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2015  Constructed Wetland Planning-Based Bilevel Optimization Model under Fuzzy Random Environment: Case Study of Chaohu Lake

2015  Deterministic Integrated Optimization Model for Sewage Collection Networks Using Tabu Search

2015  Lower Partial Moment and Information Entropy-Based Dynamic Electricity Purchasing Strategy

2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2015  Real-Time Multiobjective Optimization of Operation of Water Supply Systems

2015  Stochastic, Multiobjective, Mixed-Integer Optimization Model for Wastewater-Derived Energy

2015  Stochastic Programming for Improved Multiuse Reservoir Operation in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2014  Geometric Design Optimization for Dynamic Response Problems of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams

2014  Optimal Design of Pumping Mains Considering Pump Characteristics

2014  Optimal Location of PRVs and Turbines in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Optimal Real-Time Operation of Multipurpose Urban Reservoirs: Case Study in Singapore

2014  Optimization Model for a Thermochemical Biofuels Supply Network Design

2014  Optimization Model for Design-Operation of Pumped-Storage and Hydropower Systems

2014  Optimization Model for Planning Regional Water Resource Systems under Uncertainty

2014  Practical Diagrammatical Technique for 3-DOF Bridge Flutter Analysis

2014  Risk-Based Two-Step Optimization Model for Highway Transportation Investment Decision-Making

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. I: Distinct Applications

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. II: Combined Applications

2014  Simultaneous Cross Section and Launching Nose Optimization of Incrementally Launched Bridges

2013  Application of Fuzzy Optimization Model Based on Entropy Weight in Typical Flood Hydrograph Selection

2013  Application of Robust Optimization Approach for Agricultural Water Resource Management under Uncertainty

2013  An Approach to Optimize Urban Logistics Nodes Scale Based on Streamline Optimization Model

2013  Classification - Optimization Model for Contamination Event Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2013  Discussion of Passenger-Dedicated Line Station Operating Plan Adjustment Method

2013  Dynamic Logistics Network Optimization Model in Manufacturers’ Joint Ventures

2013  Industrial Structure Optimization based on Water Quantity and Quality Restrictions

2013  Integrated Optimization Model for Highway Operating Energy-Saving Technology

2013  Multi-Objective Emergency Resources Location-Scale Optimization Model

2013  Multiobjective Portfolio Analysis of Dam Removals Addressing Dam Safety, Fish Populations, and Cost

2013  Optimization Model for Locating Electric Bus Charging Stations

2013  Optimization Model of the Public Transit Network Based on Operational Reliability

2013  Optimized Model of Pedestrian Crossing Width Based on GI/G/1 Queuing System

2013  Synchronization Optimization Model of BRT System Based on Max-Plus Algebra Petri Net

2013  Tabu Search Algorithm for the Railroad Blocking Problem

2012  Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time

2012  Decision Models to Support Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction from Transportation Construction Projects

2012  Heuristic Approach for Optimum Cost and Layout Design of 3D Reinforced Concrete Frames

2012  Location of Municipal Centers for New Counties within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

2012  Logistics Network Design Optimization Model

2012  LOGIT-Based Road Network Optimization Model

2012  Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Headway of Bus Transit in Rural Areas

2012  Multi-Objective Optimization Model of Hub Location-Allocation in Intermodal Logistics Networks

2012  Optimal Control of Flood Waters with Sediment Transport in Watershed

2012  Optimization Model for Allocating Resources for Highway Safety Improvement at Urban Intersections

2012  Optimization Model for BMP Placement in a Reservoir Watershed

2012  An Optimization Model for Maximizing the Benefits of Fast-Tracking Construction Projects

2012  Optimization Model for Wagon Flow Organization on Railway Regional Network

2012  An Organizing Optimization Model and Its Algorithm of Container Multimodal Transportation

2012  Research on Optimization Model of Multimodal Transportation Routing with Time Restriction

2012  Research on the Optimization Model for Urban Cool Chain Distribution

2012  Robust Planning of Environmental Management Systems with Adjustable Conservativeness under Compound Uncertainty

2012  Study on System Analysis and Synthesis Handling Capacity of Logistics System in Port

2012  Study on Transportation and Inventory Integration Optimization Model on SCM

2012  Two-Way Bandwidth Maximization Model with Proration Impact Factor for Unbalanced Bandwidth Demands

2012  Updating the CALVIN Hydro-Economic Optimization Model of California : Central Valley Groundwater

2011  Aggregate Cost Minimization in Hot-Mix Asphalt Design

2011  Balancing the Triple Bottom Line in Water Supply Planning for Utilities

2011  Bi-Level Optimization Model for Daily Operation with Heterogeneous Hydropower Units in Multiple Reservoirs with Application to the Three Gorges-Gezhouba Cascade Power Stations

2011  Bus Rapid Transit Scheduling Optimal Model Based on Genetic Algorithm

2011  Business Strategy and Capital Allocation Optimization Model for Practitioners

2011  Collaborative Optimization Model for Loaded and Empty Wagon-Flow Adjustment in Regional Railway Network

2011  Combinatorial Optimization Model and Algorithm of Congestion Pricing for Toll Levels and Toll Locations in Multi-Class Network

2011  Constructed Wetlands for Biofuel Production and Nitrate Removal in an Agricultural Watershed: A Simulation and Optimization Model

2011  Cost Optimization Model for the Multiresource Leveling Problem with Allowed Activity Splitting

2011  Design of Optimization Model and Program to Generate Timetables for a Single Two-Way High Speed Rail Line under Disturbances

2011  Development of a Multi-Reservoir Flood Control Optimization Model: Application to the Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2011  Driving Decision-Making Optimization Model Based on Precision Clocked Scan

2011  Idea Point Method for Multi-Objective Optimization Model of Pavement Maintenance Treatments

2011  Improved Optimization Formulations for Launching Nose of Incrementally Launched Prestressed Concrete Bridges

2011  Logistics Network Layout of Green Agricultural Products Closed Supply Chain Based on Logistics Loss

2011  Modeling Arterial Signal Optimization with Enhanced Cell Transmission Formulations

2011  Multi-Objective Optimization Model and Algorithm of Through Passenger Trains’ Departure Time Range

2011  Optimal Model and Algorithm for Freight Flow Distribution of Capacitated Logistics Network Based on Mixed Nonlinear Costs

2011  Optimal Pricing Model for Third Party Logistics Based on SCM under Demand Variation

2011  Optimal Selection Model of Road Transportation Route of Dangerous Goods

2011  An Optimization Model for Determining Bus-Stop Spacing Considering Environment Factor

2011  An Optimization Model for Large Event Emergency Commodity Distribution

2011  Optimization Model for Layout of Joint Transport Facilities at Urban Rail Passenger Stations Based on Transfer Utility

2011  Optimization Model of Dynamic Emergency Resources Scheduling in Expressway

2011  Optimization Model of Freight Train Stations: Extend Hub-and-Spoke System

2011  Optimization Model of the Reliability on the Emergency Transportation System

2011  Optimization Models for the Location of Motorway Interchanges: Concessionaires’ Perspective

2011  Optimization of the Operation of Large-Scale Multisource Water-Supply Systems

2011  Optimization of Urban Traffic Mode Structure in Nanchang City

2011  Optimized Model for the Layout Planning of Freeway Service Areas

2011  Resolving Disputes over Reservoir-River Operation

2011  A Scenario-Based Optimization Model for Water Supply System Planning

2011  Study on Traffic Flow Optimization Model in a Signalized Urban Road Network

2011  Train Scheduling Problem in Railway Passenger Dedicated Lines

2011  Using Electimize to Solve the Time-Cost-Tradeoff Problem in Construction Engineering

2011  Valuation of the Economic Impact of the Initial Allocation of Tradable Emission Permits in Air Pollution Control

2010  Application and Analysis of Cables in Light Structures

2010  Based on AHP Evaluating and Testing Fuzzy Optimization Model of Herbs Slope

2010  Data and Modeling Issues Faced during the Efficiency Measurement of Road Maintenance Using Data Envelopment Analysis

2010  Distribution Park Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Model

2010  Grid-Enabled Simulation-Optimization Framework for Environmental Characterization

2010  Integrated Watershed Management Modeling: Generic Optimization Model Applied to the Ipswich River Basin

2010  Integration Optimization Model and Algorithm for Passenger Station Location-Task Allocation Problem in Railway Terminal

2010  Leakage Control in Water Distribution Networks by Using Optimal Pressure Management: A Case Study

2010  Multi-Agent Based Regional Logistics Transport Mode Subsidiary Decision System under Comprehensive Transportation Environment