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2015  Adapting Urban Infrastructure to Climate Change: A Drainage Case Study

2015  Area-Wide Ramp Metering for Targeted Incidents: The Additive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease Method

2015  Climate Change Impact on Combined Sewer Overflows

2014  Comparison between CFD and Surface Overflow Rate Models to Predict Particulate Matter Separation in Unit Operations for Combined Sewer Overflows

2014  Cost Optimization of Hydraulic and Structural Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage Network

2014  Overflow Concentration and Sedimentation in Hoppers

2014  A River Runs Through It

2013  The Impacts of Green Infrastructure on Flood Level Reduction for the Raritan River: Modeling Assessment

2013  In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Impacts and Sediment Oxygen Demand Resulting from Combined Sewer Overflow Discharges

2013  New York City Explores ’Green’ Infrastructure Approaches to Reduce Sewer Overflows

2013  Performance of domestic rainwater harvesting systems at regional scale

2013  Potential Flow Solution for Open-Channel Flows and Weir-Crest Overflow

2013  Project Implementation and Construction Sequencing with 93 Projects: The Baton Rouge SSO Program

2012  Analysis of Hydraulic and Combined Sewer Overflow Performance Indicators

2012  Application of USEPA SSOAP Software to Sewer System Modeling

2012  Big Accomplishment

2012  Chattanooga Adopts $250-Million Plan to Reduce Sewer Overflows

2012  Computationally Implicit Hydraulics for Real-Time Combined Sewer Overflow Modeling and Decision Support

2012  Cost Comparison of Conventional Gray Combined Sewer Overflow Control Infrastructure versus a Green/Gray Combination

2012  Earthen Levee Shear Stress Estimates for Combined Wave Overtopping and Surge Overflow

2012  Experimental Studies on Flow over Labyrinth Weir

2012  Implementation of Sustainability Initiatives and the Envision Rating System on the Omaha CSO Program

2012  Prioritization of Green Infrastructure for CSO Communities—Identifying Effective Implementation Opportunities

2012  Seeing Green by Going Green: Maximizing Ecosystem/Community Services Benefits through Strategic Green Storm-Water Infrastructure Design

2012  Urban Soils and Vacant Land As Stormwater Resources

2011  Benefits of Meta-Model Validation for Real-Time Sewer System Decision Support

2011  Case Study: Public Involvement Outcomes in Four Seattle Communities Targeted for New Combined Sewer Overflow Facilities

2011  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Emergency Overflows through an Energy Dissipation Structure of a Water Treatment Plant

2011  Continuity of Instantaneous Wave Overtopping Discharge with Application to Stream Power Concepts

2011  Green Stormwater Infrastructure Use to Control Combined Sewer Overflows

2011  Improved Efficiency

2011  Influence of Lateral Water Withdrawal on Bed Form Geometry in a Channel

2011  An Innovative In-Line Intercepting Double-Layer Drainage System: Concept and Prospects

2011  Pressure Transients Due to Compression of Trapped Air in Rapidly Filling Combined Sewer Overflow Storage Tunnels

2011  Sewer System Performance Analysis Based on Monitoring and Modeling Technology in Plain Areas of the South of China

2011  Topeka Collection System Facility Plan Update: The Modeling Challenge

2010  Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program Conveyance Design Requirements

2010  Credit is Due

2010  DCWASA’s Impervious Area Information System: Designed to Allocate the Costs of the Mandated Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan

2010  Direct Joint Probability Method for Estimating Extreme Sea Levels

2010  Evolutionary Algorithm Memory Enhancement for Real-Time CSO Control

2010  Flushing Bay CSO Retention Facility—Hydraulic Performance Evaluation

2010  Green Infrastructure Optimization Analyses for Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control

2010  Headworks and Headway

2010  Japan’s System for Verification of Sewerage Technology

2010  Lakewood RainCatchers: Lessons Learned in Recruiting for Residential Rain Garden and Cistern Installations

2010  Lakewood RainCatchers Pilot Project for Reducing Combined Sewer Overflows

2010  Modeling Framework for Organic Sediment Resuspension and Oxygen Demand: Case of Bubbly Creek in Chicago

2010  Modeling Techniques of Best Management Practices: Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens Using EPA SWMM-5

