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2014  Analytic Solution for Oscillatory Flow in a Channel for Jeffrey Fluid

2014  Numerical Investigation of Turbulence Modulation by Sediment-Induced Stratification and Enhanced Viscosity in Oscillatory Flows

2014  Unsteady Oscillatory Stagnation Point Flow of a Jeffrey Fluid

2013  Experimental Study of Local Scour around Twin Piles in Oscillatory Flows

2013  Near-Bed Sediment Condition in Oscillatory Sheet Flows

2012  Two-Phase Simulation of Wave-Induced Tunnel Scour beneath Marine Pipelines

2011  Steady Streaming around a Circular Cylinder near a Plane Boundary due to Oscillatory Flow

2011  Wave-Induced Eddies and "Lift" Forces on Circular Cylinders

2010  Flow Velocities and Bed Shear Stresses in a Stone Cover under an Oscillatory Flow

2009  Modeling of a Rough-Wall Oscillatory Boundary Layer Using Two-Equation Turbulence Models

2008  Implementation of the Hydraulic Transient and Steady Oscillatory Flow with Genetic Algorithms for Leakage Detection in Real Water Distribution Networks

2008  Mathematical Prediction of Cylinder Wake during Synchronization

2008  Partial Blockage Detection in Pipelines by Frequency Response Method

2008  Periodic Oscillation Caused by a Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool

2007  Experimental Studies on Burial of Finite-Length Cylinders under Oscillatory Flow

2006  Bed-Load Transport under Steady and Oscillatory Flow

2006  Coupling of U-Tube and Shear Layer Oscillations in an Interconnected Flow Compartment

2006  Detection of Partial Blockage in Single Pipelines

2006  Hydrodynamic Behavior of Asymmetric Oscillatory Boundary Layers at Low Reynolds Numbers

2006  Modelling of Sand Transport with Graded Sands under Oscillatory Sheet-Flows

2006  PIV Measurements of Velocities over Full-Scale Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2006  Sediment Transport over Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2006  Suspended Sediment Dynamics Over Full-Scale Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2006  A Transport Model of Graded Sands in the Oscillatory Sheet-Flow Regime

2005  Recirculating Flow in Oscillatory U-Tubes

2004  Future Trends Towards an Integrated Algorithm for Hydraulic Network Simulation in Steady, Transient, and Oscillatory Flow

2004  Numerical Study of Three-dimensional Flow Fields around the Base of A Vertical Cylinder in Oscillatory plus Mean Flow

