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2015  Modeling and Forecasting Monthly Passenger-Load Movement Based on the Elliptic Orbit Algorithmic Model

2014  Hybrid Method for Bus Network Design with High Seasonal Demand Variation

2013  Adaptability Evaluation of Comprehensive Passenger Transport Centers

2013  Advances in Voice over IP and Passenger Information for APM Systems: Utilizing Wireless Networks

2013  Calculating the Capacity of Automated Transit Network Systems

2013  Categorization of Passenger Comprehensive Transportation Corridor Based on Fuzzy Discrimination

2013  Comparison of Fuel-Cycle Emissions per Passenger Mile from Multiple Bus and Rail Technologies

2013  Construction of a Metro Line Serving the Holy Sites of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2013  Contradiction Analysis and Freight Capacity Promotion Measures of Mixed Passenger and Freight Transportation During the Spring Festival

2013  Coordinated Development of Regional Road Passenger Transport Integration Model of Multi-Objective Decisions

2013  Development of a Map-Matching Algorithm for Rural Passenger Information Systems through Mobile Phones and Crowd Sourcing

2013  Direction of Passenger Transportation Development in Chengdu

2013  Discussion of Passenger-Dedicated Line Station Operating Plan Adjustment Method

2013  Discussion of Transport Operation Mode of Cheng-Mian-Le Inter-City Railway

2013  Dispatching Rules: Track Utilization Scheduling Problem in Railway Passenger Stations

2013  Division Method for Waiting Areas on Island Platforms at Metro Stations

2013  Effects of Bus Parking Positions on Waiting People’s Safety at Bus Station

2013  Effects of Driver’s Unsafe Acceleration Behaviors on Passengers’ Comfort for Coach Buses

2013  Emergency Evacuation Bottleneck of Passengers in the Seaport Station

2013  Evaluation Index System Construction of Coordination of Road Passenger Terminal Layout and Urban Development

2013  Evaluation Index System of High-Speed Train Working Diagram

2013  Evaluation of Passenger Satisfaction with the Heathrow PRT System

2013  Evaluation of Rural Passenger Transportation Services with Bus Operation Mode in a Metropolitan Area

2013  Evaluation of Train Running Plan for Passenger-Dedicated Railway Line Based on Optimal Weights Combination Method

2013  Experimental Research on the Factors of Transit Stop Consolidation

2013  Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Passenger Train Operation Plans

2013  How to Balance the Relationship between Train Formation and Service Frequency

2013  Impact Analysis of Bus Stations’ Distribution on Bus Operation in Jiujiang City

2013  Influence of Shanghai-Kunming Passenger-Dedicated Line on Yunnan-Guizhou Regional Economic Development

2013  Interactive Evaluation Methodology of Transferring Terminal Design

2013  Mathematical Model for Share Rate of Passenger Flow between Passenger-Dedicated Line and Conventional Rail in Transportation Corridor

2013  Minimum Headway of EMU and Common Passenger Train of High-Speed Railways

2013  New Freight Transport Products under Separation of Railway Passenger and Freight Lines

2013  On the Features of Operation in Lhasa Station on Tibetan Traditional Festivals

2013  Optimization Scheduling of Elevators Based on Passenger Behavior

2013  Parameter Influence of Second Suspension Dampers of High-Speed Trains on Ride Comfort

2013  Passenger Safety Analysis of Hybrid Highways in Mountain Areas and Rural Coach Choice

2013  Passenger Traffic Characteristics of Service Facilities in Rail Transit Stations of Shanghai

2013  Passenger Train Operation Adjustment Method of Railway Networks in Mountainous Areas under Disaster Conditions

2013  Personal Rapid Transit User Interface

2013  Planning and Building Large-Scale Projects in the United States: California High-Speed Train Project Case Study

2013  Planning of BRT-Exclusive Lane and Analysis of Passenger Capacity

2013  Research on the Allocation of Passenger Transport Structure in Transport Channel Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2013  Research on the Transfer Volume Forecasting Method Based on Time-Phase for Integrated Passenger Transport Hub

