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Spring 2001

2008  Occurrence of Protozoan and Bacterial Pathogens in Water Samples from Small Water Systems in Mountainous Areas of Taiwan

2008  Pathogen Removal Performance of Best Management Practices in Charlotte and Wilmington, North Carolina

2008  Performance of a True Real-Time, On-Line Surveillance System for Waterborne Pathogens

2007  Do Current Practices for Monitoring Reclaimed Water Provide Adequate Tools for Assessment of Waterborne Pathogens?

2007  Energy Audit, Solids Reduction, and Pathogen Inactivation in Secondary Sludges during Batch Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Process

2007  Inactivation of Adenovirus Types 2, 5, and 41 in Drinking Water by UV Light, Free Chlorine, and Monochloramine

2007  Networked Surface Plasmon Resonance Devices as Condition Monitors

2007  Sonochemical Treatment of Wastewater Effluent for the Removal of Pathogenic Protozoa Exemplified by Cryptosporidium

2006  Prions: Novel Pathogens of Environmental Concern?

2005  Application of the AC/TC Bacterial Ratio for Watershed Quality Management of Stormwater Introduced Pathogens

2005  Bacteria Loads from Point and Nonpoint Sources in an Urban Watershed

2005  Detection and Control of Combined Sewer Overflow Events Using Embedded Sensor Network Technology

2005  Distribution and Transport of Fecal Bacteria in a Rural Alaskan Community

2005  Impact of Sewage Line Spills on Pathogen Levels in Recreational Waters

2005  Investigating Survivability of Coliform in Extreme Environmental Conditions

2005  Investigation of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Concentrations in Combined Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Runoff

2005  The Role of Stormwater Research in BMP Design — Pathogens and Regulatory Demands

2005  Whole-Cell Fatty Acid Composition of Total Coliforms to Predict Sources of Fecal Contamination

2004  Application of Cross-Flow Microfiltration for the Treatment of Combined Sewer Overflow Wastewater

2004  Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for Assessment of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Removal by Membrane Processes

2004  Development of Pathogen TMDLs within a Stochastic Framework

2004  Intrusion within a Simulated Water Distribution System due to Hydraulic Transients. I: Description of Test Rig and Chemical Tracer Method

2004  Intrusion within a Simulated Water Distribution System due to Hydraulic Transients. II: Volumetric Method and Comparison of Results

2004  Managing Microbial Contamination in Urban Watersheds

2004  Simulating the Effect of Liquid CO2 on Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts in Aquifer Material

2003  Are Land Application Programs in Georgia Complying with the Part 503 Regs?

2003  Bacteriophages MS2 and PRD1 in Turfgrass by Subsurface Drip Irrigation

2003  Eutrophication and Pathogen Abatement in the San Juan Bay Estuary

2003  Issues with Determining Equivalency of a New Biosolids Process to One that Further Reduces Pathogens (PFRP)

2003  A Two-Phased Approach for Simulation of Nutrients and Pathogens in the Los Angeles River Watershed

2003  The Water Treatment Tightrope: Balancing Disinfection By-Products Control and Pathogen Removal

2002  Emerging Pathogens of Concern in Drinking Water

2002  Risks Posed by Pathogens in Drinking Water

2001  Changing Approaches to Controlling Pathogens in Biosolids and Their Vector Attractiveness

2001  Class A Pathogen Reduction in the SSDML Process

2001  Pathogen and Pathogen Indicator Removal Characteristics in Treatment of Wetland Systems

2000  Gamma Irradiation for Inactivation of C. parvum, E. coli, and Coliphage MS-2

2000  Particle Association Effects on Microbial Indicator Concentrations for CSO Disinfection

2000  Ultraviolet Light Technologies for Water Treatment

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Fate and Transport Model of Cryptosporidium

1999  Revising U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Guidance for Controlling Pathogens and Vector Attraction in Biosolids

1998  An Epidemiological Study of Possible Adverse Health Effects of Swimming in Santa Monica Bay

1998  Optimum Conditions for Aerobic Thermophilic Pretreatment of Municipal Sludge

1998  Pathogen Risk Assessment of Land Applied Wastewater and Biosolids: A Fuzzy Set Approach

1997  Demonstrating Virus Treatment Efficiencies for Biosolids

1997  Interpreting Negative Virus Results from Highly Treated Water

1997  Our Friend the Zebra Mussel?

1997  Urban Wet Weather Flow Management: Research Directions

1996  Establishing the Relative Process Risks for Chlorination and Ozonation - A Case Study Illustrates the Need to Evaluate the Process Hazard Implications of a Change in Drinking Water Disinfection Process due to D/DBP Regulations

1996  The Fate of Pathogenic Organisms in Mamala Bay

1996  Transport Modeling of the Coastal Waters of Oahu, Hawaii

1995  CSO Treatment Using Constructed Wetlands

1995  Investigations of Sources of Giardia and Cryptosporidium to Enhance Watershed Management for Wachusett Reservoir

1995  Patheogen Removal Beneath An Artificial Recharge Basin

1994  Reducing Wastewater Sludge Pathogens Using Heat Treatment

1993  Microbiological Stabilization of Sludge by Aerobic Digestion and Storage

1993  Sandy Beach Restoration in Heavily Populated Areas

1992  Alkaline Sludge Stabilization: A “Quick Fix” and Long Term Sludge Management Option for Burlington, North Carolina

1991  Microbiological Stabilization Through Aerobic Digestion and Storage

1991  Nonpotable Reuse: Development of Water Quality Criteria for Shower Water Recycle

1990  Management of Dewatered Sewage Sludge: Long Term Storage with Minimal Mixing to Destroy Pathogens Followed by Land Use

1989  Research Needs Concerning Biological Agents in the Marine Environment

1987  The Gulf Initiative

1987  Monitoring for Indicator Bacteria in Small Water Systems

1983  Chlorine Inactivation of a DNA-Containing Enteric Virus

1983  Pathogen Survival during Static Pile Composting of Municipal Wastewater Sludge

1970  Enteric and Pathogenic Bacteria Dieoff Effects by Algae