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2014  Housatonic River Cleanup Relies Heavily on Removal of PCB-Contaminated Material

2014  Titanium Manufacturer Enters Consent Decree Addressing Alleged PCB Contamination

2013  Electrokinetic Delivery and Activation of Persulfate for Oxidation of PCBs in Clayey Soils

2013  Extraction of PCBs from Transformer Oil and Its Dechlorination Using Visible Light

2013  Fish Tissue Targets for PCB TMDLs: What is the Real Risk? An Example from the Greater Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Waters TMDL

2013  Legacy Pollutant Total Maximum Daily Loads: An Oxymoron?

2012  Comprehensive Assessment of Bacterial Communities and Analysis of PCB Congeners in PCB-Contaminated Sediment with Depth

2011  Migration of PCBs through a Composite Liner System

2010  Effect of Cocontaminants on the Remediation of PCB-Impacted Soils by Hydrogen Peroxide

2010  Microwave-Enhanced Thermal Desorption of Polyhalogenated Biphenyls from Contaminated Soil

2010  Nanotechnology for TCE and PCB Dechlorination from Water: Nanoparticle Synthesis and Reactivity

2010  Practical Method to Extract and Dechlorinate PCBs in Soils

2008  Evaluation of Chemical Treatments for a Mixed Contaminant Soil

2008  Solidification/Stabilization of PCB-Contaminated Wastewater Treatment Sludges

2008  Treating PCB/Petrochemical-Contaminated Soil with Humic Mineral Concentrates

2007  In Situ Technologies for Reclamation of PCB-Contaminated Sediments: Current Challenges and Research Thrust Areas

2007  Numerical Method to Elucidate Likely Target Positions of Chlorine Removal in Anaerobic Sediments Undergoing Polychlorinated Biphenyl Dechlorination

2007  Photodechlorination of Aroclor 1254 in a Pilot-Scale Flow through Photoreactor

2007  Remediation of Contaminated Soils with PCBs Using an Integrated Treatment: Desorption and Oxidation

2006  Biotreatment of Surfactant Flush Wastewater from Wood Treatment Soil

2006  Microcosm Approach to Study Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sediment

2006  PCB Volatilization from Sediments

2006  Predicting the Performance of Activated Carbon-, Coke-, and Soil-Amended Thin Layer Sediment Caps

2005  Effect of Oil on Polychlorinated Biphenyl Phase Partitioning during Land Biotreatment of Impacted Sediment

2005  SITE Demonstration of Minergy Glass Furnace Treatment of PCBs, PCDDs/Fs, and Metals in River Sediment

2005  Sorbent Wicking Device for Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Unsaturated Soil Pore Water. I: Design and Hydraulic Characteristics

2005  Sorbent Wicking Device for Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Unsaturated Soil Pore Water. II: Chemical Capture, Recovery, and Analysis

2004  Environmental Engineering: GE’s PCB Remediation Plan Features Innovative Tunnel Design

2004  Release of Polychlorinated Biphenyls from River Sediment to Water under Low-Flow Conditions: Laboratory Assessment

2003  Amphoteric Effect of Humic Acids in Surfactant-Aided Photolysis of Polychlorobiphenyls

2003  Application of the NRC Framework for Evaluation of Remedial Actions at a PCB Contaminated Sediment Site

2003  Dredging PCB-Contaminated Sediment from the St. Lawrence River: Project Overview

2003  Editor’s Note

2003  Flow Sheet Logic and Decision Criteria for Defining an End Point to Dredging When Cleanup Goals are Not Obtained

2003  Non-Time-Critical Removal Action (NTCRA) Summary—Grasse River, Massena, New York

2003  Palos Verdes Shelf Pilot Capping: Description and Rationale

2003  PCB Fingerprinting - A Useful Tool in Sediment Characterization and Source Localization

2003  PCB Treatment Alternatives and Research Directions

2003  Post-Dredging Economic Analysis for Remediation of PCB-Contaminated Sediment in the St. Lawrence River near Massena, New York

