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2014  2010 Chile and 2011 Tohoku Tsunami Profiles Measured by GPS Buoys and Coastal Wave and Tide Gauges in a Nationwide Ocean Wave Information Network for Ports and Harbors

2014  Molecular Oscillation Technology: New Phenomenon to Reduce Emitter Clogging in Trickle Irrigation

2014  Seabed Effects on the Hydrodynamics of a Circular Cylinder Undergoing Vortex-Induced Vibration at High Reynolds Number

2014  Static Stall Model in Aeroelastic Analysis of a Flexible Wing with Geometrical Nonlinearity

2013  Analytic Solution to the Modified Mild-Slope Equation for Reflection by a Rectangular Breakwater with Scour Trenches

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  Dimensionless Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Oscillators: Design Aspects

2013  Improving Streamflow Forecast Lead Time Using Oceanic-Atmospheric Oscillations for Kaidu River Basin, Xinjiang, China

2013  The Mystery of 2010 Chilean Earthquake Generated Tsunami Waves at Crescent City Harbor

2013  Radial Basis Collocation Method for Nearly Incompressible Elasticity

2013  Separation-Induced Water Level Oscillations in Cooling Tower Pump Intake Structures

2013  Simulation of Oscillations in Lake Pontchartrain Induced By Hurricane Katrina

2012  Application of the Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolski Technique for a Rotating Heavy Solid under the Influence of a Gyrostatic Moment

2012  Effect of Friction on Spurious Oscillations in Open Channel Modeling with Variable Bathymetry or Roughness

2012  The Effects of Warm Atlantic Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures on the ASCE 7-10 Design Wind Speeds

2012  Plastic Input Motion: Transformation for the Response of Yielding Oscillators

2012  Shear Stress Measurements and Erosion Implications for Wave and Combined Wave-Current Generated Flows

2012  Use of a Single L1 GPS Receiver for Monitoring Structures: First Results of the Detection of Millimetric Dynamic Oscillations

