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2014  Simulation-Based Inexact Two-Stage Chance-Constraint Quadratic Programming for Sustainable Water Quality Management under Dual Uncertainties

2013  Critical Review of Anaerobic Biodegradation of Benzenediols: Catechol, Resorcinol, and Hydroquinone

2013  Electrohydrolysis of Vinegar Fermentation Wastewater for Hydrogen Gas Production Using Different Types of Electrodes

2013  In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Impacts and Sediment Oxygen Demand Resulting from Combined Sewer Overflow Discharges

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. I: Model Development

2013  Treatment of Restaurant Wastewater by Pilot-Scale Electrocoagulation-Electroflotation: Optimization of Operating Conditions

2012  Dealing with Algal Toxins and Dissolved Organics in Drinking Water

2011  Dissolved Oxygen Demand at the Sediment-Water Interface of a Stream: Near-Bed Turbulence and Pore Water Flow Effects

2011  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on DO Transfer at a Rough Sediment Surface

2011  In Situ Characterization of Resuspended-Sediment Oxygen Demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

2011  Thin-Layer Gravity Current with Implications for Desalination Brine Disposal

2010  Effect of Water Addition Frequency on Oxygen Consumption in Acid Generating Waste Rock

2010  Modeling Framework for Organic Sediment Resuspension and Oxygen Demand: Case of Bubbly Creek in Chicago

2010  Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes for a Tropical Reservoir in Singapore

2009  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experimental Study Based on Three Methods

2009  Incorporating Both Physical and Kinetic Limitations in Quantifying Dissolved Oxygen Flux to Aquatic Sediments

2009  Spatial Variation of Sediment Oxygen Demand in Athabasca River: Influence of Water Column Pollutants

2008  Chemical Oxygen Demand and the Mechanism of Excess Sludge Reduction in an Oxic-Settling-Anaerobic Activated Sludge Process

2008  Effects of Sand Depth of Domestic Wastewater Renovation in Intermittently Aerated Leachfield Mesocosms

2008  Small Multiorder BOD Reactions in Oxygen Sag Models

2008  Spillway and Metal Toxicity Influenced Stream Reaeration

2007  Development of Refined BOD and DO Models for Highly Polluted Kali River in India

2007  Evaluation of Hyp0olimnetic Oxygen Demand in a Large Eutrophic Raw Water Reservoir, San Vicente Reservoir, Calif.

2007  Fluid Dynamics Impact on Bacterial Physiology: Biochemical Oxygen Demand

2007  Performance of Biopolymer in Relation to Removal of Reactive Azo-Dyes

2007  Predictive Uncertainty and Parameter Sensitivity of a Sediment-Flux Model: Nitrogen Flux and Sediment Oxygen Demand

2006  Anaerobic Degradability: Effect of Particulate COD

2006  Contrasting the Benefits of Primary Clarification versus Prefermentation in Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal Systems

2006  Critical Analysis of Computing Equations for Determination of BOD by Dilution Methods

2006  The Need and Development of TMDLs for the San Joaquin Valley of California

2006  New Process Design Procedure for Dealing with Variable Trickling Filter Effluent Suspended Solids

2005  BOD Performance Correlation at Georgia WWTPs

2005  Diffusional Mass Transfer at Sediment – Water Interface of Cylindrical Sediment Oxygen Demand Chamber

2005  Mineralization and Biodegradability Enhancement of Low Level p-Nitrophenol in Water Using Fenton’s Reagent

2005  Oxygen Demand by a Sediment Bed of Finite Length

2004  Hydraulic Study of the Onset of Hypoxia in the Tone River Estuary

2004  Systematic Approach for Quick Quality Assessment of Ink Effluents for Treatment and Discharge

2003  Periodic Diffusional Mass Transfer near Sediment/Water Interface: Theory

2002  In-Situ Measurements of Sediment Oxygen Demand by Suspended Biosolids

2002  Optimization of In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Via Control of CBOD Loadings Using the Adjoint Method

