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Found 88 Records with the keyword term of "Odors"

2014  Experimental Evaluation of the Stoichiometry of Sulfide-Related Concrete Sewer Corrosion

2014  Occurrence and Removal of Earthy-Musty Odorants in Two Waterworks in Kinmen Island, Taiwan

2013  Degree of Hazardous Reduction of Secondary Aluminum Dross Using Ferrous Chloride

2012  Municipal Wastewater Sludge Stabilization and Treatment Using Electrochemical Oxidation Technique

2011  Flexible Tube Could Reduce Sewer Odors

2011  Multistaged Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Processes

2010  Tire-Derived Steel for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Landfill Cover

2009  ’Electronic Nose’ Aims to Improve Chemical Sensing Capabilities

2009  Retrofitting of an Industrial Chemical Scrubber into a Biotrickling Filter: Perfomance at a Gas Contact Time below 1 s

2008  Development and Evaluation of a Copolymer for Removal of Taste and Odor Causing Compounds from Lake Michigan Water

2008  Odor Control in the 21st Century: Why 99% H2S Removal May Not Meet Client Needs

2008  Sorption of Tertiary Butyl Mercaptan to Indoor Materials in Contact with Air or Water

2006  Commercial Odor-Reducing Agents for Minimizing the Odor Potential of Asphalt Binders

2006  Electronic Nose — Membrane Interface Probe for Geoenvironmental Site Characterization

2006  Modeling Ventilation Phenomenon in Sanitary Sewer Systems: A System Theoretic Approach

2006  Statistical Modeling to Forecast Odor Levels of Biosolids Applied to Reuse Sites

2005  Understanding Factors Affecting Odor Production from Anaerobically Digested Biosolids: Digester SRT, Dewatering and Polymer Type

2005  Wastewater: Fort Worth Takes ’Green’ Approach to Odor Control

2004  Conversion of Full-Scale Wet Scrubbers to Biotrickling Filters for H2S Control at Publicly Owned Treatment Works

2004  Evaluation of Sanitary Sewer Sulfide, Odor, And Corrosion Potential

2003  Field Measurements and Modeling of Two-Stage Biofilter that Treats Odorous Sulfur Air Emissions

2002  Addressing Odor & Corrosion Issues in the Una Community

2001  Warm Wastewater Turbulence Influence on Odor and Corrosion Intensity in a Concrete Sewer

2000  Biosensor for Detecting Odorous Compounds

2000  High-Speed Feedback

2000  Volatile Organic Compounds in New Vehicles: Screening Assessment

1999  New Penetrometer Sniffs Out Soil Contaminants

1998  Odor Control Process Selection Confirmation Using Dispersion Modeling

1998  Powdered Activated Carbon Adsorption of MIB in a Lime Softening Treatment Plant

1998  Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

1998  Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota

1997  CDM Chosen to Relieve Odor

1997  Landfill Operators Combat Smell of Methane Retrieval

1997  Petroleum Environmental Research Forum Field Study on Biofilters for Control of Volatile Hydrocarbons

1996  Comparison of Commonly Used Odor Control Technologies

1996  Gas-Phase Removal of H2S and NH3 with Dielectric Barrier Discharges

1996  Study of Biological Reactors for Control of Odor, VOC and Toxic Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants

1996  Water-Treatment Plant Helps Clean the Air of Jupiter

1995  Camden Composting

1995  Completely Enclosed Conveyance System for High Solids Content Dewatered Biosolids

1995  Forced Ventilation Solves Odor Problem at New Jersey Treatment Plant

1995  Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants

1995  Puente Hills Reclaimed Water Distribution System

1994  Control of Odor and VOC Emissions at Wastewater Treatment Plants -Boston Harbor Case Study-

1993  Proactive Odor Control Using Computer Modeling

1993  Recent Developments in Safety Research from the Gas Research Institute

1993  The West Point Story—Chapter 4: Design

1992  Alkaline Sludge Stabilization Processes Offer Viable Sludge Management Options

1992  Baltimore City’s 1989 Sludge Crisis—A Case History

1992  Determining Causes for Taste and Odor in Bandar Abbas’s Drinking Water

1992  Toward a Low-Emissions Wastewater Treatment Plant

1991  Composting, Past, Present and Future

1991  Continuing Effort to Eliminate Odors at Orange County’s Wastewater Treatment Plants

1991  Seattle Begins Wastewater Upgrade

1990  Field Performance of Activated Carbon Adsorption for Sewage Air

1990  Impact of Alternate Pre-Oxidation and Post-Disinfection Processes on Taste and Odor Characteristics

1990  Surge and Odor Control for Southeast Capital Circle Manifolded Force Main

1990  VOC Removal in Absorption Odor Control Systems

1989  Odors: The Other Effluent

1988  Lessons to be Learned from Lafayette Tennessee’s Small Diameter Sewer System

1988  Odors from Dissolved Air Flotation Process

1987  Digestor Do-Over

1987  Odor Control Strategies and Experience at the Montgomery County Composting Facility

1987  Organoleptic Water Quality: Health and Economic Impacts

1986  Comprehensive Odor Control Programat East Bay Municipal Utility District (SD-1)

1986  Olfactory Quantification of Sewage Odors

1985  Analysis of Odors from Polluted Bay Ecosystems

1985  Performance Prediction for Removal of Odorous Organics From Drinking Water by Adsorption

1984  Wet Scrubber Design for Odor Control

1983  Model of Vacuum Deodorization of Sludge Odorants

1982  An Odor Based Air Pollution Survey Program

1982  Scrubbing Odors from Wastewater Treatment

1981  Effects of Ozonation on Chemical Characteristics of Sludges

1981  Odor Studies of Three Illinois Impoundments

1980  Air Quality Modeling of A Sewage Treatment Plant

1980  Atmospheric Sublayer Transport and Odor Control

1980  Evaluating Odor Reduction Technologies: Model

1980  In Situ Tests by Flat Dilatometer

1978  Evaluation of Sludge Odor Control Alternatives

1975  Recording Rapid Settlement by the Oedometer

1954  Algae Responsible for Odor and Taste in Water Supplies

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: Control of Odors from Sewage Treatment Plants

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: Elimination of Odors From Garbage Disposal Works

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: Laws Relating to Obnoxious Odors

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: Methods for Determining the Origin, Prevalence and Effect of Obnoxious Odors and the Evaluation of an Odor Nuisance

1926  Detection and Elimination of Odors: A Symposium: The Detection and Elimination of Odors From Oil Refineries

1922  Odors and their Travel Habits