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2014  Balancing Harmful Impacts of the Petroleum Industry with Internal Dispute Prevention and External Sustainable Development Initiatives

2014  Bioventing in a Residual Clayey Soil Contaminated with a Blend of Biodiesel and Diesel Oil

2014  Characterization of Oil-Bearing Sandstones for Sustainable Oil Production in Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery

2014  Combustion and Emissions of a Common-Rail Diesel Engine Fueled with HWCO

2014  Effects of Soybean and Canola Oil-Based Biodiesel Blends on Spray, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics in a Diesel Engine

2014  Ground Improvement for Oil Storage Tanks in Panama

2014  Numerical Simulation of Multiple Step Transesterification of Waste Oil in Tubular Reactor

2014  Pollution and Purification Study of the Pervious Concrete Pavement Material

2014  Removal of Oil and Cr(VI) from Wastewater Using Modified Pectin Flocculants

2014  Structural Data Analysis for Monitoring the Deformation of Oil Storage Tanks Using Geodetic Techniques

2013  Accelerated Delivery for Retrofit of Existing Navy Pier to a Crude Dock

2013  Autogenous Shrinkage of Hardening Cement Paste in Oil Wells

2013  Compression Behavior of Canadian Oil Sands

2013  Mathematical Model for Sequential Pickup of Chemical Contaminants by Magnetic Particles

2013  Running Safety Evaluation for Oil Transport Enterprises Based on Theory of F-ANP

2013  Sorption-Induced Swelling of Tire-Derived Aggregate: Experimental Study

2013  Strain Design and Experimental Study of Casing in Thermal Recovery Well Based on the Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Model

2012  3PL Applied to Material Supply Logistics in a Chinese Oilfield

2012  Adsorption of Acid Extractable Oil Sands Tailings Organics onto Raw and Activated Oil Sands Coke

2012  Application of Non-Metallic Composite Pipes in Oilfields in China

2012  Crude Oil Price Forecasting Based on the ARIMA and BP Neural Network Combinatorial Algorithm

2012  GA-Based Fuel-Efficient Transfer Path Selection Model for Delivering Construction Materials

2012  Oil Sands MFT Properties and Freeze-Thaw Effects

2012  Studies on the Application of Chemical and Biological Viscosity Reduction Technology

2011  Bubble Sizes, Breakup, and Coalescence in Deepwater Gas/Oil Plumes

2011  Environmentally Friendly MEG Drilling Fluid System for Horizontal Well of Daqing Oil Field

2011  Experimental Study on Magnetic Detection of Oil Well Tubing

2011  Performance of Grease Abatement Devices for Removal of Fat, Oil, and Grease

2011  Simulation Analysis of Drag-Reduction Characteristics of Heavy Oil Flow by Aqueous-Base Foam

2010  Applications of Shape Memory Alloys in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: A Review

2010  Development of Cargo Oil Heating System on Oil Tanker

2010  Implementation of New Regulations for Marine Oil Terminals in California

2010  Infrastructure and Energy OR Energy and Infrastructure: How Energy Demandand Infrastructure Impact Each Other and What Carbon Limits Will Mean for Both

2010  The Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Program at the Port of Los Angeles

2010  Mathematical Model for the Sequestering of Chemical Contaminants by Magnetic Particles

2010  Reconstruction Work on Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, New Zealand, Marine Oil and Gas Terminal Utilising an Innovative Cable Stayed Fender System

2010  Research on Oil Supply Chain Cost Distribution Based on Stackelberg Hame Model

2009  Application of Electrochemical Oxidation Process in Water Quality Control of the Oily Wastewater

2009  Cell Immobilized FOG-Trap System for Fat, Oil, and Grease Removal from Restaurant Wastewater

2009  Comparison among Oil Spectral Data of Six Types of Marine Engine

2009  Enhanced Bioremediation of Fuel-Oil Contaminated Soils: Laboratory Feasibility Study

2009  Lessons Learned for the Seismic Assessment of California Marine Oil Terminals

2009  Treatment of Fuel-Oil Contaminated Soils by Biodegradable Surfactant Washing Followed by Fenton-Like Oxidation

2008  Bioremediation of Military Area Contaminated by Petroleum Products

2008  Effects of Duct Types and Emulsifiable Oils on Bond and Friction Losses in Posttensioned Concrete

2008  Performance of Biosurfactant Produced from Used Vegetable Oil

2008  Removal of Oil from Produced Water by Dissolved Air Flotation

2008  Simplified Procedure for Seismic Analysis of Reinforced-Concrete Piles in Marine Oil Terminals

2008  A Stochastic Location-Inventory Problem in Refined Oil Distribution Systems

2007  Creep of Sand – Rubber Mixtures

2007  Design and Development of Bid Documents for Cold Ironing of Oil Tanker Vessels at Berth T121 at the Port of Long Beach

2007  Design of First California Marine Oil Terminal in 25 Years Rises to the Challenge: ”What Does it Take to Build an MOT in Today’s Environment?”

