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2013  Experimental Study of Local Scour around Twin Piles in Oscillatory Flows

2013  An HPC Framework for Large Scale Simulations and Visualizations of Oil Spill Trajectories

2013  Sailing Solar-Cell Raft Project and Weather and Marine Conditions in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean

2012  Critical Suspended Length of an Inshore Pipeline under Wave Conditions

2012  An Engineering Approach for Modeling Hurricane Extreme Waves Using Analytical and Numerical Tools

2012  Ocean Current Inference Using Towed Cable Hydrodynamics

2012  Response of Porous Seabed to Nature Loadings: Waves and Currents

2011  NewsBriefs: Pacific Ocean Site Selected for Wave Energy Testing Facility (Oregon State University)

2011  Ocean-Wave Forces on Circular Cylindrical Piles

2011  Surfability: A Proposed Scale for Surfable Waves

2011  Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

2010  Closed-Form Expressions for Determining the Fatigue Damage of Structures Due to Ocean Waves

2010  Infragravity Wave Motions and Runup over Shallow Fringing Reefs

2008  Bed-Shear Stress in Turbulent Wave-Current Boundary Layers

2008  An Estimation Method for Potential Maximum Storm Surge Heights Using a New Tropical Cyclone Initialization Scheme and a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave Model

2008  NewsBriefs: Light Waves Model Giant Ocean Waves (University of California, Los Angeles)

2008  Wave Simulation in the Outer Río de la Plata Estuary: Evaluatoin of SWAN Model

2007  Ocean Currents-Induced Pipeline Lateral Stability on Sandy Seabed

2006  Parameter Variation and Part-Load Efficiencies of Wave Energy Conversion

2005  Development of an Online Coastal Wave Prediction System

2005  A Monte Carlo Approach for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Extreme Wave Conditions

2005  Offshore Engineering: Wave Farm Harnesses Ocean’s Energy

2005  Significance of Short Crested and Diffracted Waves on Full Scale Motion Correlation of a Truss Spar

2005  Spatial Significant Wave Height Variation Assessment and Its Estimation

2004  Buildings: Coastal Art Gallery Confronts Wind, Waves

2004  Use of Numerical and Statistical Wave Models in the Structural Design and Operational Analysis of Harbor and Near-shore Structures

2004  Wave Agitation Studies for Port Expansion - Salalah, Oman

2002  Active Wave Absorption in Flumes and 3D Basins

2002  An Analysis of ADCP Wave Directional Distributions with Comparison to Triplet Measurement Techniques Using ADCP and Triplet Data

2002  Analysis of Characteristics of Wind and Wave Near Centers of Typhoons Using Data Observed by Satellites

2002  Analysis of Direction Spectra in Shallow Environment: Comparison of Field Data and Results from Mathematical Modeling

