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Found 54 Records with the keyword term of "One dimensional flow"

2011  Modeling of One-Dimensional, Unsteady, Free-Surface, and Pressurized Flows

2009  Optimal Cross-Sectional Spacing in Preissmann Scheme 1D Hydrodynamic Models

2009  Unifying Criterion for the Velocity Reversal Hypothesis in Gravel-Bed Rivers

2008  Case Study of the Big Bay Dam Failure: Accuracy and Comparison of Breach Predictions

2008  Preserving Steady-State in One-Dimensional Finite-Volume Computations of River Flow

2007  Analysis of Canal Pumping Test Adjacent to Everglades National Park Using a One-Dimensional Flow Model Considering Storage and Skin Effect in a Finite-Width Sink

2007  One Dimensional Transient Flow in a Finite Fractured Aquifer under Constant Discharge Condition

2007  One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds

2007  Simulation of Upward Seepage Flow in a Single Column of Spheres Using Discrete-Element Method with Fluid-Particle Interaction

2005  End Depth in U-Shaped Channels: A Simplified Approach

2003  Dynamic Wave Study of Flow in Tidal Channel System of San Juan River

2003  Free Overfall in Inverted Semicircular Channels

2003  Overfall in U-Shaped Channels

2002  Dam Break in Channels with 90° Bend

2002  Evaluation of Application of One-dimensional Groundwater Transport Model to PRESTO-EPA Model

2002  Leaky One-Dimensional Flow with Storage and Skin Effect in Finite-Width Sink

2000  Chebyshev Solution as Aid in Computing GVF by Standard Step Method

2000  Dendritic One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow (FLDWAV/DAMBRK) Model of the Sevier River, Utah

1999  Optimized Calibration for Unsteady Flow Modeling using a Genetic Algorithm

1998  Efficient Solution Technique for Dendritic Channel Networks Using FEM

1998  Space-Time Conservation Method Applied to Saint Venant Equations

1998  Unsteady 1D Flow in Unconfined Nonuniform Aquifers

1998  Verification of Variably Saturated Flow Model

1997  Analysis of Alternatives for Computing Backwater at Bridges

1997  Analysis of One-Dimensional Ground-Water Flow in a Nonuniform Aquifer

1996  HEC-RAS (River Analysis System)

1994  Bed-Level Variation in Channel Expansions with Movable Beds

1994  Non-steady-Flow Type Curves for Strip Aquifers with Constant Drawdown

1994  Tailwater Fishery Management Using a Fish Bioenergetics Model

1994  Theory and Observation of Currents and Setup Over a Shallow Reef

1993  Application of Four Point Model to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

1993  Estimating Incident and Reflected Wave Fields Using an Arbitrary Number of Wave Gauges

1993  Lower Missouri River Water Quality Model for Evaluating Flow Alterations

1993  Modeling Contaminant Migration from an Unlined Pond

1993  Particle Tracking Model for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

1993  Real-Time Dynamic Flood Routing with NWS FLDWAV Model Using Kalman Filter Updating

1992  Modeling Flow and Flood-Plain Storage in a Tidally Affected River

1992  One-Dimensional River Flow Simulation with Particular Consideration of Ecology and Environment

1992  WSPRO, A Model for Water-Surface PROfile Computations

1990  Sensitivity Analysis of One-Dimensional Analytical Solute Transport Models for Saturated Media

1990  Stability Limits for Preissmann’s Scheme

1989  A Numerical Analysis Approach to the Solution of Unsteady Flow in Open Channels

1989  Numerical Modeling of Hydraulic Jump

1988  One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow

1988  Unsteady Flow in a Navigation Channel

1986  Segmental Hydraulic Similarity in One-Dimensional Retarding Flow

1985  One-Dimensional Model for Mud Flows

1984  Channel Design and Flow Operation without Choke

1983  Modeling of Unsteady-Flow Water Temperatures

1982  Two-Dimensional Exponential Infiltration Equations

1981  On Numerical Stability of One-Dimensional Sediment Transport Models for Unsteady and Tidal Flows

1980  Approximate Analysis of Unsteady Laminar Flow

1980  Pumping Due to Unbiased Local Wall Oscillations

1979  Finite Element Analysis of Waves in Fluids