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2015  Conceptual Framework for the Performance Measurement of Public-Private Partnerships

2015  Cross-Sectional Analysis of Critical Risk Factors for PPP Water Projects in China

2015  Empirical Evidence for Renegotiation of PPP Contracts in the Road Sector

2015  Ex-Ante Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships: Macroeconomic Analysis

2015  Life Cycle Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2015  Maryland County Turns to Public-Private Partnership to Meet Permit Requirements

2015  Perception of Residual Value Risk in Public Private Partnership Projects: Critical Review

2015  Roles of Private-Sector Partners in Transportation Public-Private Partnership Failures

2014  Concession Renegotiation Models for Projects Developed through Public-Private Partnerships

2014  Cost Overrun in Public-Private Partnerships: Toward Sustainable Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation

2014  Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships: Risk Allocation of Subsurface Conditions

2014  Financial Evaluation for Toll Road Projects Considering Traffic Volume and Serviceability Interactions

2014  Improving Project Performance through Partnering and Emotional Intelligence

2014  Improving Systemwide Sustainability in Pavement Preservation Programming

2014  PPPs and Project Overruns: Evidence from Road Projects in India

2014  Progress for PortMiami

2014  Public-Private Partnership Experience in the International Arena: Case of Turkey

2014  Purpose and Preparation of Geotechnical Baseline Reports in Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership Subsurface Projects

2014  Revitalizing Historic Buildings through a Partnership Scheme: Innovative Form of Social Public-Private Partnership

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Theoretical Considerations on Quantitative PPP Viability Analysis

2014  Transaction-Cost Approach to the Comparative Analysis of User-Pay and Government-Pay Public-Private Partnership Systems

2014  Validation of an Instrument to Measure Governance and Performance on Collaborative Infrastructure Projects

2013  Alignment Partnering: A Bridge to ADR Processes?

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Baltimore’s New Berth

2013  A Case-Based Reasoning System for Residual Value Risk in Public-Private Partnership Projects

2013  Empirical Analysis of Traditional Contracting and Relationship Agreements for Procuring Partners in Construction Projects

2013  Exogenous Determinants for Renegotiating Public Infrastructure Concessions: Evidence from Portugal

2013  Exploring Partnership Models to Promote Sustainable Rural Texas Highway Infrastructure and Energy Development

2013  Finance-Related Critical Success Factors for the Briefing of PPP Projects in Construction

2013  Integrating Infrastructure and Clinical Management in PPPs for Health Care

2013  Making the Destin Harbor Boardwalk Happen: A Public/Private Partnership Reality

2013  Multiobjective Bayesian Network Model for Public-Private Partnership Decision Support

2013  Partnerships and Experience in Building STEM Pipelines

2013  Planning Partnership: Support for the PHX Sky Train

2013  Promoting the Sustainability of Relational Contracting through Addressing Third Party Insurance Obstacles

2013  Public-Private Partnership to Conduct Nearly $1.4-Billion Interstate Upgrade in Fort Worth

2013  Public-Private Partnerships: Capital Market Conditions and Alternative Finance Mechanisms for Australian Infrastructure Projects

2013  Ranked Critical Factors in PPP Briefings

2013  Real Options-Based Approach for Valuation of Government Guarantees in Public-Private Partnerships

2013  Relationship between Owners’ Capabilities and Project Performance on Development of Hydropower Projects in China

2012  Analyzing the Role of National PPP Units in Promoting PPPs: Using New Institutional Economics and a Case Study

2012  Critical Analysis of Partnering Research Trend in Construction Journals

2012  Delivering Local Infrastructure through PPPs: Evidence from the School Sector

2012  Design of Concession and Annual Payments for Availability Payment Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

2012  Developing Key Performance Indicators for Public-Private Partnership Projects: Questionnaire Survey and Analysis

2012  Evaluating Public-Private Partnership Organizational Alternatives for Existing Toll Roads

2012  Impact of the Economic Recession on Toll Highway Concessions in Spain

2012  Improving the Assessment of Economic Foreign Exchange Exposure in Public–Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2012  Long Term Concessions on Public-Private Partnership Projects—How to Make This Right?