2003  Quantifying Environmental Dredging Contaminant Losses with a Multimedia Chemodynamic Model

2003  Sediment Remediation at the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River

2003  Sediment Removal and Restoration of Town Branch Creek in Russellville, Kentucky

2003  Site Characterization in Support of the Ruck Pond Sediment Removal Action

2003  Solidification/Stabilization of Hazardous Wastes Containing Metals and Organic Contaminants

2003  Unexpected Conditions, Unforeseen Complications and Unplanned Expenditures: Lessons Learned in the Dredging of PCB-Contaminated Sediment from the St. Lawrence River

2002  Consolidated Effort

2001  Assessing Multicomponent DNAPL Biostabilization Potential. II: Aroclor 1242

2001  Remediation of PCBs at Superfund Sites

2000  Dissipation of Aroclor 1248 (PCB) and Dinitro-O-Cresol Under Grass and Legume Rhizospheres

2000  Evaluation of Treating PCB-Contaminated Sediment with Zero-Valent Iron

1999  Endpoints of Bioremediation: Effect of Desorption on Biotransformation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

1999  Integrated System for Remediation of Contaminated Soils

1998  Composite Pellets Block Contamination

1998  Three-Dimensional Contaminant Transport/Fate Model

1996  Bayesian Model for Fate and Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyl in Upper Hudson River

1996  Editor’s Note

1996  Leaching of PCBs from a NAPL Entrapped in Porous Media

1996  Sediment and Contaminant Transport in Green Bay

1995  Modeling Scour of Contaminated Sediments in the Ashtabula River

1995  Prowling for Pipeline PCBs

1995  Radioactive Contaminant Removal from Solid Surfaces

1995  Sorption and Transport of Individual PCB Congeners in the Subsurface: Modeling and Experimental Studies

1994  Laboratory and Field Demonstrations of Sediment Treatment Technologies by the USEPA’s Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments (ARCS) Program

1994  New Bedford Harbor, Massachusetts Dredging/Disposal of PCB Contaminated Sediments

1994  Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Sediment Washing

1994  Risk Variability from Uniform Soil Remediation Goals for PCBs

1993  Evaluating Remedial Alternatives for Coastal Wetlands in New Bedford Harbor

1993  Use of Floodplain PCB Concentrations to Calibrate a River Hydraulics Model

1992  Predicting Effluent PCBs From Superfund Site Dredged Material

1992  Stabilization and Fixation Using Soil Mixing

1991  Fate of PCBs in Municipal-Sludge Amended Soil

1991  Influence of Soil and Sediment pH and Redox Conditions on Degradation of Toxic Organics

1991  Loss of PCBs from Municipal-Sludge–Treated Farmland

1991  Model of Fate and Accumulation of PCB Homologues in Hudson Estuary

1991  Slurry Bioremediation of Petrochemical Waste Sludges

1991  Volatilization of PCBs From the Great Lakes

1990  Development of a Dredging Elutriate Test for Predicting Release of Contaminant at the Point of Dredging

1990  Long-Term Fate of PCB Contamination in the New Bedford Harbor, Massachusetts, System

1989  The Distribution of PCB Contaminated Sediment in the Kalamazoo River Valley, Michigan

1989  Ft. Huachuca, AZ Fire Site Hazardous Waste Remedial Action

1989  Occupational, Environmental, and Public Health in Semic: A Case Study of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Pollution

1989  Pilot Study of Dredging and Disposal Methods—New Bedford, Massachusetts Superfund Site

1989  A Practical Approach for Evaluating Environmental Risk

1988  All Systems Go in Alaska PCB Cleanup

1988  Companies Consent to Clean PCB Site

1988  Dye-Sensitized Photochemical Reduction of PCBs

1988  EPA Shifts Duties to Regional Offices

1988  Navy Replaces PCB Transformers

1987  Lights Out at Caribou

1987  PCBs Not Toxic, Industry Says

1986  EPA Sinks Ocean Burning of Wastes

1986  Fast, Economical, Cone Testing of River Sediments

1986  Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Bituminous Materials

1986  Simulation of Sediment Scour in a Stratified Reservoir

1985  Bathtub Approach Corrals PCBs

1985  On-Site Containment of PCB-Contaminated Soils

1985  PCB Contamination of a Mass. Harbor: Technical Challenges for a Remedial Solution

1984  PCB Contaminated Sediments from Petit-de-Grat, Canada

1984  PCB-Contaminated Site Cleanup

1981  Degradation of PCBs in Freshwater Sediments