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2014  Anisotropy of Undrained Shear Strength Induced by K0 Consolidation and Swelling in Cohesive Soils

2014  Deformation and Shear Strength Behaviors of Overconsolidated Clay from Stress-Path Testing for a Deep Open Cut Excavation

2014  Roscoe and Hvorslev Surfaces for Unsaturated Silty Soil

2014  Strength and Dilatancy of Overconsolidated Clays in Drained True Triaxial Tests

2013  Folding, Destructuring, and Strength Changes in Overconsolidated Varved Clay under Embankment Loading

2012  Modified UH Model: Constitutive Modeling of Overconsolidated Clays Based on a Parabolic Hvorslev Envelope

2010  Monitoring and Modeling Grout Efficiency of Lifting Structure in Soft Clay

2010  Shear Strength in Preexisting Landslides

2008  Analysis of Factors Influencing Soil Classification Using Normalized Piezocone Tip Resistance and Pore Pressure Parameters

2008  At-Rest Earth Pressure of Overconsolidated Cohesionless Soil

2008  Compressibility and Collapsibility Characteristics of Sedimented Fly Ash Beds

2008  Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Slickensided Shear Surfaces

2008  Recompression Index (Cr) for Overconsolidated Soft Clay Soils

2007  Effect on Microfabric on Shear Behavior of Kaolin Clay

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2007  Possible Evaluation of Overconsolidation Ratio of Clayey Soils from Piezocone Penetration Tests

2007  Spatial Distribution of Excess Pore-Water Pressure due to Piezocone Penetration in Overconsolidated Clay

2006  Application of a Relationship between Ca and OCR* in 1-D Compression Analysis for Clays

2006  Pore Pressure Response Following Undrained uCPT Sounding in a Dilating Soil

2005  A Description of Mechanical Behavior of Clay and Sand Based on Evolutions of Soil-Structure and Overconsolidation

2005  Drained Shear Strength Parameters for Analysis of Landslides

2005  An Elastoplastic Model for Normally and Over Consolidated Soils in General Stress Systems and Its Application to Some Geotechnical Problems

2005  Evaluation of Long-Term Settlement of the Quasi-Overconsolidated Pleistocene Clay Deposits in Osaka Port

2005  Modeling Laterally Loaded ACIP Piles in Overconsolidated Clay

2005  Passive Earth Pressure of Overconsolidated Cohesionless Backfill

2005  Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls with Constrained Reinforced Fill Zones

2004  Effect of Intermediate Principal Stress on Overconsolidated Kaolin Clay

2004  Performance of a Three-Dimensional Hvorslev–Modified Cam Clay Model for Overconsolidated Clay

2003  Undrained Response of Clays to Varying Strain Rate

2002  Neural Networks for Profiling Stress History of Clays from PCPT Data

2002  Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel in Residual Soils

2001  Bridge Foundations for Hightstown Bypass

2001  Settlement Magnitude Sensitivity to OCR Profile in Medium Plasticity Silts

2001  Stress-Temperature Effects on Peat Compression

2001  Vertical Yield Stress of Pisa Clay from Piezocone Tests

2000  Geophysical Survey Techniques to Determine Lengths of Piles and Drilled Shafts

2000  Miniature Piezocone for Use in Centrifuge Testing

2000  Modeling of Laterally Loaded ACIP Piles in Overconsolidated Clay

2000  Vertically Loaded Single Piles in Gibson Soil

1999  Influence of In Situ Factors on Dynamic Response of Piedmont Residual Soils

1998  Observed Performance of Multipropped Excavation in Stiff Clay

1998  Slope Stability Strength Values for Potomac Group Clays

1997  Influence of Pile Plugging on Skin Friction in Overconsolidated Clay

1997  Reduction of Shear Modulus at Small Strains in Simple Shear

1997  Slope Failures in Tertiary Expansive OC Clays

1997  Slope Stability Analyses in Stiff Fissured Clays

1996  Estimation of Driven Pile Resistance at an Overconsolidated Clay Site Using Geostatistical Methods

1995  Generalized Cyclic-Degradation – Pore-Pressure Generation Model for Clays

1995  Laboratory Modeling of Laterally-Loaded Drilled Shafts in Clay

1994  Formulation of MIT-E3 Constitutive Model for Overconsolidated Clays

1994  Influence of Horizontal Stresses on Gilgai Landforms

1993  Preconsolidation versus Aging Behavior of Kaolinite Clay

1993  Undrained Strength Interrelationships Among CIUC, UU, and UC Tests

1992  Effects of K0 and Overconsolidation on Uplift Capacity

1992  Strength Parameters for Cut Slope Stability in “Marine” Sediments

1991  Effect of Soil Plasticity on Cyclic Response

1991  The Mechanical Aging of Soils

1991  Modeling One-Dimensional Compression Characteristics of Soils

1990  Correlation Between OCR and Depth for Deep-Sea Sediments

1990  Prediction of Progressive Failure in Heavily Overconsolidated Slope

1990  Shaft Resistance of Piles in Clay

1989  Cyclic Behavior of Clays in Undrained Simple Shear

1989  Cyclic Behavior of Natural Overconsolidated Clay in Two Loading Modes

1989  Long Term Performance of High Rise Mat Foundation

1989  Pile Foundation Construction Practice in Stiff Clays with Dense Granular Layers

1989  Site Characterization of Yorktown Formation for New Accelerator

1989  Some Dilatometer Test Results in Pennsylvania and New York

1988  Degradation of Marine Clays Under Cyclic Loading

1988  Determining OCR in Clays from Laboratory Strength

1988  Overconsolidation Ratio of Clays from Penetration Pore Pressures

1987  Dilatometer Testing in Highly Overconsolidated Soils

1987  Uplift of Shallow Underreams in Jointed Clay

1986  Cone Penetrometer Use on Uranium Mill Tailings

1986  CPT Indexing of In Situ OCR in Clays

1986  Excavation in Hard Clays of the Keuper Formation

1986  Geotechnical Aspects of Stiff and Hard Clays

1986  A Laboratory Investigation of the Undrained Small Strain Behavior of London Clay

1986  Lateral Pressure in a Stiff Clay

1986  Piston Core Properties and Disturbance Effects

1986  Prediction of Compressibility of Overconsolidated Uncemented Soils

1986  Reliability of Pile Capacity Assessment by CPT in Overconsolidated Clay

1986  A Transitional Yielding Model for Clay

1985  Geotechnical Behavior of Underreams in Pleistocene Clay

1985  Unique Considerations in the Detroit DPM Foundation Design

1984  Ko - Cu/\Gs’vo Trends for Overconsolidated Clays

1984  Ko Coefficient of Sand in Triaxial Apparatus

1984  Past Consolidation Stress Estimates in Cretaceous Clay

1983  Correlation Between Go and τmax for Kaolinite Clay

1983  Effect of Geologic History on the Design Parameters of Heavily Overconsolidated Till

1983  Side Load Transfer in Driven and Drilled Piles

1982  Constitutive Models for Clays and Sands

1982  Installation of Pile Group in Overconsolidated Clay

1982  Ko - OCR Relationships in Soil

1982  Load Transfer Mechanisms in Piles and Pile Groups

1982  Prediction of Response of the Natural Clays X and Y Using the Bounding Surface Model

1982  Static Plate Loading Tests on Overconsolidated Clay

1982  Stress-Deformation Predictions Using A General Phenomenological Model

1981  Drum Centrifuge Studies of Over Consolidated Slopes

1980  Cam-Clay Predications of Undrained Strength

1980  Dynamic Properties of Two Marine Clays