2002  Analysis on Typhoon-Induced Shoreline Changes Using Remote Sensed Images

2002  Analytical Solution of One-Dimensional Bay Forced by Sea Breeze

2002  Application of Nautical Radar to the Field Observation of Waves and Currents

2002  Application of Permeable Groins on Tourist Shore Protection

2002  Application of S-Transforms to the Study of Modulational Interactions of Waves

2002  An Application of Wavelet Transform Analysis to Landslide-Generated Impulse Waves

2002  Benchmark Cases for Tsunamis Generated by Underwater Landslides

2002  Berm for Reducing Wave Overtopping at Commercial Port Road, Guam

2002  A Biomodal Directional Distribution Model for Directional Buoy Measurements

2002  Boussinesq Waves on Vertically Sheared Currents

2002  Breaking in a Spectral Wave Model

2002  Case Study on the Statistical Characteristics of Large Wave Heights in Storm

2002  A Case Studying of Wave Transformation at Starling Creek Marina

2002  Characteristic Modes of the “Andreanov Tsunami” Based on the Hilbert-Huang Transformation

2002  Climatic and Maximum Wave Spectra from Long-Term Measurements

2002  Collision of Solitary Waves in Branching Channels

2002  Combining Phase-Resolving Wave Models with Photogrammetric Measurement Techniques

2002  Comparison of Methods for Recovering Surface Waves from Pressure Transducers

2002  Comparisons of Wave Measurements from the Eurorose Fedje Experiment

2002  A Coupled Wave, Current, and Sediment Transport Modeling System

2002  Current-Field Measurement around Low-Crested Structures

2002  A Curvilinear Boussinesq Model and Its Application

2002  DAAT—A New Technique for Wave Directional Analysis

2002  Depth-Limited Wave Breaking for the Design of Nearshore Structures

2002  Design Wave Evaluation for Coastal Protection Structures in the Wadden Sea

2002  Determination of Bathymetry Using Marine Radar Images of Waves

2002  The Development of a New Segmented Deepwater Wave Generator

2002  Directional Spectra of Short Sea Waves and Comparison with Microwave Backscatter

2002  Directional Spreading in Ocean Swell

2002  Directional Wave Transformation Induced by a Cylindrical Permeable Pile

2002  Discrepancies in Design Wave Based on Source and Location of Wave Data

2002  Do Strong Winds Blow Waves Flat?

2002  Effect of Reflective Structures on Undertow Distribution

2002  The Effect of Swell on the Generation and Dissipation of Wind Sea

2002  The Effect of Wave Action on Structures with Large Cracks

2002  Effects of Cross-Shore Boundaries on Longshore Current Simulations

2002  Effects of Frequency-Directional Spreading on the Longshore Current

2002  Effects of Natural Sea States on Wave Overtopping of Seadikes

2002  Effects of Nonlinearity and Bottom Friction on Hurricane-Generated Storm Surge in Central Pacific Ocean

2002  Erosional Hot Spot Prediction through Wave Analysis

2002  Estimating Overtopping Impacts in Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors with a Distorted-Scale Physical Model

2002  Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra from Non-Stationary Wave Sensors

2002  Estimation of JONSWAP Spectral Parameters by Using Dependent-Variables Analysis

2002  Estimation of Wave Directional Spreading

2002  Evaluation of the Swan Wave Model for the Dutch Ijsselmeer Area

2002  Evaluation of Wamos II Wave Data

2002  Evidence of Near-Surface Density Stratification as a Factor in Extreme Seiche Events at Ciutadella Harbor, Menorca Island

2002  Evolution of Bubbly Flow in the Surf Zone

2002  Experimental Investigations of Wave Propagation over the Swash Zone

2002  Extended Mild-Slope Equation for Random Waves

2002  Extension and Modification of Discrete Interaction Approximation (DIA) for Computing Nonlinear Energy Transfer of Gravity Wave Spectra

2002  Extension of the Discrete Interaction Approximation for Computing Nonlinear Quadruplet Wave-Wave Interactions in Operational Wave Prediction Models

2002  Extreme Value Analysis Model for Censored Sample and Its Application to the Measurement Data

2002  Extreme Wave Analysis Using Satellite Data

2002  Extreme Waves Observed by Synthetic Aperture Radar

2002  Feasibility of Measuring Currents in the Nearshore from a Personal Water Craft

2002  Field Measurements and Laboratory Investigations on Wave Propagation and Wave Run-Up

2002  A Finite Element Method for the 1-Term Weakly Nonlinear Beji-Nadaoka Wave Model

2002  Finite Volume Schemes for the Boussinesq Equations

2002  Fitting the Long Term Bivariate Distribution of Wave Heights and Periods to a Theoretical Model

2002  Flexible Boundary Conditions for a Boussinesq-Type Wave Model

2002  Fluidization Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport by Water Waves

2002  Frequency Properties of the Rainflow Filter—Some Examples in Oceanography

2002  Fully Nonlinear Waves and Their Kinematics: NWT Simulation Vs. Experiment

2002  A Generalized Absorbing Boundary Condition for Elliptic Harbor Wave Models

2002  Generation of Secondary Waves Due to Wave Propagation over a Bar: A Field Investigation

2002  Generation of Seiches by Two Types of Cold Fronts

2002  Global Ocean Wave Measurements Using Complex Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

2002  Growth Rates and Equilibrium Amplitudes of Forced Seiches in Closed Basins