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2014  General Confinement Model Based on Nonlocal Information

2014  Parallel Programming Techniques Applied to Water Pump Scheduling Problems

2014  Structure-Independent Parallel Platform for Nonlinear Analyses of General Real-Scale RC Structures under Cyclic Loading

2012  Parallelized Implicit Nonlinear FEA Program for Real Scale RC Structures under Cyclic Loading

2011  Three-Dimensional Field-Scale Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling: Parallel Computing Implementation

2010  Optimization Research: Enhancing the Robustness of Large-Scale Multiobjective Optimization in Construction

2010  Workload Distribution Framework for the Parallel Solution of Large Structural Models on Heterogeneous PC Clusters

2008  Domain-by-Domain Algorithm for Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Structures

2008  Improving Seawater Barrier Operation with Simulation Optimization in Southern California

2007  The Method of Restricted Searching Area Optimal Route Guidance Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network

2007  Parallel Computing Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis in Optimum Structural Design

2006  Design and Benefit Analysis of Distributed Parallel Simulation of Microscopic Traffic System

2006  Parallel Computing in Civil Engineering

2005  New Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Nonlinear Substructures

2005  Real-Time Automated Survey System of Pavement Cracking in Parallel Environment

2004  Avoiding Submergence Transition Zone for Radial Gates in Parallel

2004  Modified Iterative Group-Implicit Algorithm for the Dynamic Analysis of Structures

2003  Parallel Processing Techniques in Structural Engineering Applications

2002  Dynamic Parallel Roll Alignment

2002  Parallelization Strategies for Element-by-Element Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver Using High-Performance Fortran for Unstructured Finite-Element Applications on Linux Clusters

2001  Partitioning of Tall Buildings using Bubble Graph Representation

2000  Experimentation with a Host-Based Parallel Algorithm for Image Processing

2000  High-Performance Computing for Large-Scale Analysis, Optimization, and Control

2000  Integrating High Performance Computing Strategies with Existing Finite Element Hydrodynamic Codes

2000  New Advances in Parallel Computing for Structural Engineering Applied to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

2000  An Object-Oriented Software Design for Parallel Structural Analysis

2000  Parallel Computing in Water Network Analysis and Leakage Minimization

2000  A Parallel Finite Volume Scheme for Two Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flows

2000  Parallel Partitioned Inverse Method for Least-Squares Adjustment

2000  Simulating Morphodynamical Processes on a Parallel System

2000  ZPLCLAW: A Parallel Portable Toolkit for Wave Propagation Problems

1999  Study of Parallel Computation for Ground Water Solute Transport

1999  Three Dimensional Analysis of Deep Foundations

1998  Classification of Pavement Surface Distress with an Embedded Neural Net Chip

1998  Parallel On-Line Motion Planning for Industrial Robots

1998  Stochastic Approach to Delineating Wellhead Protection Areas

1997  Distributed Neural Dynamics Algorithms for Optimization of Large Steel Structures

1997  Robust Parallel Algorithms for Solution of Riccati Equation

1996  Formal Specification of Concurrent Finite Element Systems

1996  High Performance Computing: Application to Highway Bridges

1996  Implementation and Application of Parallel Processing Computer Methods for Probabilistic Analysis

1996  An Implementation of Finite Element Method on Distributed Workstations

1996  The Next Generation of Structural Engineering Automation Systems

1996  Parallel Eigenvalue Algorithms for Large-Scale Control-Optimization Problems

1996  Parallel Performance of a Meshless Method for Wind Engineering Simulations

1996  Parallel Structural Analysis with Computers and Engineers

1996  Two-Dimensional Parallel Computing Solution of Coupled Heat and Moisture Flow in Unsaturated Soil

1996  Verifying the Timing Requirements of Multiprocessor Control Systems

1995  Accuracy of a Semi-Implicit Parallel Algorithm for Transient Structural Dynamics

1995  Concurrent Structural Optimization on Massively Parallel Supercomputer

1995  Distributed Finite-Element Analysis on Network of Workstations — Algorithms

1995  Distributed Finite-Element Analysis on Network of Workstations—Implementation and Applications

1995  Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Structural Optimization

1995  Feasibility of Applying Embedded Neural Net Chip to Improve Pavement Surface Image Processing

1995  Parallel Computation for Groundwater Flow

1995  Parallel-Vector Algorithms for Analysis of Large Structures

1994  Concurrent Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Large Structures

1994  Finite-Element Calculations on Alliant FX/80

1994  I.P.L. Space Trusses: Structural Performance and Analysis

1994  Microtasking, Macrotasking, and Autotasking for Structural Optimization

1994  Nonlinear Analysis of Structural Frameworks Using Supercomputing Techniques

1994  Optimization of Space Trusses on Vector Multiprocessor

1994  Parallel Algorithms for Integrated Structural/Control Optimization

1994  Parallel SDP for Multi-Reservoir Management

1994  Timing Analysis of a Multiprocessor Architecture for Active Control

1993  An Integrated Route Assignment and Traffic Simulation System with a Massively Parallel Computing Architecture

1993  Letting the Light Shine In

1993  Multi-Paradigm Learning Algorithms for Image Recognition

1993  Optimal Processor Mapping for Massively Parallel Finite Element Computations

1993  Parallel-Adaptive Finite Element Analysis on a Transputer Cluster

1993  Verification of Real-Time Software for Active Structural Control

1992  Adaptive and Parallel Methods for Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

1992  Application of Neural Network to Groundwater Remediation

1992  Aspects of Parallel Processing in Reservoir Simulation

1992  Coarse-Grain Parallel Computing Using ISIS Tool Kit

1992  Computing in Civil Engineering and Geographic Information Systems Symposium

1992  Concurrent Optimization of Large Structures. I: Algorithms

1992  Concurrent Optimization of Large Structures. II. Applications

1992  LAN Ho! Structural Analysis on a Network

1992  Massively Parallel Computing, C++ and Hydrocode Algorithms

1992  Neural Networks

1992  Nonlinear Structural Analysis on a Distributed System

1992  Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Codes. I: Thoughts and Concepts

1992  Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Codes. II: Examples in C++

1992  Parallelisation of a Distinct Element Stress Analysis Program

1992  Parallelism, Object Oriented Programming Methods, Portable Software and C++

1992  Parallelization of Linear Finite Element Analysis

1992  Seismic Wave Propagation by Finite Differences on the Connection Machine

1992  Time Series Prediction Using Neural Networks

1991  Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Composite Ply Micromechanics

1991  An Efficient Parallel-Vector Equation Solver

1991  Electronic Computation

1991  Improved Finite Element Modeling with Q-MESH and PARA—LIB Parallel Processing

1991  Neurocomputing—State-of-the-art

1991  Parallel Computing Solution of Coupled Flow Processes in Soil

1991  A Parallel Fron Large-Scale Stris

1991  Parallel Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods for Structural Analysis Problems with Multiple Loadings

1991  Parallel Processing in Water Management

1991  Parallel Real-Time Dynamic Simulation of Robots

1991  Transaction Management in OODBMS for Collaborative Engineering Applications