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2008  Storm QuickLook and Reporting Tools: Coastal Oceanographic and Meteorological Monitoring and Analysis for Tropical Cyclone Events

2006  Modeling of Seabed Interaction of Oceanographic Moorings in the Frequency Domain

2006  Nonlinear Phase Speeds and Depth Inversions

2005  Applying Scientists: Facilitating Education Outreach at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

2005  Evaluation and Improvement of Geopositioning Accuracy of IKONOS Stereo Imagery

2005  Evaluation of Oceanographic Microstructure Methods for Hydraulics Problems

2005  Modeling of Seabed Interaction of Oceanographic Moorings in the Frequency Domain

2005  The Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study: A National Model for Applied Oceanographic Research and Monitoring

2004  The Development of a 40 Year Wave Climate for the Entire Chilean Coastline

2004  Evaluation of High-Resolution Atmospheric Analyses and Forecasts for the Narragansett Bay Region

2004  IM2: A Web-based Dissemination System for Now and Forecast Data Products

2003  Under Sea Engineering: Underwater Project Will Wire Floor of Monterey Bay

2002  Dade County, Florida Deep Water Sand Search Study

2002  Frequency Properties of the Rainflow Filter—Some Examples in Oceanography

2002  The Halekulani Sand Channel and Makua Shelf Sediment Deposits: Are They a Sand Resource for Replenishing Waikiki’s Beaches?

2002  SHOALS Surveys and Carbonate Beaches

2000  The Coastal Marine Demonstration Project

2000  A PC-Based Visualization System for Coastal Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling

2000  Skill Assessment Methods for NOS Forecast Systems

1999  Correlating Oceanographic Processes with Seabed Change: Mouth of the Columbia River, U.S.A.

1998  Bio-Enrichment by Ocean Upwelling Along the West Coast of North America

1998  Climate Change and the California Current Ecosystem

1998  The Effect of El Niño on Coastal New Production

1998  An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

1998  A Kalman Filter for Wave Data Assimilation in WAM

1998  Open Boundary Conditions for Use in Coastal Models

1998  Real Time Oceanographic Data from the Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study Used for Oil Spill Response

1997  The Influence of Long Waves on Macrotidal Beach Morphology

1996  Dynamic Processes on a Ridge and Runnel Beach

1996  Melnikov Processes and Noise-Induced Exits from a Well

1994  Coastal and Oceanographic Impact of Hurricane Andrew

1994  Coastal Engineering Data Retrieval System (CEDRS)

1994  Estimation of Design Surge Heights by Utilizing Meteorologic and Oceanographic Data

1994  Implementation and Validation of a Global Third-Generation Wave Model at Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center

1993  Long Term Wave Statistics

1993  The Role of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Addressing Marine Coastal Zone Issues

1992  Shoreline Profile of Stokes-Mode Edge Waves

1992  Tidal Influence on the Stratification of the Miramichi Estuary

1991  Comparison of Wave Hindcast Methods for Lower Gulf of Thailand

1991  Mixing and Dispersion Processes in the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall System in Southern California

1991  A New Approach to Ocean Data Management

1991  NOAA’s Tampa Bay Oceanography Project

1991  Oceanographic Earth Observations by Space Shuttle Astronauts

1991  Opportunities in Applied Oceanography in the California Current

1991  Photography from Space as Environmental Regulatory Tool: Remote Sensing and the Prosecutor

1991  Program for Fisheries Management and Environment Monitoring of Exclusive Economic Zone RJ - Brasil

1991  Sonar Mapping of Giant Kelp Density and Distribution

1990  Hydrodynamic Phase Diagrams for Microstructure in Stratified Flows

1990  The Potential Energy of Overturns in Stably Stratified Grid Turbulence

1989  Advanced Technology for Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—MOAM Practical Scheme

1989  Advanced Technology for the Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—Conceptual Image and MOAM Planning

1989  Analysis on SLAR Images of Internal Waves

1989  The Argos Satellite Data Collection and Location System

1989  Computer-Worded Marine Forecasts

1989  Digital Interactive Ocean Feature Analysis Techniques in an Operational Environment

1989  Emission Rate of Dimethyl Sulfide at the Atmospheric-Oceanic Interface and its Role in Global Climate Change

1989  Geocosta Operations—A Program of Oceanographic Expeditions for the Brazilian Inner Shelf

1989  Habitat Use by Fish in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea

1989  Low Cost Wave Measurement Program

1989  Marine Data Platforms—An Interactive Inventory

1989  OCSEAP Data and Information Management

1989  Phytoplankton Productivity in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

1989  The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS)

1989  Waves in Turning Wind Fields

1987  The Applicability of Satellite Altimetry Data to Tidal Models

1987  The NOS Experience in Real-Time Measurements of Tidal Currents

1985  Longterm Changes of Tidal Regime in the German Bight (North Sea)

1985  Oil Spill Risk Assessment for Marine Vessels

1985  A Preliminary Study on the Comprehensive Exploitation of Coast Zone Resources in the Southern Fujian

1985  Radioactivity in the Ocean: Laws and Biological Effects

1985  The Review of the Comprehensive Survey of the Coastal Zone of China

1983  The California-National Ocean Survey Marine Boundary Program: 1973-1982

1982  Acoustic Techniques for Offshore Positioning

1982  Research Needs in Marine Surveying

1982  A South African Wave Climate Study

1981  Deep Water Renewal in Subarctic Fjord

1980  Considerations in the Design of an Offshore Data Collection Program

1980  Dense Bottom Currents in Rotating Ocean

1980  Eddy Currents and Sediment Transport Off the Damietta Nile

1980  HF Radar Mapping of Extensive Ocean Windfields

1980  Microdroplets and Transport of Moisture from Ocean

1980  Modeling Three-Dimensional Wind-Induced Flows

1980  Offshore Platforms and Pipelines in Mississippi River Delta

1980  On the Correction of Land-Based Wind Measurements for Oceanographic Applications

1980  Port Valdez Environmental Studies: 1976-1978

1980  Sources of Measured Wave Data

1980  Tidal Power from Rectangular Estuaries: Tidal Dynamics Constraints

1980  Tsunamis Along West Coast of Luzon, Philippines

1979  Hydrodynamic Coefficients for Flexible Drogues

1979  Strategies for Implementing Reliability in Offshore Design Codes

1979  Surveying and Mapping Research 1978-1988: An Overview

1978  Efficient Pressure Solutions for Circulation Prediction

1978  June 1976 Pollution of Long Island Ocean Beaches

1978  Linear and Nonlinear Wave Action Estimates

1978  Review of Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flow

1978  Rip Currents and Their Causes

1977  Analytical Model of Dispersion in Tidal Fjords

1977  Effects of Nonlinearities on Wave Power Estimates

1977  Status of Ocean Dumping Research in New York Bight

1976  Coastal Dispersion of Pollutants