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2014  Laboratory Study of the Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on Airflow during Air Sparging

2012  Influence of Volatile Organic Compounds Emission under Different Conditions on Performances of Asphalt

2012  Lumping Analysis for Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Simulated Aquifer Sorbents

2012  Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Transport in Composite Liners

2011  Analytical Solution for Diffusion of VOCs through Composite Landfill Liners

2011  Capture and Recovery of Methyl Ethyl Ketone with Electrothermal-Swing Adsorption Systems

2011  Improving Performance of Geosynthetics for Containment of Volatile Organic Compounds through the Use of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH)

2011  Microscopic Visualization Technique to Predict the Permeation of Organic Solvents through PVC Pipes in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds Diffusion for Virgin Geosynthetic Clay Liners and for a GCL after Contact with a Synthetic Leachate

2011  Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Mineral Surfaces and Humic Acid-Mineral Complexes

2010  Diffusive Transport of VOCs through LLDPE and Two Coextruded Geomembranes

2010  The Effect of Atmospheric Chemical Release on the Reduction in Groundwater Pollution by CVOCs

2010  Modeling the Temperature Dependence of Adsorption Equilibriums of VOC(s) onto Activated Carbons

2010  Modeling VOC Emissions in the High-Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process

2010  SSPRSD Using a Filamentous Fungal Strain Penicillium expansum BS30 Isolated from Wastewater Sludge

2009  Addressing Contaminated Groundwater and Promoting Environmental Stewardship in Wichita, Kansas — The Gilbert and Mosley Project Story

2009  Ambient Ozone Formation Contribution in Central Taiwan: Case Study

2009  Degradation of Lindane by Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles

2009  Fenton-Like Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soils Using Electrokinetics

2009  Modeling of Adsorption and Regeneration of Volatile Organic Compounds on Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth

2009  Modeling of Chlorinated VOCs Transport under Dual Bioreactions

2009  Numerical Modeling of Ozonation of Organic Chemicals in Surface Water

2009  Permeation of BTEX through Unaged and Aged HDPE Geomembranes

2009  Retrofitting of an Industrial Chemical Scrubber into a Biotrickling Filter: Perfomance at a Gas Contact Time below 1 s

2009  Sorptive and Reactive Scavenger-Containing Sandwich Membranes as Contaminant Barriers

2009  Transport of Colloids and Associated Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals through a Natural Media Filter

2009  Use of In-Planta Solid Phase Sampling Devices to Delineate VOC Plumes

2008  The Atmosphere as a Source of Water-Soluble Volatile Organic Compounds Found in Urban Streams

2008  Degradation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Phase of Saturated Ottawa Sand Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Electroremediation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Solution Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Evaluation of Chemical Treatments for a Mixed Contaminant Soil

2008  Hydrophobicity and Molecular Size Distribution of Unknown TOX in Drinking Water

2008  Low-Level Detections of Halogenated Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater: Use in Vulnerability Assessments

2008  Ozone Degradation of Iodinated Pharmaceutical Compounds

2007  Evidence for Phytodegradation of MTBE from Coupled Bench-Scale and Intermediate-Scale Tests

2007  Liquid Sodium Ferrate and Fenton’s Reagent for Treatment of Mature Landfill Leachate

2007  Retarded Transport and Accumulation of Soluble Microbial Products in a Membrane Bioreactor

2007  Temporal Moment Analysis for Volatile Organic Compounds in Dual-Porosity Porous Media: Loss Fractions and Effective Parameters

2006  Adsorption and Desorption of Volatile Organic Compounds in Fluidized Bed

2006  Bioremediation of Hazardous Wastes — A Review

2006  Catalytic Incineration of Acrylonitrile with Platinum Supported on Al2O3

2006  Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Behavior of Bentonite Engineered with a Controlled Organic Phase

2006  Determination and Correlation of Binary Gas Adsorption Equilibria of VOCs

2006  Electronic Nose — Membrane Interface Probe for Geoenvironmental Site Characterization

2006  Gasification of Aromatic Volatile Organic Compounds Generated from Petroleum and Refinery Industries with Syngas Recycling

