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2015  Analysis of Fluid-Solid Coupling Characteristics of Oil and Gas Submarine Span Pipelines

2014  Condition Prediction Models for Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Regression Analysis

2014  Fuzzy-Based Model for Predicting Failure of Oil Pipelines

2014  Wellhead Choke Performance in Oil Well Pipeline Systems Based on Genetic Programming

2013  Analysis on Bimetallic Lined Pipe for Sour Service in Oil and Gas Field

2013  Cutting Experiments of Single-Layer Oil Pipeline

2013  Energy Consumption Evaluation Method of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  Evaluation of the Experimental Results of Oil Heated and Added Depressant on An Yong Oil Pipeline

2013  The Failure Probability Analysis and Applied Research of the Flood Damage to the Submerged Wall

2013  Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis for the Seismic Design of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  FEM Simulation of Deformation and Damage Rule of Cutoff Wall under Rainfall Erosion Effect

2013  The Gully Head in the Loess Plateau and the Protection of the Gully Head for Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering

2013  The Jump-Out Failure Analysis of Long, Round Thread Casing

2013  Key Problem and Technical Research of Optic-Fiber Cable Buried in Same Trench with Oil (Gas) Pipeline Project

2013  Overview of Oil and Gas Pipeline Failure Database

2013  Quantitative Risk Analysis of Oil-Gas Pipeline Corrosion Damage

2013  A Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment Method for Station Pipeline of Pump & Compressor Station

2013  Stress Analysis of Oil Pipeline in the Tunnel

2013  Study on Strength Safety of Oil and Gas Pipelines Crossing Water Areas

2012  An Analysis of River Washout Influence and Protective Measures of Long-Distance Gas and Oil Pipelines

2012  Analysis on the Oil Transport Pipeline Unsteady Operation

2012  Application of Anti-Collapse Aluminum Matrix Drilling Fluid System in Jilin Oilfield

2012  Application of Fault Tree Analysis in the Reliability Analysis of Oil-Gas Long Pipeline

2012  CFD for Multiphase Flow Transport of Buried Crude Oil Pipeline Leakage

2012  Corrosion Control and On-Line Monitoring in Produced Water Reinjection Pipeline System of Shengli Oilfield, China

2012  Dynamic Response Analysis on Oil and Gas Shared Suspension Pipeline Bridge under Seismic Loading

2012  The Effect of Temper Temperature on Property and Microstructure of X80 Induction Bends

2012  Establishment and Analysis of Congelation Fault Tree for Crude Oil Transportation Pipeline

2012  Health Diagnosis Technology for Offshore Oil Pipelines—A Case Study

2012  Leak Detection Methods Overview and Summary

2012  Nonlinear Dynamic Response Analysis of Oil/Gas Pipeline under Seismic Loads

2012  Oil Pipeline Flange Leakage Analysis and Countermeasures

2012  Pipeline System Optimization Research for the No. 9 Oil Production Company in Daqing

2012  Research of Heating Oil Pipeline Leak Detection Based on Negative Pressure Wave

2012  Study of Closed-Loop Management in Pipeline Integrity

2012  Study on Geological Hazard Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects

2012  Study on the Wear and Cutting Mechanism of Oil Pipeline Cutting with Diamond Wire Saw

2012  Study Situation and Analysis of Oil and Gas Pipeline Health Detection Technology

2012  A Systematic Limit-State Design Approach for Finite Element Analysis of Buried Oil Transporting Pipeline

2012  Wax Deposition Law Study for Oil Transportation Pipeline with Phase Equilibrium

2011  Adaptation and Optimization of Oil Pipeline Nets in Chengdao Oilfield

2011  Applicability Analysis of Trenchless Corrosion Detecting Methods on Oil Pipeline

2011  Application of 3S Technologies in the Pipeline Industry

2011  Application of Metal Magnetic Memory Method in Long-Distance Oil and Gas Pipeline Defects Detection

2011  The Application of SCADA System in an Old Crude Trunk Line

2011  Application Progress of Oil and Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Technology

2011  Applied Research of Improved Electromagnetic-Like Mechanism Algorithm in the Layout Optimization of Oilfield Water Injecting Pipeline Network

2011  Design and Selection of the Project Scheme of Qing-Tie Oil Pipeline River-Crossing

2011  Effect of nm-SiO2 on the Matrix and Aramid Fiber/Epoxy Composite Applied to the Repair and Reinforcement of Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Energy Consumption Analysis and Assessment for Northeastern Crude Oil Pipeline Network in China

2011  Experimental Study on Water Cut Oil Flowing in Nanometer Coated Pipeline

2011  Fuzzy Assessment of Leakage Detection Technology for Crude Oil Pipeline

2011  High Consequence Areas (HCAs) Assessment for Long-Distance Oil/Gas Pipeline

2011  Identifying Minimum Safe Distance between Adjacent Parallel Pipelines

2011  Investigation of the Key Technology for Large-Scale Directional Drilling Crossing for Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Load Distribution Analysis of Premium Threaded Casing Connection