2001  The Effect of Small-Scale Fluid Motion on Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

2001  Hydrodynamic Effects on Sediment Oxygen Demand

2001  Pyrite Oxidation Model for Assessing Ground-Water Management Strategies in Acid Sulfate Soils

2001  River Dissolved Oxygen Model with Zebra Mussel Oxygen Demand (ZOD)

2000  Fluid Mechanics of Triangular Sediment Oxygen Demand Chamber

2000  Water Quality Modeling and Risk Analysis of the Chi-Shui River

1999  Modeling BOD Removal in Constructed Wetlands with Mixing Cell Method

1999  Modeling Impact of Storage Zones on Stream Dissolved Oxygen

1999  Performance Evaluation of Aerated Lagoon in Summer and Winter Conditions

1999  Renewed Use of BOD/DO Models in Water Quality Management

1999  Trickling Filter Mythology

1999  Value of Monod’s Affinity Constant in Activated Sludge

1998  Constructed Wetlands for Small Community Wastewater Treatment

1998  Design of Field Program and Use of Field Measurements to Calibrate a Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model of an Estuarine River System

1998  Effect of Flow Velocity on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experiments

1998  Performance Evaluation of an Aerated Lagoon Under Summer and Winter Conditions

1998  Trends in BOD/DO Modeling for Wasteload Allocations

1997  Analytical Dissolved Oxygen Model for Sinusoidally Varying BOD

1997  Managing Water Quality in the Tidal Ouse (UK), Problems Associated with Suspended Sediment Oxygen Demand

1997  Oxygen Uptake at Barrages of the Elbe Cascade

1997  Real Time BOD Monitoring For Wastewater Process Control

1997  Winery Wastewater Treatment Efficiency as it Depends on Depth and Distance in a Subsurface Flow Wetland

1996  Alternative to CBOD5-Based Load Allocation Studies on Low-Dilution-Ratio Streams

1996  Effect of Biodegradable Carbon on Biological Phosphorus Removal

1996  Modification of Design Approach to Aerated Lagoons

1996  New Jersey Nearshore Hypoxia During the Summer 1976

1996  Oxygen Supplies for Bioremediation in Tundra Soils

1996  Pilot Testing of a Zero-Discharge Treatment Process

1996  Postaudit of Upper Mississippi River BOD/DO Model

1995  Comparison of Two Sediment Oxygen Demand Measurement Techniques

1995  Is CBOD5 Test Viable for Raw and Settled Wastewater?

1995  Modeling Benthic Oxygen Uptake by Pumping

1995  Plant Surface Area and Wetland Treatment Efficiency

1995  Stream Dissolved Oxygen Modeling and Wasteload Allocation

1994  Assessment of BNR Systems in Florida

1994  Clarifier Enhancements Yield Excellent Performance

1994  Computer Aided Design of Trickling Filters

1994  Design and Testing of Two Ice-Preserving Winter Lake Aeration Systems

1994  Effect of Flow Velocity on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Theory

1994  Nitrification in Single-Stage Trickling Filters

1993  ARMA Processes and Reliability-Based Design of Wastewater-Treatment Facilities

1993  Oxygen Transfer in Trickling Filters

1993  Soil Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater

1992  BOD Test for Tropical Countries

1992  Improved Performance of Activated Sludge with Addition of Inorganic Solids

1992  Metal Hydroxide and Metal Oxide Enhanced Activated Sludge: An Industrial Strength Wastewater Treatment Process

1992  Numerical Simulation of a Shallow Estuary—Weeks Bay, Alabama

1992  Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater Using Chemical Oxidation

1991  Dissolved Oxygen and Woody Debris: Detecting Sensitive Forest Streams

1991  Dissolved Oxygen Variations in Marine Fish Culture Zone

1991  Forecasting of Dissolved Oxygen in Marine Fish Culture Zone

1991  Fresno Sewers Suffer Sulfide Shock

1991  Myocardial Wall Stress: A Clinician’s View

1991  Reaeration Equations and Waste-Load Allocations

1991  Toxicity Bio-Assays, 5-Day BOD and Deja Vu

1991  Vegetated Submerged Beds with Artificial Substrates. 1: BOD Removal

1990  A Comparison of a Short-Term BOD Assay to the Standard BOD5

1990  A Comparison of AOX Treatment in Aerated Lagoon and Activated Sludge Systems for Pulp and Paper Wastewaters

1990  Dispersion Analysis of the Dartmouth, MA Municipal Sewage Outfall Off Salters Point

1990  Electron Beam Irradiation of Wastewater