2010  Moving Green Stormwater Infrastructure into Seattle’s CSO Control Program

2010  Multivariate Polynomial Time-Series Models and Importance Ratios to Qualify Fecal Coliform Sources

2010  Optimal Distribution and Control of Storage Tank to Mitigate the Impact of New Developments on Receiving Water Quality

2010  Parsimonious Model for Combined Sewer Overflow Pollution

2010  The Potential for Green Infrastructure Practices to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows as Examined in Nashville, Tennessee

2010  Preventing Sewer Blowouts during High-Velocity Jet Cleaning Operations

2010  Ultra Urban Green Street Design Criteria

2010  An Urban Approach to LID

2009  10,000 Rain Gardens, One Green Region

2009  CFD Modeling of Solid Separation in Three Combined Sewer Overflow Chambers

2009  Developing Green Streets Prototypes to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows for Cincinnati, Ohio

2009  Evaluation of the Duration of Storm Effects on In-Stream Water Quality

2009  Evolutionary Optimization of Combined Sewer Overflow Control

2009  From Grey to Green: Strategies and Concepts for Implementing Green CSO and Wet Weather Solutions

2009  General Hydraulic Characteristics of an Open Channel with Narrow Path

2009  Hypothesis-Based Flow Monitoring for Green Solutions

2009  Kansas City — Balancing Green Infrastructure with Traditional Approaches for CSO Control

2009  Kansas City, Missouri Overflow Control Plan Summary

2009  Kansas City, MO Overflow Control Program: Line Creek/Rock Creek Sanitary Sewer Study

2009  Peracetic Acid as an Alternative Disinfection Technology for Wet Weather Sewer Overflows

2009  Planning— Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program

2009  Predicting CSOs for Real Time Decision Support

2009  Selection of Overflow Control Strategies for the Austin Clean Water Program

2009  A Simplified Model of Combined Sewer Overflows to Estimate Event Driven Enteric Pathogen Concentrations in Drinking Water Sources

2009  Upstream Intrusion Effect of CSO Event in Bubbly Creek, IL

2008  Advanced Drainage Concepts Using Green Solutions for CSO Control — The KC Approach

2008  Assessing Sanitary Sewer Systems through Basin Characterization

2008  Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide as an Alternative Disinfection Technology for Wet a Weather Sewer Overflows

2008  Emerging Implications of Systematic Balancing of Disinfection and Primary Treatment as an Element of US Practice and Policy in CSO Control: 1. Model Requirements

2008  Experimental Study on a Plane Free Overfall

2008  Green Infrastructure Approaches to Control of Combined Sewer Overflows

2008  Hydraulic Characteristics of Gabion-Stepped Weirs

2008  Keeping Sewage off the Streets — Insuring Lift Station Capacity for Now and the Future

2008  Lateral Depth-Averaged Velocity Distributions and Bed Shear in Rectangular Compound Channels

2007  Case Study: Numerical Evaluation of Hydraulic Transients in a Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel System

2007  CSO Aesthetics and Static Screening Technologies

2007  A Filter Approach to Turning a City Greener One BMP at a Time

2007  Modeling a Retention Treatment Basin for CSO

2007  Pipe Jacking in Difficult Urban Waterfront Conditions

2007  Purging of a Neutrally Buoyant or a Dense Miscible Contaminant from a Rectangular Cavity. II: Case of an Incoming Fully Turbulent Overflow

2007  Purging of a Neutraly Buoyant or a Dense Miscible Contaminant from a Rectangular Cavity. I: Case of an Incoming Laminar Boundary Layer

2007  Real-Time Detection of Sanitary Sewer Overflows Using Neural Networks and Time Series Analysis

2007  Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Characterization of Sanitary Sewer and Combined Sewer Overflows

2007  Sludge Blanket Formation and Its Effects on Secondary Clarifier Performance

2007  The Use of a Decentralized Wireless Sensor Network for CSO Abatement and Control

2007  Wet Weather Testing and Verification - The Challenges Ahead

2006  Bridge Blockage and Overbank Flow Simulations using HEC-RAS in the Keelung River during the 2001 Nari Typhoon

2006  Case Study: Refinement of Hydraulic Operation of a Complex CSO Storage/Treatment Facility by Numerical and Physical Modeling

2006  Experimental Study and 3D Numerical Simulations for a Free-Overflow Spillway

2006  Initiating Sewer System Real Time Controls in Cincinnati

2006  Mechanisms for Air Pocket Entrapment in Stormwater Storage Tunnels