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2015  Case Study for Tsunami Design of Coastal Infrastructure: Spencer Creek Bridge, Oregon

2015  Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2013  Context Is Everything

2013  Fast Track Project Yields Economic Benefit to Community

2013  Geospatial Characterization of Causative Factors for Recent Landslides in the Oregon Coast Range

2013  Long-Term Performance of Landslide Shear Piles

2013  Port of Portland T6 Berth 604-605 Seismic Upgrade and Modernization Project

2013  Tualatin Valley Water District’s Systematic Approach to Developing New Standards to Address Aging Pipeline Infrastructure

2012  Balloon Photogrammetry along the Middle Fork John Day River, Oregon

2012  Big Accomplishment

2012  Comparison of Soil Thickness in a Zero-Order Basin in the Oregon Coast Range Using a Soil Probe and Electrical Resistivity Tomography

2012  Construction Resumes on Oregon Project Previously Halted by Ground Movements

2012  Factors Influencing Dissolved Copper Concentrations in Oregon Highway Storm Water Runoff

2012  Lessons Learned: Implementing Context Sensitive and Sustainable Solutions in the Oregon State Bridge Delivery Program

2012  Movement and Erosion Quantification of the Johnson Creek, Oregon, Landslide through 3D Laser Scanning

2012  Pacific Northwest Storms of December 1-4, 2007, Lifeline Performance

2012  Portland’s New Light-Rail Bridge Requires ’Balancing Act’

2012  Risk-Based Seismic Retrofit Prioritization of Reinforced Concrete Civic Infrastructure: Case Study for State of Oregon Schools and Emergency Facilities

2012  Stabilization of Running Granular Soils in TBM Alignment with Sodium Silicate Grout

2011  Applying Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) to Transportation Projects: The State of the Practice

2011  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Emergency Overflows through an Energy Dissipation Structure of a Water Treatment Plant

2011  Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer Features Buoyant Pipeline

2011  Lake Oswego’s Innovative Buoyant Interceptor Sewer System Takes Shape

2011  Large Diameter Watermain Condition Assessment and Evaluation

2011  Multiple HDD Applications for Portland Airport Deicing Enhancement Project

2011  Storm Surge Magnitudes and Frequency on the Central Oregon Coast

2011  The Straw That Stirs the Drink—Designing a Challenging Diversion Pump Station and Force Main for Clackamas County Sanitary District #1, Oregon

2011  Tsunami Modeling for Seaside, Oregon

2010  Agreements Advance Effort to Restore Klamath River

2010  Constructed Wetlands Will Cool Blend of Municipal, Industrial Wastewater

2010  Ecoroof Performance Monitoring in Portland, Oregon

2010  Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building

2010  Empowering the People: The Bonneville Dam

2010  ’Green’ at What Cost?

2010  Green Street Retrofits in the Northeast: Design and Acceptance Challenges for Stormwater Management Retrofits

2010  LID Helps Define North Bethany as a Community of Distinction in Suburban Oregon

2010  Oregon Program Bridges the State’s Transportation Gaps

2010  People: Governors Appoint Panel to Study Columbia River Crossing

2010  Physically Based Green Roof Model

2010  Quantifying Hydrological Uncertainty for Rain- and Snow-Dominated Watersheds with Adaptation Strategy

2010  Simulating Dam Removal with a 1D Hydraulic Model: Accuracy and Techniques for Reservoir Erosion and Downstream Deposition at the Chiloquin Dam Removal

2010  Tsunami Preparedness on the Oregon and Washington Coast: Recommendations for Research

2010  Western Case Studies and Cost Analysis of Xeripave

2009  Coastal Connection

2009  Collapse of the Wimer Covered Timber Bridge

2009  Dissolved Oxygen and pH Modeling of a Periphyton Dominated, Nutrient Enriched River

2009  Ecosystem Services Approach to Public Facility Planning

2009  Experience with Cable Median Barriers in the United States: Design Standards, Policies, and Performance

2009  Lifeline Resiliency: A Look at Earthquake Risk in Portland, Oregon

2009  Repair of Three-Story Residential Condominium in Lake Oswego, Oregon

2009  Seismic Hazards and Construction Vibrations

2009  Seismic Site Response for an LNG Facility—Analyses and Lessons Learned

2009  Selecting Flow Frequency Distributions for Designing a Small Low-Head Dam Removal Cofferdam

2009  Water Treatment Plant Seismic Risk Assessment for the Joint Water Commission, Hillsboro, Oregon

2008  A. R. Bowman Dam Outlet Modifications — Lessons Learned

2008  Assessing Pipe Condition and Risk in Portland, Oregon’s Distribution System

2008  Bridges: Replacement Bridge with Unique Cable Pattern Floated into Position

2008  Case Study of an Application of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to the Forebay of the Dalles Dam, Oregon