2006  High-Density Polyethylene Membrane Containing Fe0 as a Contaminant Barrier

2006  An In-Situ Ion Mobility Spectrometer Sensor System for Detecting Gaseous VOCs in Unsaturated Soils

2006  Iron Oxide Enhanced Chlorine Decay and Disinfection By-Product Formation

2006  Microcosm Approach to Study Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sediment

2006  Modeling the Sediment-Water Flux of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals Due to Bioturbation

2006  MS2 Inactivation by Chloride-Assisted Electrochemical Disinfection

2006  Optimal Design of a Compacted Soil Liner Containing SOrptive Amendments

2006  Organic Hazardous Substances in Graywater from Swedish Households

2006  Oxidative and Reductive Degradation of Mixed Contaminants by Bifunctional Aluminum

2006  Removal of Toluene Vapor with Dispersed Activated Carbon

2006  Sediment-Water Fluxes of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals Due to Molecular Diffusion

2006  Using Fluorescence Spectrum to Differentiate Natural and Man-Made Organic Compounds in Water Environment

2005  BTEX Removal from Produced Water Using Surfactant-Modified Zeolite

2005  Combined Effects of Aging and Cosolvents on Sequestration of Phenanthrene in Soils

2005  Destruction of a Carbon Tetrachloride Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid by Modified Fenton’s Reagent

2005  Drinking Water: Research Tests How Well Treatment Methods Remove Endocrine Disruptors

2005  Effect of Surface Fluorination on Diffusion through a High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

2005  Estimating the Removal of Anthropogenic Organic Chemicals from Raw Drinking Water by Coagulation Flocculation

2005  Estimation of Mass Transport Parameters of Organic Compounds through High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes Using a Modified Double-Compartment Apparatus

2005  Fungal Biofiltration of Toluene on Ceramic Rings

2005  Integrated Chemiresistor Sensors with Preconcentrators for Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds in Water

2005  Rapid Small-Scale Column Tests for Arsenate Removal in Iron Oxide Packed Bed Columns

2005  Removal of Nonbiodegradable Chemicals from Mixtures during Granular Activated Carbon Bioregeneration

2005  Removal of Refractory Organic Compounds in Liquid Swine Manure Obtained from a Biofiltration Process using an Electrochemical Treatment

2005  Repeated Reductive and Oxidative Treatments of Granular Activated Carbon

2005  Sorbent Wicking Device for Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Unsaturated Soil Pore Water. I: Design and Hydraulic Characteristics

2005  Sorbent Wicking Device for Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Unsaturated Soil Pore Water. II: Chemical Capture, Recovery, and Analysis

2005  Treatment of Paint Spray Booth Off-Gases in a Fungal Biofilter

2005  Volatilization Characteristics of Organic Compounds in the Coagulation Process

2004  Benzene Nonaqueous Phase Liquids Removal under Air-Sparged Conditions

2004  Capture of Organic Vapors using Adsorption and Electrothermal Regeneration

2004  Catalytic Oxidation of Volatile Organic Liquids

2004  Characterizing Polyurethane Foam as a Sink for or Source of Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Air

2004  Destruction of 1,1,1-Trichloroethane using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Nonthermal Plasma

2004  Effect of Moisture on the Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds by Zeolite 13X

2004  Effectiveness of Scrap Tire Chips as Sorptive Drainage Material

2004  Electrothermal Desorption using Joule Effect on an Activated Carbon Monolith

2004  Influence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and Tween 20 on Fungal Growth and Toluene Degradation in a Vapor-Phase Bioreactor

2004  Liquid Assets

2004  Long-Term Sediment-Water Fluxes of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals

2004  Mass Transfer of Organic Compounds in Dilute Aqueous Solutions into High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes

2004  Model Study Based on Experiments on Toluene Vapor Removal in a Biofilter

2004  Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Sorption in Activated Carbon. I: Dynamics and Single-Component Equilibrium

2004  Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Sorption in Activated Carbon. II: Multicomponent Equilibrium

2004  Optimization of Bioscrubber Performances: Experimental and Modeling Approaches

2004  Organic Vapor Recovery and Energy Efficiency during Electric Regeneration of an Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth Adsorber

2004  Packed Column and Hollow Fiber Air Stripping of a Contaminant-Surfactant Stream

2004  Pore Blockage Effects on Atrazine Adsorption in a Powdered Activated Carbon/Membrane System. I: Model Development

2004  Pore Blockage Effects on Atrazine Adsorption in a Powdered Activated Carbon/Membrane System. II: Model Verification and Application

2004  Removal of a Volatile Organic Compound in a Hybrid Rotating Drum Biofilter

2004  Removal of Aqueous Phase Trichloroethylene using Membrane Air Stripping Contactors

2004  Statistical Comparison of Bioassays for Assessment of Toxicity of Organic Components of Wastewater to Activated Sludge

2004  TDR Detection of Pollutants in Sandy Soils

2004  Use of Dubinin-Astakhov Equation to Describe Preloading Effect of Natural Oganic Matter

2003  Biological Wastewater Treatment and Estrogenic Endocrine Disrupting Compounds: Importance of Colloid Organic Carbon