2013  Risk Analysis and Management of Second Railway Line Construction Adjacent to the Existing Lines

2013  Role of Passengers in a Modern Urban Rail Transit System

2013  A Route-Planning Algorithm Based on Subway Passenger Routes Choice Behavior Analysis

2013  Safe Operation & Management Research of Urban Rail Transit Based on Real-Time Passenger Flow Detection

2013  Safety Evaluation of a Transfer Station Based on Gray Incidence Appraisal Method

2013  Settlement Observation and Evaluation of Bridge on Railway Passenger-Dedicated Line in Gale and Gobi Area

2013  Some Thoughts on the Development of Passenger Services of China’s RITS

2013  Statistical Analysis of Passenger Flow Characteristics at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

2013  Study on the Layout and the Site Selection Methods of Comprehensive Passenger Hub Based on Dual-Constrained Model

2013  System Framework and Key Activities of Developing Multimodal Passenger Transport Hubs

2013  Transfer Organizational Mode Simulation Based on Cellular Automata Model

2012  Analysis of Conveyance System Use in Airport Concourses

2012  Analysis of Single-Line Passenger Flow Based on IC Data and GPS Data

2012  Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Method to the Passenger Traffic Safety Evaluation

2012  The Collaborative Optimization of Stop Plan with Train Working Diagram of High-Speed Railway Passenger Trains

2012  CRH Train Traction Calculation Model and Algorithm Based on Automatic Constant Speed

2012  Design of Emergency Preplan Exercise Management Information System for URT

2012  Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching at a Transfer Station in Public Transportation System

2012  The Guiding System of Passing the Non-Passenger-Flow Bus Station

2012  Influence of Operating Characteristics of On-Road Gasoline Passenger Car on Emissions in Nanjing, China

2012  Intercity Travel Behaviors with the Introduction of High-Speed Rail

2012  Metro Channel Width Design Considering the Level of Service

2012  NewsBriefs: Novel Passenger Assistance Is Now At U.S. Airports (Global Post and The Blaze)

2012  Passenger Assignment Model Based on Common Route in Congested Transit Networks

2012  Passenger Flow Characteristics and Bus Rapid Transit: A Case Study of BRT in Xiamen, China

2012  Passenger Flow Distribution Simulation for URT

2012  Passengers’ Modal Choice for Vertical Shifts in Metro Stations: Cases from Shanghai

2012  Public Transport Smart Card Data Analysis and Passenger Flow Distribution

2012  Relationship between BRT Berthing Time and the Number of Passengers Getting on and off in Jinan City

2012  Research on a Dynamic Ticket Pricing Model for the Passenger Dedicated Lines

2012  Research on the Irrational Behaviors of Passengers in Terminal

2012  Research on the Vibrating Control of Hydraulic Semi-active Suspension with the Consideration of the Engine and Passenger-seat System

2012  Research on Travel Behaviors of High Speed Trains’ Passengers Based on Frequency and Distance of Trip

2012  Scheme Research of Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Railway Terminal Based on Fuzzy Matter-Element Model

2012  The Shortest Distance Method of Total Intensive Mode Transfer in Passenger Terminal Layout: A Case Study of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Station in Zhenjiang City

2012  Study of ETC Lane Traffic Capacity Based on Passenger Car Equivalent

2012  Study on the Early Warning System of Road Passenger Transport

2012  Time-Dividing Method of Bus Passenger Flow Based on Two Dimensional Similarities

2012  Transfer Mode Selection of High-Speed Rail Passengers Based on Travel Time Variability

2012  Transportation Plan for Express Railway Passenger Stations in Wenchuan Seismic Reconstruction

2012  Using Simulated Annealing in a Bottleneck Optimization Model at Railway Stations

2011  Adjustment of Intercity Passenger Dedicated Line Operation

2011  Airport Planning for Older Air Passengers

2011  Algorithm for Electric Multiple Unit Scheduling Based on High-Speed Railway Network

2011  Application of ATS in Integrated Supervision and Control System

2011  Application Research of Automated Overloading Monitoring System in Road Passenger Transportation

2011  Capacity Optimal Allocation in Railway Corridor under the Condition of High Speed Railway

2011  The Charge Patter in High-Speed Rails for Passenger Transport

2011  A Combination Weighting Method for Public Transportation Safety Evaluation Index System of Multi-Disasters about Large Passenger Terminals

2011  Comparative Analysis of Air Transport Passenger Fatalities per Passenger-Kilometer between China and America

2011  The Complexity of Railway Passenger Transportation Networks in China

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation on Transfer and Link-Up of Urban Passenger Transport Hub

2011  Crew Plan in Condition of Designated Cycle for Passenger Dedicated Lines

2011  Demonstration of Passenger Shunt by Qingdao Cross Ocean Bridge

2011  Design of EMU Routing Scheme System for Passenger Dedicated Line

2011  Dynamic Assignment of Emergency Passenger Flows after Metro Accidents