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2014  Ambiguity-Free Method for Fast and Precise GNSS Differential Positioning

2014  Application of Multimodal Optimization for Uncertainty Estimation of Computationally Expensive Hydrologic Models

2014  Applying Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization under Fuzzy Random Environment to Traffic Assignment Problem: Case Study of a Large-Scale Construction Project

2014  Assessing the Accuracy of Expert-Based Decisions in Dispatching Ready Mixed Concrete

2014  Battle of the Water Networks II

2014  Bus Size and Headways Optimization Model Considering Elastic Demand

2014  CAD-Centric Attribution Methodology for Multidisciplinary Optimization Environments: Enabling Parametric Attribution for Efficient Design Space Formulation and Evaluation

2014  CO2 Optimization of Spread Footings Using a Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm

2014  Combined Simulation-Optimization Model for Assessing Irrigation Water Supply Capacities of Reservoirs

2014  Comparison between GA and PSO in Analyzing Pavement Management Activities

2014  Cooperative Game Theoretic Framework for Joint Resource Management in Construction

2014  Cost Optimization of Hydraulic and Structural Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage Network

2014  Design Optimization of Underground Subway Station Diaphragm Walls Using Numerical Modeling

2014  Determination of Clark’s Unit Hydrograph Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Determination of Optimal Unit Hydrographs and Green-Ampt Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Development and Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model: EasyDHM

2014  Development of a Signal Optimization Model for Diverging Diamond Interchange

2014  Discrete Pump Scheduling and Leakage Control Using Linear Programming for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Dynamic Framework for Intelligent Control of River Flooding: Case Study

2014  Eccentricity-Based Optimization Procedure for Strength Design of RC Sections under Compression and In-Plane Bending Moment

2014  Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2014  Efficiently Implementing Genetic Optimization with Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Taller Buildings

2014  Empirical Model with Environmental Considerations in Highway Alignment Optimization

2014  Enhancing the Efficiency of the Automatic Design of Rural Drainage Networks

2014  Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies

2014  Fast and Practical Method for Model Reduction of Large-Scale Water-Distribution Networks

2014  Fiber-Reinforcement Optimization Using a Soil Approach

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2014  Group Decision Making for Stochastic Optimization of Time, Cost, and Quality in Construction Projects

2014  Hybrid Algorithm for Parameter Estimation of the Groundwater Flow Model with an Improved Genetic Algorithm and Gauss-Newton Method

2014  I-BACK: Iowa’s Intelligent Pavement Backcalculation Software

2014  Imaging-Based Rating for Corrosion States of Weathering Steel Using Wavelet Transform and PSO-SVM Techniques

2014  Improving Hot Mix Asphalt Production Using Computer Simulation and Real Time Optimization

2014  Improving Performance of Genetic Algorithms for Transportation Systems: Case of Parallel Genetic Algorithms

2014  Improving Systemwide Sustainability in Pavement Preservation Programming

2014  Influence of Layout and Other Design Choices on the Performance of Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems

2014  Integer Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization of Water Distribution Networks

2014  Integrated Prefabrication Configuration and Component Grouping for Resource Optimization of Precast Production

2014  Integrated Urban-Construction Planning Framework for Slum Upgrading Projects

2014  Investigating the Optimized Open V-Shaped Trench Performance in Reduction of Train-Induced Ground Vibrations

2014  Knowledge-Based Approach for Reservoir System Optimization

2014  Land Use Optimization for a Rapidly Urbanizing City with Regard to Local Climate Change: Shenzhen as a Case Study

2014  Life-Cycle Management of Fatigue-Sensitive Structures Integrating Inspection Information

2014  Locating Global Critical Slip Surface Using the Morgenstern-Price Method and Optimization Technique

2014  Methodology for Comparing Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Micromechanics-Based Optimization of Pigmentable Strain-Hardening Cementitious Composites

2014  Minimization of Fuel Consumption of Natural Gas Compressor Stations with Similar and Dissimilar Turbo-Compressor Units

2014  Multiobjective Design of Water Distribution Networks through the Generation of Pseudofronts in the Hydraulically Feasible Region

2014  Multiobjective Optimization for Improved Management of Flood Risk

2014  Multiobjective Water Distribution Systems Control of Pumping Cost, Water Quality, and Storage-Reliability Constraints

2014  Multiperiod Planning of Water Supply Infrastructure Based on Scenario Analysis

2014  New Methodology for Intersection Signal Timing Optimization to Simultaneously Minimize Vehicle and Pedestrian Delays

