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2015  Which Owner Characteristics Are Key Factors Affecting Project Delivery System Decision Making? Empirical Analysis Based on the Rough Set Theory

2014  Forming Risk Clusters in Projects to Improve Coordination between Risk Owners

2014  Impacts of Different Types of Owner-Contractor Conflict on Cost Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Is Owner’s Right to Terminate For Convenience Absolute?

2014  Public Owner Wrongfully Interfered with Contractor’s Work

2013  A Case Study Implementation of the BIM Planning Procedures for Facility Owners

2013  Critical Success Factors for Key Project Players and Objectives: Case Study of Singapore

2013  Empirical Study on the Relationship between Owner-Contractor Conflict and Schedule Performance in Design-Bid-Build Projects

2013  Identifying, Communicating, and Responding to Project Value Interests

2013  Impact of Crew Scheduling on Project Performance

2013  Market Structure, Ownership Structure, and Performance of China’s Construction Industry

2013  Relationship between Owners’ Capabilities and Project Performance on Development of Hydropower Projects in China

2013  Synthesis of Existing BIM Maturity Toolsets to Evaluate Building Owners

2012  BIM Use and Requirements among Building Owners

2012  Civil Engineer Successfully Sues Owner For Tortious Interference with Contract

2012  Construction to Operations Exchange: Challenges of Implementing COBie and BIM in a Large Owner Organization

2012  Designer, Contractor, and Owner Views on the Topic of Design for Construction Worker Safety

2012  Determining the Appropriate Proportion of Owner-Provided Design in Design-Build Contracts: Content Analysis Approach

2012  Development and Interpretation of Geotechnical Contract Provisions for Design-Build Projects: Success Strategies for Owners and Contractors

2012  Multiuse Trails: Benefits and Concerns of Residents and Property Owners

2012  Optimization Application for Financial Viability Evaluation of PPP Toll Road Projects

2012  Owner and Contractor Jobsite Organizations

2012  Structural Design of Buried Pipes

2011  Construction Project Management and Insurance Program for Taiwan High Speed Rail Project

2011  Fuzzy Preference Relations Consensus Approach to Reduce Conflicts on Shared Responsibilities in the Owner Managing Contractor Delivery System

2011  Fuzzy Similarity Consensus Model for Early Alignment of Construction Project Teams on the Extent of Their Roles and Responsibilities

2011  Owner Involvement—Choosing Risk Factors for Shallow Foundations

2010   Case Law and Variations in Cumulative Impact Productivity Claims

2010  Assessment of Responsibilities of Project Teams for Owner Managing Contractor Tasks-A Fuzzy Consensus Approach

2010  CMAA Survey Results: Staff Reductions Prevalent, Owners Cautious

2010  Contractor Sues Public Owner for Failing To Divulge Information

2010  Critical Success Factors for Stakeholder Management: Construction Practitioners’ Perspectives

2010  An Empirical Study on the Arrangement of Truck Ownership in Trucking Enterprises

2010  Establishing a Collaborative Environment among Project Stakeholders

2010  Management of Redeveloped Industrial Areas with Mixed Use in The Netherlands

2010  Multi-Project Supply Chain of Owners

2010  Public versus Private Perceptions on Hiring an External Program Manager

2010  Worker Satisfaction and Work-Life Related Characteristics in the U.S. Construction Industry

2009  Analysis for Principal-Agent Relationship between Owner and Construction Agent of Agent-Construction Project

2009  Best Practices for Procuring Commissioning Services

2009  Development of a Fuzzy Expert System for Surety Underwriting

2009  Duties and Responsibilities of Construction Managers: Perceptions of Parties Involved in Construction

2009  Identifying and Communicating Project Stakeholder Risks

2009  A New Organizational Structure Pattern of Owners Based on Multi-Project

2009  Overcoming the Hurdle of First Cost: Action Research in Target Costing

2009  Owner’s Risks versus Control in Transit Projects

2009  Predicting Owner’s Contingency for Transportation Construction Projects Using Intelligent Computing Techniques

2009  Project Funding Opportunities

2009  Stakeholder Views on IT in Construction: A North American Perspective

2008  Best Practices for Owner QA and QC Procedures for Large Diameter Pipelines

2008  Communicating Design Quality Requirements for Public Sector Design/Build Projects

2008  Evaluating the Successful Sustainable Outcome Criteria in the AEC Industry Using Analytic Hierarchy Process

2008  Nature and Extent of Domestic Construction Program Outsourcing

2008  Pipelines and Light Rail Transit: A Pipeline Owner’s Guide to Stray Current

2008  Reconciliation of Owner and Contractor Views in Heavy Construction Projects

2008  SVP as a Short Term Planning Tool: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study

2007  Budgeting Owner’s Construction Contingency

2007  Influences on Innovation Benefits during Implementation: Client’s Perspective

2007  Owner Found Liable for Bad Faith Termination

2007  Shoring Up

2007  Staged Embankment Construction Using In-Situ Instrumentation Returns: Benefits to Contractor and Cost Savings to the Owner

2006  Examining the Business Impact of Owner Commitment to Sustainability

2006  Owner’s Role in Construction Safety

2006  Owner’s Role in Construction Safety: Guidance Model

2006  Pipelines 2006, Service to the Owner

2006  Risk Management: Lessons from Six Continents

2005  Associations of Technology Utilization with Project Stakeholder Success

2005  High-Impact, Low-Likelihood Risks: Engineers are From Oz, Owners are from Kansas

2005  Managing Owner’s Risk of Contractor Default

2005  The Owners’ Perspective: Issues Important to an Owner in the Owner/Consultant Relationship

2005  Promising New Tool for Stakeholder Interaction

2005  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as a Case Study for the Deployment of a National Repository Program

2004  Decision Support System for Stakeholder Involvement

2004  Owner-Contractor Work Structures: Process Approach

2004  Project Buyout

2003  Conflicts between Owner and Contractors: Proposed Intervention Process

2003  Creative Solutions to Dam Safety Issues

2003  Partnered Project Performance at the City of Phoenix

2003  RFID’s Role in a Fully Integrated, Automated Project Process

2003  Understanding How Cultural Differences Affect Project Performance and Technology Adoption by Users

2003  Workforce Demographics among Project Engineering Professionals—Crisis Ahead?

2002  Communicating Acceptable Risk Analysis - An Owner/Engineer’s Perspective

2002  Court Decisions: Village Cannot Impose Impact Fee on Property Owners

2002  Do Not Neglect Site Information Furnished by the Owner

2002  Guarantees for Contractor’s Performance and Owner’s Payment in China

2001  Framework for Effective Stakeholder Policy Making for Water Resources and Environmental Issues

2001  The Immokalee Area Study: A Private Sector Initiative

2001  Optimizing Owner/Contractor Core Competencies for Capital Programs

2001  Substantial Performance Limits Owner’s Damages

2001  Upper Little Colorado River Concept Plan: Integrating Stream Restoration with Multiple Land Ownership

2000  Appropriate Risk Allocation in Design-Build RFPs

2000  Assessment of Global Impact of Change Orders on Electrical and Mechanical Construction: Δ Approach

2000  Benefits of 4D Models for Facility Owners and AEC Service Providers

2000  Excavatability in Caliche Soils in Arizona: Comparison of Owner and Contractor Perspectives

2000  Interface Considerations on Multiple Prime Contractor Construction Projects

2000  It’s Time to Get It Right

2000  Joint Check Agreement Yields Unexpected Results

2000  NSF/CII Construction Research Workshop Results

2000  Owner Involvement in Construction Site Safety

2000  Partnering: Why Project Owner-Contractor Relationships Change