2012  Vortex-Excited Transverse Surface Waves in an Array of Randomly Placed Circular Cylinders

2011  Influence of Entrapped Air Pockets on Hydraulic Transients in Water Pipelines

2011  New Elastic Model of Pipe Flow for Stability Analysis of the Governor-Turbine-Hydraulic System

2011  A Novel Oscillating Orientation Device of DTH Hammer for Hard Rock Stratum Non-Dig Drilling

2011  Oscillation Amplitude of Headway in Steady-State Car-Following

2010  Dimensional Analysis of the Earthquake Response of a Pounding Oscillator

2010  Hydrodynamic Performance of Single- and Double-Wave Screens

2009  Measuring Dynamic Oscillations of a Small Span Cable-Stayed Footbridge: Case Study Using L1 GPS Receivers

2009  Numerical Oscillations in Pipe-Filling Bore Predictions by Shock-Capturing Models

2009  Oscillation Susceptibility Analysis along the Path of the Longitudinal Flight Equilibriums in ADMIRE Model

2009  Study on Hydraulic Oscillation in Stepped Low Pressurized Piping Systems

2009  Study on the Hydraulic Calculation Model for the Heating Piping Network

2008  Forced Resonant Oscillations as a Response to Periodic Winds in a Stratified Reservoir

2008  The Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver, BC

2008  Laboratory Studies on the Coupled Oscillations between an Internal Density Interface and a Shear Layer

2008  NewsBriefs: Rocket-Destroying Oscillations Replicated in Laboratory

2008  On the Dynamics of Non-linear, Coupled Structures with Primary - and Moving Secondary-Oscillating Systems

2008  The Slow Drift Oscillations of a Moored Object in Random Seas

2008  Spline-Discretization-Based Free Vibration Analysis for Orthotropic Plates

2007  Autoparametric Resonance in a Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge: Solferino Bridge, Paris

2007  Effect of Temperature on Oscillatory Shear Behavior of Portland Cement Paste Incorporating Chemical Admixtures

2007  Global and Local Nonlinear System Responses under Narrowband Random Excitations. I: Semianalytical Method

2007  Nonlinear Oscillations of Vehicle Tires with Hertzian Contact

2007  Nonlinear Signal Analysis: Time-Frequency Perspectives

2007  Response Spectral Density for Oscillators with Nonlinear Damping

2007  Simplified Analytical Approximation for Pore-Water Pressure Buildup in Marine Sediments

2006  Impact of Limiters on Accuracy of High-Resolution Flow and Transport Models

2006  Recent Developments Concerning Vortex-Induced Oscillations of Edge Girder Bridges

2006  Steady-State Diffusion — Advection by Exponential Finite Elements

2005  Delineating Long-Term Trends in Beach Change, Central California

2005  Influence of the Second Bending Mode on the Response of High-Speed Bridges at Resonance

2005  Nonbreaking Wave Forces on Multiresonant Oscillating Water Column Wave Power Caisson Breakwater

2005  Nonlinear Modeling of El Nino/Southern Oscillation Index

2005  Performance of Multiple Pontoons Floating Breakwater – A Numerical Approach

2005  Pressure Waves in Porous Medium Saturated with Liquid Containing Gas Bubbles

2005  The Relationship Between the Buckling Load Factor and the Fundamental Frequency of a Structure

2005  Structural Response and Reliability Estimates: Slepian Model Approach

2005  Swaying of Pedestrian Bridges

2005  Ultrasonic Lift Measurement Technique for Flow-Induced Structural Vibrations

2004  Dimensional Analysis of Bilinear Oscillators under Pulse-Type Excitations

2004  East African Rainfall Anomaly Patterns in Association with El Niño/Southern Oscillation

2004  Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation and Pacific Interdecadal Oscillation on Water Supply in the Columbia River Basin

2004  Experimental Study on Vortex Induced Vibrations of Highly Flexible Immersed Pipe Subjected to Top End Oscillations

2004  High-Frequency Water Level Fluctuations in Lake Michigan

2004  Technology: Full-Scale Model Bridge Will Test Sensors and Monitors

2003  Control of Wind-Induced Self-Excited Oscillations by Transfer of Internal Energy to Higher Modes of Vibration. I: Analysis in Two Degrees of Freedom

2003  Control of Wind-Induced Self-Excited Oscillations by Transfer of Internal Energy to Higher Modes of Vibration. II: Application to Taut Cables

2003  Discretization of Integral Equations Describing Flow in Nonprismatic Channels with Uneven Beds

2003  Experimental Study of a Horizontal Jet in a Wavy Environment

2003  Forensic Engineering: Researchers Offer New Explanation of Tay Bridge Disaster

2003  The Preconditioning Role of the Tropical Atlantic in the El Niño/Southern Oscillation’s Impact on Northeast Brazil Rainfall Variability

2003  Spectral Approach to Equivalent Statistical Quadratization and Cubicization Methods for Nonlinear Oscillators

2003  The Study of the Hydrodynamic Force Acting on an Oscillating Plate in Water

2002  Effects of Water Surface Oscillation on Turbulent Flow in an Open Channel with a Series of Spur Dikes

2002  Fluid Mechanism of Wing Rock for Configurations with Chine-Shaped Forebodies

2002  Hybrid Finite-Difference Scheme for Solving the Dispersion Equation

2002  Modeling Nearshore Bed Topography with Principal Oscillation Patterns

2002  Oscillation-Removal Schemes for Salinity Studies

2002  Quantitative Comparison of Models for Barotropic Response of Homogeneous Basins

2002  Transient Flow in a Rapidly Filling Horizontal Pipe Containing Trapped Air

2002  Two-Equation Turbulence Models for Smooth Oscillatory Boundary Layers

2001  Capacity Spectra Method for Estimating SDOF Oscillator Demands

2001  Combined Numerical and Physical Modelling of Seiching in Exposed New Marina

2001  Harbor Resonance Induced by Pressure-Forced Surface Waves

2001  Interaction of Nonconservative 1D Continuum and Moving MDOF Oscillator

2001  Long Period Water Surface Oscillations and Ship Motions in Hosojima Harbor

2001  Measurements of Turbulence Generated by Oscillating Grid

2001  Time Domain Simulation of Long Period Oscillations in Harbors

2001  Time-Variant Reliability Formulated as First Passage Problem

2000  Direct Numerical Procedure for Solution of Moving Oscillator Problems

2000  Equivalent Viscous Damping for Bilinear Hysteretic Oscillator

2000  Ice-Induced Thalweg Oscillations along the Fort Peck Reach of the Missouri River

2000  Incorporating Long-Term Streamflow Forecasting into the Cascade Regional Yield Simulation Model

2000  Response of Damped Oscillators to Cycloidal Pulses

2000  Torsional Surface Waves in Nonhomogeneous Anisotropic Medium under Initial Stress

2000  Yield Point Spectra: A Simple Alternative to the Capacity Spectrum Method

1999  Consistent Method for Random Oscillators with Parametric Excitations

1999  Effect of Long Waves on Transport Rate Under Irregular Sheet Flow Conditions

1999  Energy Balanced Double Oscillator Model for Vortex-Induced Vibrations

1999  Frequency Analysis of a Linear Elastic Structure Carrying a Chain of Oscillators

1999  Galloping of Ice Covered Wires of a Transmission Line

1999  Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour with Fluid Mud Bottom