2014  Noncrossover Dither Creeping Mutation-Based Genetic Algorithm for Pipe Network Optimization

2014  Novel Genetic Algorithm-Based Evolutionary Support Vector Machine for Optimizing High-Performance Concrete Mixture

2014  Optimal Allocation of Water Resources Model for Different Growth Stages of Crops under Uncertainty

2014  Optimal Design of a Solar-Driven Heat Engine Based on Thermal and Ecological Criteria

2014  Optimal Reliability-Based Design of Bulk Water Supply Systems

2014  Optimal Tank Design in Water Distribution Networks: Review of Literature and Perspectives

2014  Optimization of Inverted Base Pavement Designs with Thin Asphalt Surfacing

2014  Optimization of Land Use in a New Urban District

2014  Optimization of Life-Cycle Maintenance of Deteriorating Bridges with Respect to Expected Annual System Failure Rate and Expected Cumulative Cost

2014  Optimization of Site Exploration Effort to Improve the Accuracy of Tunneling-Induced Ground Settlement Prediction in Soft Clays

2014  Optimization of Speed Hump Geometric Design: Case Study on Residential Streets in Malaysia

2014  Optimization of Water Diversion Based on Reservoir Operating Rules: Analysis of the Biliu River Reservoir, China

2014  Optimizing Building Energy Operations via Dynamic Zonal Temperature Settings

2014  Optimizing Horizontally Curved, Steel Bridge, Cross-Frame Arrangements to Enhance Construction Performance

2014  Partitioned Analysis of Coupled Numerical Models Considering Imprecise Parameters and Inexact Models

2014  Performance-Based Evaluation of an Improved Robust Optimization Formulation

2014  Planning the Optimal Operation of a Multioutlet Water Reservoir with Water Quality and Quantity Targets

2014  Pneumatic Permeameter for Transient Tests on Coarse Gravel

2014  Pre-Earthquake Multi-Objective Probabilistic Retrofit Optimization of Bridge Networks Based on Sustainability

2014  Rail Transit Route Optimization Model for Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Case Study of Saint Andrews, Scotland

2014  Reconceptualization and Optimization of a Rapidly Deployable Floating Causeway

2014  Regional Wastewater System Planning under Population Dynamics Uncertainty

2014  Reliability Indicators for Water Distribution System Design: Comparison

2014  Robust Design of Braced Excavations Using Multiobjective Optimization-Focusing on Prevention of Damage to Adjacent Buildings

2014  Robust Design of Tuned Mass Damper Systems for Seismic Protection of Multistory Buildings

2014  Simultaneous Cross Section and Launching Nose Optimization of Incrementally Launched Bridges

2014  Simultaneous Network Optimization Approach for Pavement Management Systems

2014  Solution Structure for an Analytic Model of Bus Service Zones

2014  Solution to the Time-Cost-Quality Trade-off Problem in Construction Projects Based on Immune Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  Solving Axisymmetric Stability Problems by Using Upper Bound Finite Elements, Limit Analysis, and Linear Optimization

2014  Some Recent and Emerging Topics on Seismic Wave Methods for Geotechnical Site Characterization

2014  Stability of Unsupported Vertical Circular Excavations

2014  Structural Optimization of Deploying Structures Composed of Linkages

2014  Sustainable Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures through CO2 Emission Optimization

2014  Sustainable Land-Use Planning for a Downtown Lake Area in Central China: Multiobjective Optimization Approach Aided by Urban Growth Modeling

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2014  Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

2014  Un Marco Integrado de Planificaciön Urbana y Construcciön para Proyectos de Mejoramiento de Barrios Vulnerables

2014  Unique Aspect of Landfill Design: Visibility Study and Airspace Optimization

2014  Use of Support Vector Regression to Improve Computational Efficiency of Stochastic Time-Cost Trade-Off

2014  Water as Warning Medium: Food-Grade Dye Injection for Drinking Water Contamination Emergency Response

2014  Water Management Trade-offs between Agriculture and the Environment: A Multiobjective Approach and Application

2013  Accounting for Network Effects in Railway Asset Management

2013  Advancing Optimization of Hybrid Housing Development Plans Following Disasters: Achieving Computational Robustness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

2013  Algorithmic Method for Scraper Load-Time Optimization

2013  Application of Collaborative Optimization Strategies for Traffic Control of Urban Arterial Intersection

2013  Application of Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm on Optimization of Dispatching Decision of Wagon Flows in Railway Hubs

2013  Application of Multi-Objective Optimization for Urban Water Resource Systems in Presence of Climate Change