2012  Multicountry Perspectives of Relational Contracting and Integrated Project Teams

2012  Public-Private Partnership Risk Factors in Emerging Countries: BOOT Illustrative Case Study

2012  Quantitative SWOT Analysis of Public Housing Delivery by Public-Private Partnerships in China Based on the Perspective of the Public Sector

2012  Responsive Environmental Compliance Management in a Public-Private-Partnership/Design-Build Delivery

2012  Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects in Developing Countries: Case Study of the Tehran-Chalus Toll Road

2012  Risk-Neutral Pricing Approach for Evaluating BOT Highway Projects with Government Minimum Revenue Guarantee Options

2012  The Role of International Partnerships in Delivering Low-Energy Building Design: A Case Study

2011  Drivers of Conflict in Developing Country Infrastructure Projects: Experience from the Water and Pipeline Sectors

2011  Efficacy of Partnering on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project: Empirical Evidence of Collaborative Problem-Solving Benefits

2011  Empirical Study of Risk Assessment and Allocation of Public-Private Partnership Projects in China

2011  Evaluation Model for Assessing the Suitability of Public-Private Partnership Projects

2011  Fuzzy AHP-Based Risk Assessment Methodology for PPP Projects

2011  Impact of the Capital Market Collapse on Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2011  Leadership of Multidisciplinary Programs and Systems

2011  A Multidimensional Model of Project Leadership

2011  Partnering: What Must Be Done to Avoid Failure

2011  Public Private Partnership: A Prospective in the Development of Sustainable Transport Infrastructures and Services in Bangladesh

2011  Public Private Partnership (PPP)-Sustainability in the Context of PPP Educational Projects in Ireland

2011  Public-Private Partnerships, Case Studies on Infrastructure Development

2011  Public-Private Partnerships in U.S. Transportation: Research Overview and a Path Forward

2011  Risk Factors of Public-Private Partnership Projects in China: Comparison between the Water, Power, and Transportation Sectors

2011  Risks, Contracts, and Private-Sector Participation in Infrastructure

2010  Configurational Comparative Methods for Aligning PPP Strategies with Public-Policy Objectives

2010  Critical Success Factors for PPPs in Infrastructure Developments: Chinese Perspective

2010  Determinants of Efficient Risk Allocation in Privately Financed Public Infrastructure Projects in Australia

2010  Enabling Development of the Transportation Public-Private Partnership Market in the United States

2010  First Public-Private-Partnership Application in Taiwan’s Wastewater Treatment Sector: Case Study of the Nanzih BOT Wastewater Treatment Project

2010  Guidelines for a Standard Project Partnering Contract

2010  Methodological Framework for Evaluation of Financial Viability of Public-Private Partnerships: Investment Risk Approach

2010  Neurofuzzy Decision Support System for Efficient Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2010  Partnering Process Model for Public-Sector Fast-Track Design-Build Projects in Korea

2010  Performance Objectives Selection Model in Public-Private Partnership Projects Based on the Perspective of Stakeholders

2010  Potential Obstacles to Successful Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships in Beijing and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2010  PPP Experiences in Indian Cities: Barriers, Enablers, and the Way Forward

2010  Price Competitive Alliance Projects: Identification of Success Factors for Public Clients

2010  Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects: Comparative Study

2010  A Valuation Model for Choosing the Optimal Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG) in a Highway Project: A Real-Option Approach

2010  When Are Public-Private Partnerships Not an Appropriate Governance Structure? Case Study Evidence

2009  Analyzing the Institutional Framework for Urban Public Private Partnerships in Indian States

2009  Catastrophe Risk Management for Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Infrastructure Projects

2009  Conversion of the 1.25 Mile Long Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge into a Multi-Use State Park Using the Public-Private Partnership Process

2009  Delivering Best Value in Highways Major Maintenance Schemes: Case Study

2009  Drivers for Adopting Public Private Partnerships—Empirical Comparison between China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2009  Early Contractor Involvement in Design and Its Impact on Construction Schedule Performance

2009  Enhancing Total Quality Management by Partnering in Construction

2009  A New Approach to Contracting Design Professionals

2009  NPV Model for Evaluating the Economic Efficiency of Municipal Street Maintenance by Private Providers

2009  Overdrive

2009  Perception of Financial Institutions toward Financing PFI Projects in Hong Kong