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Found 73 Records with the keyword term of "Organic carbon"

2014  Predicting Soil CO2 Dynamics in Arable Land of Andisol Using the SOILCO2 Model

2012  Infiltration, Runoff, and Export of Dissolved Organic Carbon from Furrow-Irrigated Forage Fields under Cover Crop and No-Till Management in the Arid Climate of California

2012  Lumping Analysis for Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Simulated Aquifer Sorbents

2011  Assessment of Low pH Coagulation Performance Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

2011  Ozonation of Propranolol: Transformation, Biodegradability, and Toxicity Assessment

2010  Advances in Modeling Completely Mixed Flow Reactors for Ion Exchange

2010  Biodegradation of Aqueous Organic Matter over Seasonal Changes: Bioreactor Experiments with Indigenous Lake Water Bacteria

2009  Deployable Decentralized Biofilm System to Degrade Organic Carbon, Nutrients and Benzene from Wastewater

2007  Field Demonstration of Biologically Active Zone Enhancement Using Acetate as a Sole Carbon Source for In Situ Reductive Transformation of RDX in Groundwater

2007  Liquid Sodium Ferrate and Fenton’s Reagent for Treatment of Mature Landfill Leachate

2006  EDTA, NTA, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate and DOC Attenuation during Soil Aquifer Treatment

2006  Lime-Soda Softening Process Modifications for Enhanced NOM Removal

2006  Ozonation of 2-Chlorophenol in Aqueous Solutions with a Packed Contactor

2005  Characteristics and Reactivity of Algae-Produced Dissolved Organic Carbon

2005  Mineralization and Biodegradability Enhancement of Low Level p-Nitrophenol in Water Using Fenton’s Reagent

2005  Quantifying Biological Organic Carbon Removal in Groundwater Recharge Systems

2004  Impact of Membrane Surface Modification on the Treatment of Surface Water

2004  Organic Carbon Concentrations in Hyporheic Zone Sediments: A Tool for Measuring Stream Integrity

2004  Treatment of High Nitrate-Containing Wastewaters by Sequential Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Denitrification

2003  Development of Optimal Poly-Alumino-Iron Sulphate Coagulant

2003  Nonionic Organic Solute Sorption to Two Organobentonites as a Function of Organic-Carbon Content

2001  Evaluation of Drinking Water Biostability Using Biofilm Methods

2001  Removal of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Sanitary Gravity

2001  Storm-Induced DOC Loading from an Urban Parking Lot

2000  Application of Fluorescence Technique for Rapid Identification of DOM Fractions in Source Waters

2000  Interrelationship of DOC Distribution in Metabolic Network to Growth Yield in Batch Culture

2000  Well-Purging Protocols for Sampling Dissolved Petroleum Hydrocarbons

1999  Adsorption Equilibrium Modeling of Space Station WasteWaters

1999  Anoxic/Oxic Biodegradation of Aminobenzene

1999  Dissolved Component Recovery Following Resin Exchange Based DOM Fractionation

1999  Factors Influencing Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon Measurement

1999  Removal of Heavy Metals and COD by SRB in UAFF Reactor

1997  Columnar Biological Treatability of AOC under Oligotrophic Conditions

1997  Particles, Metals, and Water Quality in Runoff from Large Urban Watershed

1997  Trihalomethane Precursor Model for Lake Youngs, Washington

1996  Fate of Organics during Column Studies of Soil Aquifer Treatment

1996  Simulating DBP Precursor Transport in Sacramento Delta

1995  Artificial Ground-Water Recharge in Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Storing Today, Treating Tomorrow?

1995  DOC Characterization of Reclaimed Wastewater

1995  DOC Characterization of Reclaimed Wastewater

1995  Field and Laboratory Observations on the Fate of Organics in Sewage Effluent During Soil Aquifer Treatment

1995  Model of Carbon Cycling in Planktonic Food Webs

1995  Plant Surface Area and Wetland Treatment Efficiency

1994  Biological Colonization of Granular Activated Carbon Filters in Drinking-Water Treatment

1994  CDR - A Chemical Solution to a Mechanical Problem

1994  Evaluation of Enhanced Coagulation for DBP Control

1994  Investigations of Potential Radical Interaction in the Formation of Brominated Organic Compounds in Water

1994  NCASI Experiment Related to Validation of Equilibrium Partitioning (EP) Theory

1994  Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Sediment Washing

1994  Preliminary Screening Studies for Dredge Disposal Options

1994  A Probability Based Approach to the Design and Operation of Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

1994  Trihalomethanes in Chlorinated Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Drinking Water Simulated with the EPA WTP-THM Model

1993  Effect of pH on Leaf Decomposition in Low Alkalinity Lakes

1993  Minimization of Multistage RBC Active Disc Area

1993  Prediction of Rotating Biological Contactor Efficiency Using TOC

1992  TOC Removal by Coagulation and Softening

1991  Adsorption of Lindane onto Whole Soil and Soil Organic Fractions

1990  Molecular Size Distributions of Dissolved Organic Matter

1990  Rainfall Simulation Studies of Nutrient Export from Watersheds in Arizona and New Mexico

1990  Removal of Dissolved Organic Matter by Nanofiltration

1988  Effects of SMP on Biofilm Reactor Performance

1987  Design of Multistage Rotating Biological Contactors

1987  Molecular Weight Effects on THM Control by Coagulation and Adsorption

1986  Model of Ammonia and Carbon Oxidation in Biofilms

1986  Precursor Size and Organic Halide Formation Rates in Raw and Coagulated Surface Waters

1985  Direct Filtration of Colored Water Supplies

1984  Adsorption Equilibrium: DOC Isotherms and Preozonation

1984  Research for the Treatment of Organics in Drinking Water

1984  Simulation of DOC Removal in Activated Carbon Beds

1983  Organic Carbon Decay in Stream with Biofilm Kinetics

1982  Activated Carbon: Sorption of DOC from Wastewater

1981  Organic Carbon Decay in a Stream with Biofilm Kinetics

1981  Removal of Chloroform Precursors by Coagulation