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Found 49 Records with the keyword term of "Overloads"

2015  Curvilinear Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation and Validation under Constant Amplitude and Overload Loadings

2011  Field Study of Overload Behavior of an Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridge under Simulated Vehicle Loads

2010  Experimental Research on Fatigue Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with HPFL under Overloading Conditions

2009  Fatigue Analysis of Peened Bridge Welds under Realistic Service Loading Conditions Including Periodic Overload Events

2009  Investigation of Common Causes of Bridge Collapse in Colombia

2008  Deflection Equivalent Conversion of Overload Axle for Asphalt Pavement

2008  Research on Vehicle Overloading Influenced to Roadbed

2006  3D Data Viewing of Centrifuge Physical Models

2006  New Methodology: Permit Checking of Vehicular Overloads

2005  Seismic Behaviour of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Slopes with Overload by Shaking Table Tests

2002  Field Evaluation of Decommissioned Noncomposite Steel Girder Bridge

2001  Distress of RC Structure due to Poor Quality Control and Overloading

2001  Plasticity Model for Reinforced Concrete Elements Subjected to Overloads

2000  Bridge Rating with Consideration for Fatigue Damage from Overloads

2000  Development of a Reliable Methodology for Assessing the Structural Performance of General Aviation Pavements

2000  Overload and Ultimate Load Behavior of Posttensioned Slab Bridge

2000  Vehicular Overloads: Load Model, Bridge Safety, and Permit Checking

1998  Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements

1997  Structural Damages Caused by Hidden Overloads in a Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage: Diagnosis and Repair Procedures

1996  A Bridge Live Load Model Including Overloads

1996  Modelling of Randomly Meandering Fatigue Crack Growth

1996  Traffic Load Effects on Highway Bridges

1995  First-Order Reliability Analysis of Wood Structural Systems

1995  Overload Behavior of Sheathed Lumber Systems

1995  Reliable Earthquake Safety Lies Beyond Codes

1994  Critique of Commercial Structures

1994  Distress in Prestressed Concrete Roof Girders at a Cement Plant

1993  Nonlinear Trial Load Method of Arch Dams

1992  Bridge Overloading Criteria

1992  Live Load Models Based on WIM Data

1992  On the Fatigue Loading for Local Components

1992  Statistical Evaluation of Truck Overloads

1990  Intrachannel Clarifier Solves Overload Problem

1990  Lifetime Behavior of Wood Structural Systems

1990  Study of Redundancy in Near-Ideal Parallel Structural Systems

1988  Analysis of Bridge Truck Loads

1988  Diffusion Models of Crack Growth Due to Random Overloads

1987  Calibration of a Bridge Rating Formula for Overload Permits

1986  Computer Simulation of the Overload Behavior of Steel Multigirder Bridges with Cracked Girders

1983  Autostress Design of Steel Bridges

1980  Aggradation in Streams Due to Overloading

1978  ASCE-ICE-CSCE 1978 Joint Conference on Predicting and Designing for Natural and Man-Made Hazards

1978  Design Considerations to Resist Overload

1977  Overload Behavior of Composite Steel-Concrete Bridges

1977  Salt Removal Efficiencies on Land Disposal of Swine Waste

1977  Ultimate Strength of Curved RC Box Girder Bridge

1976  Fatigue of Periodically Overloaded Stiffener Detail

1973  Large Diameter Pipe under Combined Loading

1959  Overload Factors Can Cause Ultra-Conservative Design