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Found 91 Records with the keyword term of "Oxygen transfer"

2014  Analysis of Design Factors Influencing the Oxygen Transfer of a Pilot-Scale Speece Cone Hypolimnetic Aerator

2014  Influence of Small Water Surface Perturbations on the Reaeration Process

2014  Optimization of Reactor Depth in Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

2014  Oxygen Transport across the Capillary Fringe in LNAPL Pool-Source Zones

2013  Methodology for In Situ Column Testing to Improve Accuracy during Design and Specification of Aeration Systems

2012  Oxygen Transfer Parameter Estimation: Impact of Methodology

2011  Water-Circulating Aerator: Optimizing Structure and Predicting Water Flow Rate and Oxygen Transfer

2010  Modeling Oxygen Mass Transfer Rate through the Air-Water Surface in Stratified Flows

2010  Modeling VOC Emissions in the High-Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2009  Energy Concept for Predicting Hydraulic Jump Aeration Efficiency

2009  Evaluation of Preaeration with V-Notch Weir and Cascade Structures in Clarifiers

2009  Oxygen Transfer in High-Speed Surface Aeration Tank for Wastewater Treatment: Full-Scale Test and Numerical Modeling

2009  Performance Evaluation of Double-Hub Paddle Wheel Aerator

2007  Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water

2007  Modeling the Aeration Efficiency of a Passively Aerated Vertical-Flow Biological Filter

2006  Air/Water Oxygen Transfer in a Biological Aerated Filter

2006  Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Compounds in Autoaerated Biofilms

2005  Comparison of Oxygen Transfer Parameters Determined from the Steady State Oxygen Uptake Rate and the Non-Steady-State Changing Power Level Methods

2005  Effect of Nonsteady State H2O2 Tests on Oxygen Transfer Rate in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

2005  Enhancing Oxygen Transfer in Subsurface-Flow Constructed Wetlands

2003  Development of a Standard with Assistance from USEPA

2003  Modeling and Control of Oxygen Transfer in High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2002  Case Study of Aeration Performance under Changing Process Conditions

2001  Modeling Biofilms on Gas-Permeable Supports: Flux Limitations

2000  Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures in the Ohio River Valley

2000  Turbulence-Driven Metal Release from Resuspended Pyrrhotite Tailings

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Prediction of Reaeration Rates in Square, Stirred Tanks

1998  Aeration Performance of Low Drop Weirs

1998  Predictive Capabilities in Oxygen Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1997  Oxygen Transfer Similitude for Vented Hydroturbine

1997  Predicting Oxygen Uptake and VOC Emissions at Enclosed Drop Structures

1997  QA for Effective Fine Pore Aeration Diffusers in Wastewater Treatment Systems

1997  Scale Effects in Oxygenation in the Breaker Zone of Coastal Structures

1997  Standard Guidelines for In-Process Oxygen Transfer Testing

1996  Editor’s Note

1996  The Importance of Water Depth for Sparger Performance

1996  Optimal Geometric Shape of a Surface Aeration Tank

1996  Oxygen Transfer Efficiency in Small Diffusers

1995  Apparatus for Down-Well Oxygen Transfer into Contaminated Aquifer

1995  Interaction Between Oxygen Transfer Mechanisms in Lake Models

1995  Oxygen Transport in an In-Situ Bioremediation Application

1994  Computer Aided Design of Trickling Filters

1994  Development of a Model for the ABF/AS Process

1994  Modeling Full-Scale Diffused Aeration Systems

1994  Oxygen Utilization of Trickling Filter Biofilms

1993  Estimating Emissions of 20 VOCs. I: Surface Aeration

1993  Estimating Emissions of 20 VOCs. II: Diffused Aeration

1993  Measurement of Air-Water Oxygen Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1993  Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water

1993  A New In-Stream Aerator

1993  Oxygen Transfer in Bubbly Turbulent Shear Flow

1993  Oxygen Transfer in Trickling Filters

1993  Oxygen Transfer Similitude for the Auto-Venting Turbine

1993  Oxygenation Experiments in the Wave Breaking Zone

1992  Gas Phase Control for Oxygen-Activated Sludge

1991  Dynamic Surface Tension Effects on Oxygen Transfer

1991  Effect of Temperature on Gas Transfer at Low Surface Renewal Rates

1991  Experiment on the Efficiency of an Aspirator-Blower Type Aerator

1991  Field Tests on a Bubbleless Membrane Aerator

1991  Hypolimnetic Aeration in Three Swiss Lakes

1991  Influence of Waves on Air-Water Gas Transfer

1991  Oxygen Mass Transfer to Flowing Ground Water Using Oxygen Microbubbles

1991  Oxygen Transfer at Spillways

1991  Oxygen Transfer in Full Lift Hypolimnetic Aeration Systems

1991  Oxygen Transfer in Turbulent Shear Flows

1991  Rainfall-Reaeration Effects

1991  Turbulent Water Aeration: Analytical Approach and Experimental Data

1991  The Use of a Deep Shaft for the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Orgamol SA

1990  Aeration-Basin Heat Loss

1990  Determination of Aeration System Capacity

1990  O2 Limitations in CH4 and NH4+ Utilizing Biofilms

1989  Application of Field Proven Fine Bubble Membrane Aeration Technology

1989  Effect of Flow Conditions on Stream Reaeration Coefficients

1987  Effect of Temperature on Oxygen Transfer—Laboratory Studies

1987  Influence of Temperature on Oxygen Transfer

1985  A New Approach to Activated Sludge Plant Design

1985  Oxygen Transfer Studies in Activated Sludge

1985  Performance of Surface Rotors in an Oxidation Ditch

1984  Effect of Rain on Surface Reaeration

1984  Examination of Recent Field Data on Stream Reaeration

1984  A Standard for the Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water

1983  Activated Sludge, A Comparison of Oxygen and Air Systems

1983  Mechanical Mixing and Surface Reaeration

1982  A Basis for Aeration Design

1982  Modeling and Interpreting Oxygen Transfer Data

1981  Biological Process Diffusional Limitations

1980  Proposed Modifications of K/FR/DS2/TD/TF—Temperture Relation

1972  Oxygen Theory in Biological Treatment Plant Design

1971  Downflow Bubble Contact Aeration

1969  Oxygen Transfer From Falling Water Droplets