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2007  Safety Issues on Global Projects

2007  Water Resources Management: Stewardship and Services

2005  Integrated Framework to Investigate Value Innovations

2000  Building Learning Organizations in Engineering Cultures: Case Study

1999  Assessment of Organizational Change for Public Construction Organizations

1999  Client Loyalty: Winning More Work From Existing Clients

1999  Human and Organizational Factors: Engineering and Reliability of Offshore Structures

1999  Problems of Irrigation in Developing Countries

1999  What Every CEO Should Know About Strategic Planning

1998  Discovering Your Niche

1998  Fluor Regroups

1998  Giving Impetus to Railway Transport Marketing

1998  Interactions Between Construction Planning and Influence Factors

1998  The Need to Learn and Why Engineers May Be Poor Students

1997  ASCE Board Adopts Four New Policies

1997  ASCE President Says Changes Demanded by Members Are Being Met

1997  A Bold New Future

1997  The Development of a Total Quality Management Program for a Homebuilding Firm

1997  Editorial

1997  Editor’s Note

1997  It’s the Heart of a Coordinated Team

1997  Mobilizing the Organization: Bringing Strategy to Life by George Litwin, John Bray, Kathleen Lusk Brooke

1997  A ‘New’ Society Comes Into Focus

1997  Reinventing ASCE to Meet the New Millennium

1997  Reinventing ASCE to Meet the New Millennium—Part 2

1997  Remedial TQM

1997  Restructuring a Korean Construction Company from Learning Organization Perspectives

1997  Six Principles of Reorganization

1997  United States Department of Energy Lessons Learned Program

1997  Women in Engineering: Toward Barrier-Free Work Environment

1996  Approaches to Organization Development

1996  ASCE Leaders Field Questions on “Institutes, Academies” to Emerge in Restructured Society

1996  ASCE Planning Group Recommends Funding Shift in FY 97 Budget

1996  ASCE President Talks about ‘Extraordinary Happenings’ in 1996; Ask Members’ Help in Effecting Major Changes

1996  ASCE’s Board Gives Green Light on Institutes

1996  ASCE’s Strategic Plan: Almost Everything You Need to Know about ASCE’s Proposed ‘Institutes’ and ‘Academies’

1996  ASCE’s Two New Institutes Are Open for Business

1996  Business Plans Live and Grow

1996  I Don’t Believe in Change Just for the Sake of Change

1996  The Influence of Trust on Risk-Based Decision Making

1996  Society’s Board of Direction Approves FY 1997 Budget; ASCE Now Poised to Move Ahead on Strategic Plan

1996  The ‘Structure’ of Restructuring

1995  Computational Organization Analysis for Designing Concurrent Engineering Teams

1995  Empowerment of Structural Engineers Through Local Organizations: Structural Engineers Coalition of Connecticut

1995  Implementing World Class Manufacturing Ideas A Case Study at The Dalles/John Day Dams

1995  The New Strategic Plan ASCE 2000 Working Drawings for the 21st Century

1995  Partnering: More Than a Workshop, A Catalyst for Change

1995  Reengineering Rationale

1995  Strategic Plan and Reorganization Dominate April Board Conclave

1995  Strategic Planning for Higher Education

1995  Uniting Structural Engineers Associations

1994  How do Integration and Data Models Add Value to a Project?

1994  Limits of Reasonable Planning

1994  ‘Rego’ Starts at Burec

1993  Corps Announces Reorganization

1993  Effective Total Quality Management (TQM) Process

1993  IVHS-Organizational Structure and Staffing

1993  Managing Implementation of Change

1993  New Paradigm for Coordination in Water Industry

1993  Promoting Management Systems Within Organizations

1992  Quality Management Organizations and Techniques

1992  A Vision for Planetary Exploration

1991  Planning and Organization to Control Liabilities and Insurance Cost

1991  Temporary Facilities—“Making It Happen,” Organization and Logistics

1990  Competition Leads to Losing

1990  Organizational Roots of System Failure: The Case of Offshore Platforms

1989  Construction at the Crossroads

1989  The Role of the Division of Project Review as Part of the Reorganization of the Office of Hydropower Licensing

1988  The Changing Role of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

1987  Common Critical Success Factors for Integrating Mergers and Acquisitions

1987  Loss Prevention: Safeguards Against Liability

1987  Organizations and Systematic Distortion of Information

1987  Power, Politics, and Process of Decision Making

1987  Structuring Distribution Agencies for Irrigation Water Delivery

1987  Structuring for Innovation

1986  Engineers Are Under Used, Survey Says

1986  Motivation and the Developing Engineering Manager

1986  Operational Planning in a Consulting Firm

1986  Organization Design of a Water Resources Institution

1986  Organizational Factors in Project Management

1985  The Balancing Act of Preparing Coastal Management Plans

1985  Liability: Attitudes and Procedures

1985  Managing a “New Start” Rail Transit Agency

1985  Managing Quality into the Workplace

1985  Managing the Move to Microcomputers

1985  Microcomputer Software Support at the State Level

1985  Organization for Rapid Transit Design and Construction

1985  Rail Transit Construction Readiness: The Evolving MARTA Organization

1984  Organizational Adaptation to Small Computers

1983  Improving Productivity

1983  Liability: Attitudes and Procedures

1982  Being a Consultant: Fun and Frustration

1982  Liability: Attitudes and Procedures

1976  Changes Made in Organization of Society’s Technical Activities