2011  Numerical Simulation of Ground Surface Temperature Field of Buried Oil Pipeline with Multi-Spot Leakage

2011  Numerical Simulation Research on the Reliability of Oil/Gas Pipelines Based on Semi-Analytical Method

2011  Oil and Gas Pipeline Quantitative Risk Assessment System Development with Intermediate Database Technology

2011  Oil/Gas Pipeline Typical Third-Party Endanger Reliability Research Considering Failure Transfer/Model Correlation

2011  Prevention of Long-Buried Oil Pipeline Oil Theft Detection Technology

2011  Principle and Technical Characteristics of Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method Inspection for Oil and Gas Pipeline

2011  Quantitative Analysis of Circumferential Magnetic Flux Leakage (CMFL) Signal for Oil and Gas Pipeline Based on RBF Neural Network

2011  Research on Risk Management and Emergency Response of Oil Pipeline Based on WebGIS

2011  Research on the Application of UAV Remote Sensing in Geologic Hazards Investigation for Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Risk Analysis of Oil Pipeline under Collapse and Rockfall at Different Heights of Rock Slope

2011  Safe Evaluation of AC Interference on an Oil Products Pipeline

2011  Scheme Design of the Digital Management System of Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Simulating the Working Conditions of Pipeline System with Control Valves

2011  Simulation Testing on the Shutdown and Safe Restart of Crude Oil Pipelines

2011  Stability Analysis on Truss Overhead Crossing Structure of Oil and Gas Transmission Pipeline

2011  Stress Analysis in the Structural Design of a Pipeline at an Offshore Oil Field

2011  Study of Curing Reaction Kinetics and Dynamic Mechanical Property on nm-SiO2/Epoxy Used As the Matrix of Fiber Reinforced Composite Applied to the Repair and Local Reinforcement of Oil and Gas Pipelines

2011  Study on Compensation of Bent Pipes in Subsea LNG Cryogenic Pipeline

2011  Study on Influence Factors to Application of Large-Scale HDD to Oil and Gas Pipe Installation

2011  Study on Leakage Detection and Location Technology for Oil Transportation Pipelines Based on Infrasonic Wave

2011  Study on the Anticorrosion Technology of Buried Oil Pipelines

2011  Study on the Heavy Oil Pipeline Heating Transportation in Fengcheng Oilfield

2011  Submarine Pipeline HSE Management System and Application

2011  Treatment Measures on Scale Forming in Oilfield Pipeline

2010  Analysis of Interaction Mechanism between Slips and Drill Rod

2010  Development of an Innovative Free-Swimming Device for Detection of Leaks in Oil and Gas Pipelines

2010  Feasibility and Legality of Using Peaceful Nuclear Explosions to Plug Oil Leaks Emanating from Deep Reservoirs

2010  The Rehabilitation of a Crude Oil Cased Crossing by the Insertion of a Self-Monitoring Layered Thermoplastic Composite Pipe with High Pressure Capability: A Case Study

2009  Analysis of Influence Factors on Limit Obliquity of Inclined Well for Oil-Gas Pipeline Crossing along Soil Slope

2009  The Analysis of Seismic Vulnerability for Oil and Gas Long Distance Pipeline Based on Holistic Risk Fuzzy Analytical Approach

2009  Application of Non-Stop Plugging Technique with Expansive Cylinder in the Alteration of Inshore Oil and Gas Pipelines

2009  Application of Oil Pipeline Leakage Detection and Location System Based on Negative Pressure Wave Theory

2009  Commonly Used Methods of Underwater Cutting and Diamond Wire Saw Cutting

2009  Compound Pipes in Oil and Gas Engineering

2009  Corrosion Analysis of Gathering Pipeline in Oil Field

2009  Design and Realization of Safety Monitoring and Controlling System for Pipelines in Oil Depot

2009  Design of Automatic Submarine Oil and Gas Pipeline Tapping Machine

2009  The Design of Trenchless Detection Technology Equipment of Small-Caliber Oil and Gas Pipeline

2009  The Determination of Optimal Rescue Route Based on Gas and Oil Pipeline GIS

2009  Energy Loss Analysis and Conservation Potential Prediction for the Pipelines Network of Oil and Gas Gathering and Transferring System

2009  The Estimation to the Service Life of Casing in Salt Formation

2009  The Exertion of GO Method in Reliability Analysis of Length Oil and Gas Pipeline under Third-Party Damage

2009  Failure Types of FRP Pipe in Oil and Gas Engineering

2009  Hydraulic Calculation for Subsea Pipeline of Water and W/O Emulsion Multiphase Flow with Variation Mass and Viscosity