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2015  Friction Influence between Particles in the Behavior of Flow of Lime-Rendering Mortars

2015  Highly Efficient Selective Assembly Method of Horizontal Stabilizer based on Metamodeling and Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  3D Behavior of Sand Particles Using X-Ray Synchrotron Micro-Tomography

2014  3D Modeling of Sand Particle Fracture Using Discrete Element Method and Synchrotron Micro-Tomography Images

2014  Andreasen Particle Packing Method on the Development of Geopolymer Concrete for Civil Engineering

2014  Combined FEM/DEM Modeling of Triaxial Compression Tests for Rockfills with Polyhedral Particles

2014  Development of an Experimental Imaging System for the Micro-Scale Study of Seepage-Induced Granular Particle Mobilization

2014  Discrete Element Simulations of Cyclic Biaxial Shear of a Granular Material with Oval Particles

2014  Displacement and Strain Field Measurement in Steel and RC Beams Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2014  Effect of Air Injector on the Airlift Performance in Air-Water-Solid Three-Phase Flow

2014  Effect of Particle Morphology on the Monotonic Response of Gravel-Sized Soils through Large-Scale Simple Shear Testing

2014  Electrostatic Shield for Lunar Dust Entering Mechanical Seals of Lunar Exploration Equipment

2014  Evaluating Ensemble Kalman, Particle, and Ensemble Particle Filters through Soil Temperature Prediction

2014  Evolution of Pore Orientation in Granular Media under Biaxial Compression

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Particle Kinematics in Shotcrete

2014  Experimental Research on the Effects of a Tuned Particle Damper on a Viaduct System under Seismic Loads

2014  Geotechnical Properties and Diagenesis of Ponded Fly Ash

2014  High Fidelity Computations of Grain Silo Explosions and Resulting Blast/Debris Loads on Nearby Structures

2014  High Strain Rate Splitting Tensile Tests of Concrete and Numerical Simulation by Mesoscale Particle Elements

2014  Image Analysis of Floc Blanket Dynamics: Investigation of Floc Blanket Thickening, Growth, and Steady State

2014  Imaging-Based Rating for Corrosion States of Weathering Steel Using Wavelet Transform and PSO-SVM Techniques

2014  Improvement of a System for Catchment, Pretreatment, and Treatment of Runoff Water Using PIV Tests and Numerical Simulation

2014  Innovations in Optical Geocharacterization

2014  Integer Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization of Water Distribution Networks

2014  Multiobjective Groundwater Remediation Design Using a Coupled MFree Point Collocation Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  Noninvasive Measurement of Particle-Settling Velocity and Comparison with Stokes’ Law

2014  Optimal Groundwater Management Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm with a New Evolution Strategy

2014  Peristaltic Flow of Johnson-Segalman Fluid with Nanoparticles

2014  Potential Errors and Error Propagation in Methods Used to Determine Particle Removal Efficiency

2014  Quantifying the Dynamic Evolution of Graded Gravel Beds Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

2014  Relationship between Branch Length Distribution and Free Energy of a Granular Assembly Subject to Crushing

2014  Removal of High-Concentration Acid Red 73 in Aqueous Solution by Using the Prepared Fe/Cu Bimetallic Particles

2014  Resistivity and Hydraulic Conductivity of Fouled Railroad Ballast

2014  Sampling of Small Regolith Particles from Asteroids Utilizing an Alternative Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Traveling Wave

2014  Simulating Velocity Distribution of Dam Breaks with the Particle Method

2014  Simulation of Rockfill Materials Using Aggregates of Cement Ellipsoids

2014  Size Effects on the Void Ratio of Loosely Packed Binary Particle Mixtures

2014  Tensoresistive PVC Coating for Sensor-Enabled Geogrids

2014  Three-Dimensional SPH Modeling of a Bar/Rip Channel System

2014  Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model for Mixed-Size Sediment Particle Transport

2014  Transport and Reactivity of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles for Remediation of DNT in Subsurface Soils

2014  Transport of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles in Porous Media

2014  Viscoelastic Behavior of Silica Particle Compacts under Dynamic Compression

2014  Wear Resistance of Al-12Si Alloys by Reinforcing TiC and TiN Particles

2013  Adsorption of Fluoride from Water Using Sintered Clay-Hydroxyapatite Composites

2013  Analysis of an Image-Based Method to Quantify the Size and Shape of Sand Particles

2013  Associated Generalized Plasticity Framework for Modeling Gravelly Soils Considering Particle Breakage

2013  Behavior of Sediment Clouds in Waves

2013  Bending Solutions of the Timoshenko Partial-Interaction Composite Beams Using Euler-Bernoulli Solutions

2013  Biodegradation of TCP in a Sequencing Batch-Fluidized Bed Bioreactor with Waste Coke Particles as the Carrier

2013  Blast-Induced Pore Pressure and Liquefaction of Saturated Sand

2013  Buoyancy Effect on Turbulent Round Jet under Regular Waves

2013  Development of a Characteristic Particle Method for Water Hammer Simulation

2013  Dynamics of Particle Clouds in Ambient Currents with Application to Open-Water Sediment Disposal

2013  Effect of Corrugated Bed on Hydraulic Jump Characteristic Using SPH Method

2013  Effect of Dispersant on Transport of Nanoscale Iron Particles in Soils: Zeta Potential Measurements and Column Experiments