2007  Estimation of Electric Transformer Service Life from Oil Degradation Kinetics

2007  Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS)

2007  Recent Oil and Gas Port Projects in Northern British Columbia

2006  Oil and Grease Measurement in Highway Runoff — Sampling Time and Event Mean Concentrations

2006  The Responses of Casing Pipe of Oil-Well Induced by the Swelling of Rocks

2006  Transport of Edible Oil Emulsions in Clayey Sands: 3D Sandbox Results and Model Validation

2006  Transport of Edible Oil Emulsions in Clayey Sands: One-Dimensional Column Results and Model Development

2006  Vermiculite Filtration for Removal of Oil from Water

2005  Biot — Frenkel Poromechanics in Russia (Review)

2005  Economics: Oil Prices, Hurricane Katrina Ported Higher Construction Costs

2005  Effect of Oil on Polychlorinated Biphenyl Phase Partitioning during Land Biotreatment of Impacted Sediment

2005  Modeling Fully Coupled Oil – Gas Flow in a Dual-Porosity Medium

2005  Performance of Oil Tank Foundation

2005  Physical Properties of Vegetable Oil and Chlorinated Ethene Mixtures

2005  Removal of Oil from Water by Bentonite Organoclay

2005  Test Shows Remote Sensing System Can Detect Oil in Ice

2005  Tracking Seep Oil from Seabed to Sea Surface and Beyond at Coal Oil Point, California

2005  Will There be Oil? Current Views on Supply

2004  Cost/Benefit Analysis of Oily Water Discharge Regulations in Egypt

2004  Guidelines for the Periodic Inspection of Marine Oil Terminals

2004  Joint Effort Rapid Response Minimizes Downtime During Fuel Oil Dock Replacement

2004  NewsBriefs: Construction Begins on Oil Pipeline (China View (

2004  Ongoing Determinations for Applicability and Compliance for the Oil and Natural Gas MACT

2004  A Successful Approach to Site Remediation and Redevelopment of Property Contaminated with Oil Field Wastes

2004  Wax Protection for Ground Anchors

2003  Behavior of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sands and Sandstones

2003  Instability of Hydrocarbon Films over Mineral Surfaces: Microscale Experimental Studies

2003  NewsBriefs: New Technologies Necessary to Maintain Oil Supplies (

2003  Removal of Oil from Gas Station Runoff Using Biomass

2003  Removal of Oil Grease and Chemical Oxygen Demand from Oily Automotive Wastewater by Adsorption after Chemical De-emulsification

2002  Engineering Standards for the Marine Oil Terminals and Natural Hazard Threats

2002  Implication of Oil and Grease Measurement in Stormwater Management Systems

2002  Microbial Ecology of Oil Degrading Porous Pavement Structures

2002  Modeling Underwater Oil/Gas Jets and Plumes: Comparison with Field Data

2002  Survey of Oil Water Separators and Drainage Design Aspects at Transformer Stations

2002  Used Oil Policies to Protect the Environment: An Overview of Canadian Experiences

2001  Effects of Operating Parameters in Tubular Ultrafiltration

2001  New Engineering Standards for Marine Oil Terminal Design and Maintenance

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. I: Numerical Model

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. II: Waves

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. III: Containment Failure

2001  Operation of Full-Scale Oily Wastewater Treatment System

2001  Pretreatment of Industrial Oil Contact Wastewater

2001  Slurry-Phase Experiments as Screening Protocol for Bioremediation of Complex Hydrocarbon Waste

2001  Space Solar Power

1999  Creating Fuel Oil from Wastewater Sludge

1999  Disposal of Oil Field Wastes and NORM Wastes into Salt Caverns

1999  Engineers Use Snout to Catch Debris