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2014  Genetic Programming Simulation of Dam Breach Hydrograph and Peak Outflow Discharge

2012  How Buoyant Flow Control Devices Can Reduce Pond Size Requirements

2012  New Method for Modeling Thin-Walled Orifice Flow under Partially Submerged Conditions

2012  Numerical Modeling to Predict Canal Breach Outflow Hydrographs

2012  Subcritical Side-Weir Flow at High Lateral Discharge

2011  Calibration Method of Current Meters

2011  Enhanced Predictions for Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2011  Experimental Study of Subcritical Dividing Flow in an Equal-Width, Four-Branch Junction

2011  A Framework for Estimating Downstream Environmental Impacts of Reservoir Extreme Outflows

2011  Modified G and G AVG Correction Factors for Laterals with Multiple Outlets and Outflow

2011  Using Coping Zones in the Development of Lake Superior Outflow Regulation Alternatives

2010  Bioretention Outflow: Does It Mimic Non-Urban Watershed Shallow Interflow?

2010  Bioretention Outflow: Does it Mimic Non-Urban Watershed Shallow Interflow?

2010  Collaborative Approaches Leading to Improved Outflow Management of the Great Lakes

2010  Modeling Stormwater Basins for Potential Retrofit Designs: An Update

2010  Modification of the Lake Flow Algorithm of the Distributed Hydrological Model HYDROTEL When Modeling Lakes with Multiple Outlets

2010  Simplified Method for the Characterization of the Hydrograph following a Sudden Partial Dam Break

2009  Augmented Gradient Method for Head Dependent Modelling of Water Distribution Networks

2008  Outflow Uniformity along a Continuous Manifold

2008  Simulation of Rainfall-Underground Outflow Responses of a Karstic Watershed in Southwest China with an Artificial Neural Network

2006  Total Friction Loss along Multiple Outlets Pipes with Open End

2005  Application of Neural Networks for Estimating Nodal Outflows as a Function of Pressures in Water Distribution Systems

2005  Discharge Ratio of Side Outflow to Supercritical Channel Flow

2005  Earth Dam Overtopping and Breach Outflow

2005  Prediction of Extreme Events in Hydrologic Processes that Exhibit Abrupt Shifting Patterns

2005  Study on Turbidity Outflow Problems at the Shimokodori Dam

2002  Continuous Outflow Variation along Irrigation Laterals: Effect of the Number of Outlets

2002  Hydraulic Analysis and Optimum Design of Multidiameter Irrigation Laterals

2002  Tunnels: Lake Matthews Gains New Outlet Tunnel

2001  Calculation of Inflow and Outflow in Phreatic Aquifers

2000  Adjusted Average Correction Factors for Sprinkler Laterals

2000  Assessing the Performance of a Routing Procedure Based on the Genetic Algorithm

2000  Non-dimensional Peak Breach Outflow Analysis with Dam Breach Parameters

2000  An Ocean Model Applied to the Chesapeake Bay Plume

2000  Power Series Approach to Holistic Sewer System Modeling

2000  Prediction of Downstream Water Quality Impacts of Devils Lake Pumped Outflows Using HEC-5Q

2000  Topographic and Wind Influences on the Chesapeake Bay Outflow Plume and the Associated Fronts

1999  Active Flood Hazard Mitigation. I: Bidirectional Wave Control

1999  Active Flood Hazard Mitigation. II: Omnidirectional Wave Control

1999  Adjusted Factor Ga for Pipelines with Multiple Outlets and Outflow

1999  Detention Storage Volume for Small Urban Catchments

1999  Factor G for Pipelines with Equally Spaced Multiple Outlets and Outflow

1999  Steady Seepage in Trenches and Dams: Effect of Capillary Flow

1999  Street Surface Storage for CSO Control

1999  Volume Conservation in Variable Parameter Muskingum-Cunge Method

1998  Analytical Approach for Direct Drip Lateral Hydraulic Calculation

1998  Evaluation of Methods Used in Estimating Outflow Rates in Coastal Watersheds

1998  Storage-Outflow Modeling of a Headwater Wetland

1998  Using an Exact Solution to Improve the Peak Outflow of NWS Simplified Dam Break Model

1997  Artificial Neural Network Model for Subsurface-Drained Farmlands

1997  Comparative Field Performance of Subdrainage Systems

1997  Comparison of Hydraulic and Hydrologic Routing on Three Long Reservoirs

1997  The Effect of Negative Wave on Dam Breach Outflow

1997  Incorporating a New Salinity-Outflow Algorithm into an Operations Model for the Central Valley, California

1997  Mechanisms of Beach Ground Water and Swash Interaction

1997  Optimal Control of Sudden Water Release from a Reservoir

1997  Outflow Characteristics from Circular Pipe

1997  Reducing Glacial-Lake Outburst Hazards in the Khumbu Himal

1995  Determination of Acute Dilution Factors Based on a 1-Hour Exposure of a Drifting Aquatic Organism

1995  Dimensionless Expression of Peak Flows from an Institutionalized Rainfall-Runoff Model

1995  Discussion on Inflow and Outflow Conditions of a Hydro Turbine

1995  Jacksonville Wastewater Land Treatment Application Selection and Irrigation System Design

1995  Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dam

1995  Rectangular Lateral Weirs in Circular Open Channels

1995  Two Dimensional Detention Pond Routing Model

1995  Urban Stormwater Treatment Pond Volume Optimization for a Horizontal Orifice Outflow Device

1995  A Watershed Scale Hydrologic Model for Drained Forested Land

1994  Climate Warming and Great Lakes Management

1994  Interactive Models for the Regulation of Lake Ontario

1994  A Nearshore Model for Cleveland CSO Remediation Design Selection

1994  Observations of Water Movement in a Block of Fractured Welded Tuff

1994  Verification of Lake Superior Outflow Equations

1993  Estimating Detention Pond Efficiency by a Derived Distribution Approach

1993  Hydraulic Performance of a Flexible Curtain Used for Selective Withdrawal — A Physical Model and Prototype Comparison

1993  Step-Function Response of Muskingum Reach

1992  Numerical Solution of Muskingum Equation

1991  Real Time Forecasting at a Major Flood Control Project

1991  Simulation of Flood Waves from Outburst of Glacier-Dammed Lake

1990  Boundary Fitted Estuarine Water Quality Model

1990  Contaminant Loading from Fox River to Lower Green Bay

1990  Equipment and Instrumentation for CSO Control

1990  Observations of Outflowing Jets

1990  Site Specific Hydrological Model for Permaculture Application

1989  A Generalization of Steady-State Flow Calculation for Design and Control of Water Distribution Networks

1989  The Influence of Water Tables on Herbicide Losses

1989  Jenpeg Operations Expert System (JOE)

1989  Response of Muskingum Equation to Step Input

1988  Effects of Selective Withdrawal and Hypolimnetic Releases on Downstream Fish Resources

1988  Load-Detention Efficiencies in a Dry-Pond Basin

1988  Shear Waves and Unsteady Selective Withdrawal

1987  Coastal Groundwater Outflow: Solution to a Dynamic Problem

1987  Effects of Reservoir Regulation on Channel Morphology

1987  Embankment-Dam Breach Parameters

1987  A Hybrid Model for Storage Routing Through Rock Dumps

1987  Lateral Outflow Over Side Weirs

1986  Distribution Channels

1985  Negative Outflows from Muskingum Flood Routing

1984  Applications of Point-Slope Reservoir Routing

1984  Long-Range Reservoir Outflow Temperature Planning

1984  Upper Hudson River Valley Dam Break Model