2013  Effects of Media and Plant Selection on Biofiltration Performance

2013  Effects of Particle Size Distribution on Shear Strength of Accumulation Soil

2013  Experiment Study of Bed Load Particle Velocity

2013  Experimental Evaluation of a Simple Contact Model Containing Two Elastic Particles Bonded by a Thin Layer of Viscoelastic Binder

2013  Foam-Assisted Delivery of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron in Porous Media

2013  Gas Absorption Enhancement Mechanism in Mechanically Agitated Multiphase System: Effect of Fine Solid Particles and Interfacial Turbulence

2013  Granular Element Method for Computational Particle Mechanics

2013  Influence of Particle Shape on Behavior of Rockfill Using a Three-Dimensional Deformable DEM

2013  Influence of Settling Behavior of Soil Particles on the Consolidation Properties of Dredged Clay Sediment

2013  Mathematical Model for Sequential Pickup of Chemical Contaminants by Magnetic Particles

2013  Mitigation of Chromium Contamination by Copper-ZVI Bimetallic Particles

2013  Multiscale Modeling of Inclusions and Precipitation Hardening in Metal Matrix Composites: Application to Advanced High-Strength Steels

2013  Pore-Scale Flow Measurements at the Interface between a Sandy Layer and a Model Porous Medium: Application to Statistical Modeling of Contact Erosion

2013  Prediction of Flow Behavior of Liquid and Particles in Liquid-Solid Risers with Modified Cluster Structure-Dependent Drag Method

2013  Role of Particle Angularity on the Mechanical Behavior of Granular Mixtures

2013  Sedimentation Patterns of Fine-Grained Particles in the Dam Area of the Three Gorges Project: 3D Numerical Simulation

2013  Shear Modeled from Random Particle Movement

2013  Supervised Classification of Basaltic Aggregate Particles Based on Texture Properties

2012   K0 Compression and Stress Relaxation of Pumice Sand

2012  Adaptive Reproducing Kernel Particle Method for Fracture Analysis of Cracks

2012  Calibration of Soil Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization

2012  DEM Modelling of Elastic Adhesive Particles with Application to Lunar Soil

2012  Electrostatic Cleaning Device for Removing Lunar Dust Adhered to Spacesuits

2012  Electrostatic Transport of Lunar Soil for In Situ Resource Utilization

2012  Enhanced Particle Capture through Aluminum Hydroxide Addition to Pores in Sand Media

2012  Influence of Solid Particle Parameters on the Sound Speed and Attenuation of Pulses in ADM

2012  Lattice Discrete Particle Model for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. I: Theory

2012  Magnetic Cleaning Device for Lunar Dust Adhering to Spacesuits

2012  Modeling Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composite Materials

2012  NewsBriefs: Physicists Announce, Retract News of Faster-Than-Light Particle (The Washington Post and Wired)

2012  Numerical Simulations for Large Deformation of Granular Materials Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method

2012  Particle Descriptions and Grain Contact Laws for Lunar Materials: Their Implementation in a Discrete Element Model

2012  Particle Shape Estimates of Uniform Sands: Visual and Automated Methods Comparison

2012  Role of Turbulence and Particle Exposure on Entrainment of Large Spherical Particles in Flows with Low Relative Submergence

2012  Selenium Removal from Surface Waters: Exploratory Research with Iron Nanoparticles

2012  Semiempirical Cyclic Densification Model for Ballast Incorporating Particle Breakage

2012  Transport and Reactivity of Lactate-Modified Nanoscale Iron Particles in PCP-Contaminated Soils

2012  Two-Phase Simulation of Wave-Induced Tunnel Scour beneath Marine Pipelines

2012  Using Multi-Zone Modeling of Particle Transport to Support Building Design

2012  Vibration Effects Attributable to Driving of PHC Pipe Piles

2011  Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Filtration Optimization

2011  Clarification of a Common Misunderstanding of Collision Frequencies in the Smoluchowski Equation

2011  Considering Bacteria-Sediment Associations in Microbial Fate and Transport Modeling

2011  Electrostatic Cleaning System for Removing Lunar Dust Adhering to Space Suits