2002  Exploratory Study of Oscillatory Flow over a Movable Sediment Bed with Particle-Image-Velocimetry (PIV)

2002  Pickup from Rippled Beds in Oscillatory Flow

2001  Experimental Simulation of a Vertical Round Jet Issuing into an Unsteady Cross-Flow

2001  Experimental Study of Graded Sediments in Sinusoidal Oscillatory Flow

2001  Leak Detection in Pipes by Frequency Response Method

2001  Ripple Geometry under Severe Wave Conditions

2001  Sand Transport in Oscillatory Sheet Flow with Mean Current

2001  Sediment Transport and Backfilling of Trenches in Oscillatory Flow

2001  Size-Gradation Effect on Sand Transport Rates under Oscillatory Sheet-Flows

2001  Suspended Sediment Concentration over Ripples

2001  Vertical Grading of Mixed-Size Grains in Sheetflow Regime under Oscillatory Flow

2001  Water Wave Interaction with Coarse Sediment

2000  Analysis of Scour around a Group of Vertical Piles in the Field

2000  LES and RANS Studies of Oscillating Flows over Flat Plate

2000  Review of k—\gj Model to Analyze Oscillatory Boundary Layers

2000  Scaling and Inhomogeneities in Oscillating-Grid Flows

1999  Analytical Model for Wave-Related Transport

1999  Comparison of Concentration Measurements with Well-Sorted and Bimodal Sand

1999  Depth of Erosion under Storm Conditions

1999  Effect of Oscillatory Flow on Settling Rate of Fine Sediment

1999  Experimental Study on Non-Linear Wave Boundary Layers

1999  Laboratory Experiments and LES Computation of Sheet-Flow Turbulence under Oscillatory Flows

1999  Measurement of Shear Stress on a Moveable Bed

1999  Modelling of a Three-Layer Sediment Transport System in Oscillatory Flow

1999  Phase-Lag Effects in Oscillatory Sheet Flow

1999  Sediment Fluxes in a Tideless Fetch-Limited Inner Shelf: The Ebro Delta

1999  Vertical Sediment Entrainment Characteristics in Oscillatory Sheet Flow Conditions

1998  Effect of Grain Size Gradation and Reference Concentration on Sediment Transport Beneath Large Waves

1998  Effects of Sediment Transport on Bed Friction and Turbulence

1998  Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport Mechanisms

1998  Initial Motion of Sediment in Oscillatory Flow

1998  Performance Prediction of Contrarotating Wells Turbine for Wave Energy Converter Design

1997  Asymmetric Boundary Layer Flow Above Sand Ripples Under Progressive Waves

1997  A Closed-Form Solution for Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers

1997  Dynamic Response of Poroelastic Bed to Nonlinear Water Waves

1997  Experimental Study on the Behavior of Bivalves by Oscillatory Flow

1997  Grain-Size Influence on Sand Transport in Oscillatory Sheet Flow

1997  Granular Temperature - Internal Wave Interaction

1997  Movable Bed Roughness in the Flow of Irregular Waves and Currents over Movable Beds

1997  Oscillatory Shallow-Water Flow Around a Conical Headland

1996  Acoustic Sediment Flux Measurements from DUCK ’94

1996  Modeling of the Oscillatory Response of Electrorheological Fluids

1995  Behaviors of Fluid Mud Under Oscillatory Flow

1995  Block Subsidence Under Pressure and Flow

1995  Effects of Pulsating Flow on Current Meter Performance

1995  PIV Measurements of Oscillatory Flow Over a Rippled Bed

1995  Sediment Transport Under Sheet-Flow Conditions

1995  Shear Instability of Longshore Currents: Effects of Dissipation and Non-Linearity

1995  Stability of Rock on Beaches

1994  Combined Oscillatory and Steady Flow Over Ripples

1994  Cross-Flow Vibrations of Cylinder in Irregular Oscillatory Flow

1994  Distribution of Suspended Sediment over Wave-Generated Ripples

1994  Hydrodynamic Processes on the Lower Shoreface of the Dutch Coast

1993  Bottom Shear Stresses in the Boundary Layers Under Waves and Currents Crossing at Right Angles

1993  Observations of Granular-Fluid Mixture Under an Oscillatory Sheet Flow

1993  Oscillatory Flow Behavior in the Vicinity of Ripple Models

1993  Quasi-Turbulent Boundary Layer of Oscillating Flow Over Ripples

1992  Behavior of Thermal Wedges in Oscillating Reservoir Flow: A Case Investigation

1992  Flow Field Induced by Sea Waves Over Brick-Pattern Ripples

1991  Bedload Transport Measurement by Imaging of Tracers

1991  Bedload Transport Under Low Frequency Waves

1991  Characteristics of Oscillatory Flow Over Ripple Models

1991  A Computer Simulation of the Blood Flow at the Aortic Bifurcation with Flexible Walls

1991  The Effect of Beach Slope on Oscillatory Flow Bedload Transport

1991  Lagrangian Motions in Simple Kinematic Oscillatory Flow Field

1991  Oscillatory Flow and Sediment Motion Over a Rippled Bed

1991  Oscillatory Flow Investigations in Porous Media

1991  Parametric Excitation of Collapsible Latex Tubes

1991  Sand Transport Rate Under Wave-Current Action

1991  Single-phase fluid modelling of sheet-flow toward the development of “numerical mobile bed”

1991  Three-Dimensional Blood Flows Associated with Intra-Aortic Balloon Counterpulsation

1991  Two-Phase Flow Model on Oscillatory Sheet-Flow

1990  Double-OWC Wave Power Extractor of a Taut Moored Floating Structure