2008  Combining Climate, Crash, and Highway Data for Improved Ranking of Speed and Winter-Weather Related Crash Locations in Oregon

2008  Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Ecoroofs

2008  Diagnosing a Freeway Bottleneck in Portland, Oregon (USA) Using Archived Sensor Data

2008  Dike Breach Repair Design in Inundated, Scoured Conditions

2008  Evaluating Reservoir Operations and Other Remediation Strategies to Meet Temperature TMDLs in the Willamette Basin, Oregon

2008  Experimental and Field Observations of Breach Dynamics Accompanying Erosion of Marmot Cofferdam, Sandy River, Oregon

2008  Flow Monitoring of Three Ecoroofs in Portland, Oregon

2008  Functional Floodplain Assessment as an Environmental Performance Standard: Bridge Replacements in Oregon

2008  Lessons from Fish Passage Waterways in Oregon and Factors for Improving Their Construction

2008  OHSU Stormwater Management Plan: A Unique Approach to Stormwater Management for Campus Facilities Using Low Impact Development

2008  Oregon’s Restrictions on Shoreline Protective Structures: A GIS Database of Permit Eligibility

2008  Overview of the Field Test of Innovative On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems during the La Pine National Demonstration Project

2008  Painting It Green — Replacing an All-Pipe Solution with an Integrated Solution Emphasizing Low Impact Development

2008  Portland’s Green Streets: Lessons Learned Retrofitting our Urban Watersheds

2008  Seismic Screening of Public Facilities in Oregon’s Western Counties

2008  Short Takes: Oregon Forum and Workshop Promote Earthquake Preparedness

2008  Stream Restoration: Portland Project Combines Flood Storage, Habitat Improvements

2008  Understanding How Overhead Lines Respond to Localized High Intensity Wind Storms

2008  Viability Assessment of Terrestrial LiDAR for Retaining Wall Monitoring

2007  Boat Wake Erosion of Sand Bars in Hells Canyon of the Snake River, Idaho and Oregon

2007  Center Stage

2007  Ecological Flow Assessment Techniques for Headwater Reaches

2007  Engineering Activities Influencing Historical Sediment Transport Pathwaysat the Columbia River Mouth, WA/OR

2007  Kelley Creek Confluence Restoration Monitoring

2007  Lessons from the Investigation of Problems in Airport Way Sanitary Sewer in Portland, Oregon

2007  Model Development Methodologies to Support Resource Management Decisions on the Willamette River

2007  Morphological Characteristics of Rip Current Embayments on the Oregon Coast

2007  Profile Dynamics and Particle Tracer Mobility of a Cobble Berm Constructed on the Oregon Coast

2007  Short Takes: Oregon Section Cosponsors Amicus Curiae Brief

2007  Storm-Water Management: Porous Pavement Increases Storage Area at Portland Marine Terminal

2007  Taking the Lead

2007  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modeling of the Lower Willamette River, Oregon

2007  Wharf Deepening Enabled by Modern Analysis Techniques

2006  Application of a Hydrodynamic Model for Assessing the Hydraulic Capacity and Flow Field at Willamette Falls Dam, Oregon

2006  Flow Trend Analysis in the Rouge River Watershed and the Effect of Temporal Resolution on Trend Detection

2006  Multiobjective Optimal Waste Load Allocation Models for Rivers using Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II

2006  Short- and Long-Term Effects of Element Costs and Failure Costs in Pontis

2006  Short Takes: Portland Observatory Accorded Civil Engineering Landmark Status

2006  TDG at Lower Monumental Dam for Alternative Spill Operations

2005  Court Decisions: Additional Insurance Requirement Violates Oregon Law

2005  Dam Break Modeling for Tandem Reservoirs — A Case Study Using HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS