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2015  Analysis of Performance and Efficiency of Conservation Voltage Optimization Considering Load Model Uncertainty

2015  Analytical Approach Determining the Optimal Length of Paired Drip Laterals in Uniformly Sloped Fields

2015  Application of Data-Driven and Optimization Methods in Identification of Location and Quantity of Pollutants

2015  Application of Multicriteria Decision Analysis with A Priori Knowledge to Identify Optimal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Plans

2015  Assessment of Modified Honey Bee Mating Optimization for Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Muskingum Models

2015  Assimilative Capacity and Flow Dilution for Water Quality Protection in Rivers

2015  Backward-Forward Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Multiproject Scheduling Problem

2015  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2015  Colliding-Bodies Optimization for Truss Optimization with Multiple Frequency Constraints

2015  Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms for the Identification of Bouc-Wen Hysteretic Systems

2015  Control Risk for Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems under Hybrid Uncertainty

2015  Departure Time Optimization of Last Trains in Subway Networks: Mean-Variance Model and GSA Algorithm

2015  Determination of Critical Slip Surfaces Using Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization

2015  Determination of Optimal MR&R Policies for Retaining Life-Cycle Connectivity of Bridge Networks

2015  Development of UHPC Pi-Girder Sections for Span Length up to 41 m

2015  Discrete Optimum Design for Truss Structures by Subset Simulation Algorithm

2015  Flexible Water Distribution System Design under Future Demand Uncertainty

2015  Framework for the Robust Design Optimization of an Airframe and its Engines

2015  Geosynthetic Materials Help Build Optimized Infrastructure

2015  Global Solution of Optimization Problems in Rotorcraft Flight Mechanics

2015  Highly Efficient Selective Assembly Method of Horizontal Stabilizer based on Metamodeling and Particle Swarm Optimization

2015  Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Elimination of Severe Stress Concentration in Railhead Ends

2015  Hybrid Model for Short-Term Scheduling of Hydropower Systems

2015  Improved Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Form-Finding Method for Suspension Bridge Installation Analysis

2015  Improving the Performance of Intelligent Back Analysis for Tunneling Using Optimized Fuzzy Systems: Case Study of the Karaj Subway Line 2 in Iran

2015  Interval Optimization for Signal Timings with Time-Dependent Uncertain Arrivals

2015  Land Use Optimization for a Rapidly Urbanizing City with Regard to Local Climate Change: Shenzhen as a Case Study

2015  Memetic Algorithm Approach to Designing Precast-Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

2015  Minimum-Time Interception with a Tangent Impulse

2015  Modeling and Optimization of Octostrut Vibration Isolation Platform by FRF-Based Substructuring Method

2015  Modeling of Compressive Strength of Geopolymers by a Hybrid ANFIS-ICA Approach

2015  Multiobjective Optimization of Pipe Replacements and Control Valve Installations for Leakage Attenuation in Water Distribution Networks

2015  Neuro-Fuzzy GMDH to Predict the Scour Pile Groups due to Waves

2015  New Aspects in Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis

2015  Opposition-Based Multiple-Objective Differential Evolution to Solve the Time-Cost-Environment Impact Trade-Off Problem in Construction Projects

2015  Optimal Design of a Solar-Driven Heat Engine Based on Thermal and Ecological Criteria

2015  Optimal Low-Thrust Transfers to Lunar L1 Halo Orbit Using Variable Specific Impulse Engine

2015  Optimal Upgrading of Water Distribution Network Redundancy

2015  Optimization of a Transit Services Model with a Feeder Bus and Rail System Using Metaheuristic Algorithms

2015  Optimization of Land Use in a New Urban District

2015  Quarter-Hourly Operation of Large-Scale Hydropower Reservoir Systems with Prioritized Constraints

2015  Resilient Structural Systems: Using Mechanisms to Optimize Performance

2015  Risk-Based Maintenance Optimization of Deteriorating Bridges

2015  Roller Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Support Vector Machine

2015  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Embedded Foundations on a Sloping Ground Surface

2015  Selection Criterion Based on an Exploration-Exploitation Approach for Optimal Design of Experiments

2015  Shuffled Frog-Leaping Model for Solving Time-Cost-Resource Optimization Problems in Construction Project Planning

2015  Sustainable Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures through CO2 Emission Optimization

2015  Taking Account of Uncertainty in Demand Growth When Phasing the Construction of a Water Distribution Network

2015  Three-Dimensional Force Flow Paths and Reinforcement Design in Concrete via Stress-Dependent Truss-Continuum Topology Optimization

2015  Trade-Off Analysis among Multiple Water Uses in a Hydropower System: Case of São Francisco River Basin, Brazil

2015  Water Distribution System Rehabilitation under Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios in Canada

2015  Water Resources Optimization Method in the Context of Climate Change

2014  Accounting for Phasing of Construction within the Design of Water Distribution Networks

2014  Ambiguity-Free Method for Fast and Precise GNSS Differential Positioning

2014  Analyzing Hydrological Regime Variability and Optimizing Environmental Flow Allocation to Lake Ecosystems in a Sustainable Water Management Framework: Model Development and a Case Study for China’s Baiyangdian Watershed

2014  Application of Linearized Calibration Method for Vertically Mixed Runoff Model Parameters

2014  Application of Multimodal Optimization for Uncertainty Estimation of Computationally Expensive Hydrologic Models

2014  Applying Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization under Fuzzy Random Environment to Traffic Assignment Problem: Case Study of a Large-Scale Construction Project

2014  Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete

2014  Assessment and Optimization of Soil Mixing and Umbrella Vault Applied to a Cross-Passage Excavation in Soft Soils

2014  Battle of the Water Networks II

2014  Buckling and Stiffness Optimization of Tall Buildings

2014  Bus Size and Headways Optimization Model Considering Elastic Demand

2014  CAD-Centric Attribution Methodology for Multidisciplinary Optimization Environments: Enabling Parametric Attribution for Efficient Design Space Formulation and Evaluation

2014  CO2 Optimization of Spread Footings Using a Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm

2014  Combined Simulation-Optimization Model for Assessing Irrigation Water Supply Capacities of Reservoirs

2014  Comparison between GA and PSO in Analyzing Pavement Management Activities

2014  Comparison of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in Hydrological Model Calibration

2014  Considering Constructability in Structural Topology Optimization

2014  Cooperative Game Theoretic Framework for Joint Resource Management in Construction

2014  Cost Optimization in Bridge Construction: Application to Launched Bridges

2014  Cost Optimization of Hydraulic and Structural Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage Network

2014  Coupled Binary Linear Programming-Differential Evolution Algorithm Approach for Water Distribution System Optimization

2014  Design of a Museum Facade Bracing System for Changing Performance Requirements Using Multiobjective Optimization

2014  Design Optimization of Lattice Wind Turbine Towers Subjected to Earthquake Forces

2014  Design Optimization of Underground Subway Station Diaphragm Walls Using Numerical Modeling

2014  Determination of Clark’s Unit Hydrograph Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Determination of Optimal Unit Hydrographs and Green-Ampt Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Determining the Reasonable Scale of a Toll Highway Network in China

2014  Development and Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model: EasyDHM

2014  Development of a Signal Optimization Model for Diverging Diamond Interchange

2014  Discrete Pump Scheduling and Leakage Control Using Linear Programming for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Dynamic Framework for Intelligent Control of River Flooding: Case Study

2014  Eccentricity-Based Optimization Procedure for Strength Design of RC Sections under Compression and In-Plane Bending Moment

2014  Effective Optimization Technique for a Nonlinear Rainfall-Runoff Model

2014  Effects of Inflow Uncertainty on the Performance of Multireservoir Systems

2014  Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2014  Efficiently Implementing Genetic Optimization with Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Taller Buildings

2014  Empirical Model with Environmental Considerations in Highway Alignment Optimization

2014  Enhanced Trade-Off of Construction Projects: Finance-Resource-Profit

2014  Enhancing the Efficiency of the Automatic Design of Rural Drainage Networks

2014  Evaluation of New Control Structures for Regulating the Great Lakes System: Multiscenario, Multireservoir Optimization Approach

2014  Evaluation of Time Evolution of Mechanical Parameters of Polymeric Pipes by Unsteady Flow Runs

2014  Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies

2014  Evolutionary Algorithm Optimization of a Multireservoir System with Long Lag Times

2014  Fast and Practical Method for Model Reduction of Large-Scale Water-Distribution Networks

2014  Fiber-Reinforcement Optimization Using a Soil Approach

2014  Flexural Behavior of Flat-End Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

2014  Floodway System Operation along Levee-Protected Rivers