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2014  Activated Carbon Preconditioning to Reduce Contaminant Leaching in Cement-Based Stabilization of Soils

2014  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Diffusion of Organic Pollutants in a Geomembrane-Bentonite Composite Barrier and Parametric Analyses

2014  Characterization of Aqueous Organics by Specific Ultraviolet Absorbance and Octanol Water Partition Coefficient

2014  Collaborative Approach to Calibration of a Riverine Water Quality Model

2014  Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Irradiation on Natural Organic Matter of Different Sources

2014  Direct Biofiltration for Manganese Removal from Surface Water

2014  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Binder Quantity on the Uniaxial Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2014  Factors Affecting Fenton Oxidation of Acetaminophen in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor

2014  Impact of Organic Coatings on Frictional Strength of Organically Modified Clay

2014  Organic Contaminant Sorption and Diffusion in Engineered Clays with Organoclay Additives-Understanding Barrier Performance at the Molecular Level

2014  Synergistic Effects of Organic and Metal Contaminants on Phytoremediation

2014  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Transport through a Composite Liner with Co-Extruded Geomembrane Containing Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol (EVOH)

2014  Volatile Organic Compounds Generated in Asphalt Pavement Construction and Their Health Effects on Workers

2013  Critical Review of Anaerobic Biodegradation of Benzenediols: Catechol, Resorcinol, and Hydroquinone

2013  Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Wet Air Oxidation Using Nonnoble Metal-Based Catalysts

2013  Distribution of Potentially Bioavailable Natural Organic Carbon in Aquifer Sediments at a Chloroethene-Contaminated Site

2013  Effect of Polarity Reversal on Hexachlorobenzene Removal during Electrokinetic Fenton Process

2013  Effects of Physicochemical Properties of Nanofiltration Membranes on the Rejection of Small Organic DBP Precursors

2013  Electrochemical Oxidation of Chlortetracycline Using Ti/IrO2 and Ti/PbO2 Anode Electrodes: Application of Experimental Design Methodology

2013  Evolution of Organic Matter and Organic Nitrogen in Leachates with Landfilling Age: A Size Distribution and Hydrophobicity Study

2013  Feasibility Study Using Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash and Biochar from Binary Mixtures of Organic Waste as Agronomic Materials

2013  First Assessment of Triazoles and Other Organic Contaminants in Snow and Snowmelt in Urban Waters, Anchorage, Alaska

2013  Hybrid Treatment Process of using MIEX and High Performance Composite Coagulant for DOM and Bromide Removal

2013  Laboratory Investigation of the Pre- and Post-Cyclic Volume Change Properties of Sherman Island Peat

2013  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of GAC Adsorption Using Low-Cost, High-Performance Materials for Removal of Pesticides and Organic Matter in Drinking Water Production

2013  Predicting Between-Event Variability of Escherichia coli in Urban Storm Water

2013  Quantification of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Meltwater and Sediment in a City Snow Pile

2013  Radial Oxygen Loss in Wetland Plants: Potential Impacts on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2013  Simulated Storm-Water Runoff Treatment by Duckweed and Algae Ponds

2013  Using UV Spectroscopy and Molecular Weight Determinations to Investigate the Effect of Various Water Treatment Processes on NOM Removal: Australian Case Study

2012  Adsorption of Acid Extractable Oil Sands Tailings Organics onto Raw and Activated Oil Sands Coke

2012  Appraisal of the Irreversible Effect of Organic Compounds on Geotechnical Properties of Clays

2012  Biological Mechanisms of Piping Erosion Reduction of Organic Soils

2012  Character and Treatment of Organic Colloids in Challenging and Impacted Drinking Water Sources

2012  Correlation between the Pollutant Content of Sewer Sediments and the Particle Size in Urban Drainage Pipelines

2012  Determining Minimum Ion Exchange Resin Usage for NOM Removal

2012  Effect of Decomposition on the Compressibility of Fibrous Peat

2012  Effect of Organic Matter Content and Curing Conditions on the Creep Behavior of an Artificially Stabilized Soil

2012  Effects of Ozonation and Catalytic Ozonation on the Removal of Natural Organic Matter from Groundwater

2012  Electronic Nose Combined with Membrane Interface Probe for Detection of VOCs in Water

2012  Evaluation of Organically Modified Clays for Geoenvironmental Applications

2012  In Situ Analysis of Organic Material with a Portable Mass Spectrometer

2012  Influencing Factors on the Dynamic Properties of Organobentonites

2012  Lumping Analysis for Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Simulated Aquifer Sorbents

2012  Lyophilization and Reconstitution of Reverse-Osmosis Concentrated Natural Organic Matter from a Drinking Water Source

2012  Model for Surface Erosion of Cohesive Soils

2012  Performance of Mixed Organic Substrates during Treatment of Acidic and Moderate Mine Drainage in Column Bioreactors

2012  Pilot Plant Used to Evaluate Algae for Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel Production

2012  Role of Soil Organic Matter on the Sorption and Cosorption of Endosulfan and Chlorpyrifos on Agricultural Soils

2012  Strength Characteristics of Soils Mixed with an Organic Acid Material for Improvement

2012  Use of Turbidity Measurements to Estimate Suspended Solids and Nutrient Loads from Peatland Forestry Drainage

2011  Adsorption of Perfluorinated Compounds onto Activated Carbon and Activated Sludge

2011  Aquatic Organism Passage Design Guidelines for Culverts

2011  Bioremediation of Mixed Wastes (BTEX, TPH, TCE, and cis-DCE) Contaminated Water

2011  Diffusion of Volatile Organic Compounds through an HDPE Geomembrane

2011  Early Marine Diagenesis in Calcium Carbonate Rich Sediments: A Review of Implications for Geotechnical Systems

2011  In Situ Characterization of Resuspended-Sediment Oxygen Demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

2011  In Situ Temperature Monitoring in an Organic-Waste Landfill Cell

2011  Modeling the Transformation of Chromophoric Natural Organic Matter during UV/ H2 O2 Advanced Oxidation

2011  Predicting the Onset of Metal Leaching from Land Application of Wastewater Using Soil Sensors and Microbial Community Analyses

2011  Ratios of Total Suspended Solids to Suspended Sediment Concentrations by Particle Size

2011  Stabilization of Organic Soils with Fly Ash

2011  Testing the Efficiency of a Reactive Core Mat to Remediate Subaqueous, Contaminated Sediments

2011  Treatability of Organic Emerging Toxicants in Urban Stormwater Runoff

2011  Zero-Valent Iron: Impact of Anions Present during Synthesis on Subsequent Nanoparticle Reactivity

2010  Calibration of Reactive Transport Models for Remediation of Mine Drainage in Solid-Substrate Biocolumns

2010  Characterization of Organic Surfactant on Montmorillonite Nanoclay to Be Used in Bitumen

2010  Competitive Sorption of Pesticides onto Treated Wood Charcoal and the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Parameters on Adsorption Capacity

2010  Effect of Placement Water Content on Strength of Temperature Cured Lime Treated Expansive Soil

2010  Effect of Various Organomodified Montmorillonites on the Properties of Montmorillonite/Bitumen Nanocomposites

2010  Effects of Organics on Stabilized Expansive Subgrade Soils

2010  Evaluating the Effects of Waterjet Delivered Amendment on Benthic Organism

2010  Evaluation of Ceramic Media Against GAC and Sand/Anthracite Filtration for Organics Removal

2010  Evaluation of UV LEDs Performance in Photochemical Oxidation of Phenol in the Presence of H2O2

2010  Field Evaluation of Bauxite Residue Neutralization by Carbon Dioxide, Vegetation, and Organic Amendments

2010  Forecasting Hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas by Model Fusion

2010  Influence of Shear Rate on Undrained Vane Shear Strength of Organic Harbor Mud

2010  Insight into Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Biological Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Disposal

2010  Modeling Analysis of Physical Transport and Swimming Behaviors Determining Plankton Distributions

2010  Modeling Framework for Organic Sediment Resuspension and Oxygen Demand: Case of Bubbly Creek in Chicago

2010  Modeling TOC Breakthrough in Granular Activated Carbon Adsorbers

2010  Natural Organic Matter Removal by Adsorption onto Carbonaceous Nanoparticles and Coagulation

2010  Physical Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste for Geotechnical Purposes

2010  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Chemical Cleaning Protocols for Organic and Biologically Fouled Microfiltration Membranes

2010  Seasonal Operation of Ponds for Chemical Precipitation of Wastewater

2010  Settlement Behavior of Compacted Soils Containing a Small Amount of Organic Matter

2010  Simultaneous Organic and Nutrient Removal in a Naturally Ventilated Biotower Treating Presettled Municipal Wastewater

2009  Biostorage Polymers Phenomena in Cheese Wastewater Treatment by a Sequencing Batch Reactor

2009  Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Measurements from Southern Appalachian Soils: Assessing Soil Carbon Sequestration under Climate and Land-Use Variation

2009  Characteristics of Nitrogen and Organic Substance Removal by Bioreactor with Novel Carriers

2009  Comparative Study between a Hybrid System and a Biofilm System for the Treatment of Ammonia and Organic Matter in Wastewaters

2009  Dynamic Properties of Highly Organic Soils from Montezuma Slough and Clifton Court

2009  Enhancement of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Biodegradation by Toluene and Naphthalene Degrading Bacteria Obtained from Lake Sediment: The Effects of Cosubstrates and Cocultures

2009  Fall Cone Test to Characterize Shear Strength of Organic Sediments

2009  Laboratory Study of Disaccharide Organic Compound Drilling Fluid for Trenchless Technology

2009  A New Methodology to Evaluate Pollutant Removal of Gross Solids Separation Devices

2009  NewsBriefs: Molecular Structure of Cement Decoded

2009  Regression Models for Dynamic Properties of Highly Organic Soils

2009  Retention of Sediment and Nutrient Loads with Peak Runoff Control