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2015  Assessment of Seismic Performance of Buildings with Incorporation of Aftershocks

2015  Beach Profile Model with Size-Selective Sediment Transport. II: Numerical Modeling

2015  Dynamic Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge in Alicante, Spain

2015  Engineered Injection and Extraction for In Situ Remediation of Sorbing Solutes in Groundwater

2015  Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Tongue-and-Groove Plank Wood Decking under the Effects of Concentrated Loads

2015  Experimental Study and Numerical Investigation of Blockhaus Shear Walls Subjected to In-Plane Seismic Loads

2015  Flexural and Torsional Buckling Behavior of Eccentrically Compressed Laminated Glass Elements with a Viscoelastic PVB Interlayer

2015  Improving the Performance of Intelligent Back Analysis for Tunneling Using Optimized Fuzzy Systems: Case Study of the Karaj Subway Line 2 in Iran

2015  Investigation of Panel Flutter under the Effect of Liquid Sloshing

2015  Local-Global Interaction Buckling of Stainless Steel I-Beams. II: Numerical Study and Design

2015  Mechanical Behavior and Modeling of Dowelled Steel-to-Timber Moment-Resisting Connections

2015  Modeling and Shock Tube Testing of Architectural Glazing Systems for Blast Resistance

2015  Numerical Modeling of Geotextile-Reinforced Embankments over Deep Cement Mixed Columns Incorporating Strain-Softening Behavior of Columns

2015  Numerical Modeling of the RAP Construction Process and Its Effects on RAP Behavior

2015  Numerical Simulation of Active Heat Injection and Anomalous Seepage near an Earth Dam-Concrete Interface

2015  Off-Stream Floodplain Storage: Numerical Modeling and Experimental Analysis

2015  One-Day-Ahead Streamflow Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and a Meteorological Mesoscale Model

2014  3D Numerical Modeling of Sediment Resuspension Induced by the Compounding Effects of Ship-Generated Waves and the Ship Propeller

2014  Ancient Stone Bridge Surveying by Ground-Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling Methods

2014  Application of Formal and Informal Bayesian Methods for Water Distribution Hydraulic Model Calibration

2014  Beyond Code-Based Design: Use of Advanced Numerical Modeling to Support Design of Los Angeles’s Headworks Reservoir

2014  Breakage Characteristics and Crushing Mechanism of Cement Materials Using Point-Loading Tests and the Discrete-Element Method

2014  Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Experimental Jet Erosion Tests Results

2014  Continuously Stiffened Composite Web Shear Links: Tests and Numerical Model Validation

2014  CS3: Large Strain Consolidation Model for Layered Soils

2014  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact of Wetland Loss: Numerical Modeling Study of the Rideau River Watershed, Canada

2014  Design-Oriented Model for Capturing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Partition Walls

2014  Effect of Surcharge Pressure on Pile Static Axial Load Test Results

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2014  Enclosed Circular Coal Yard: Experimental Study, Numerical Modeling, and Engineering Design

2014  Energy Response of Idealized Composite Sandwich Panels under Blast Loads

2014  Evaluation of Data Analysis Methods for the CRS Consolidation Test

2014  Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Concrete-Filled Crisscross Steel Tubular Columns Subjected to Earthquake Loads

2014  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using Elliptical Ring Specimens

2014  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Woodframe Sheathing Layer Combinations for Use in Strength-Based and Performance-Based Design

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Particle Kinematics in Shotcrete

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Motion of Discrete Air Pockets in Pressurized Water Flows

2014  Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Peak Shear Stress of Brick Masonry Mortar Joint under Compression

2014  Experimental Slender Wing Model Design by the Application of Aeroelastic Scaling Laws

2014  Failure Analysis, Condition Assessment Technologies, and Performance Prediction of Prestressed-Concrete Cylinder Pipe: State-of-the-Art Literature Review

2014  Geo-Congress 2014, Technical Papers and Keynote Lectures

2014  Geo-Congress 2014 Keynote Lectures, Geo-Characterization and Modeling for Sustainability

2014  Geo-Congress 2014 Technical Papers, Geo-characterization and Modeling for Sustainability

2014  GIS-Based Numerical Modeling of Aquifer Recharge and Saltwater Intrusion in Arid Southeastern Tunisia

2014  Improving the Evaluation of Slit-Check Dam Trapping Efficiency by Using a 1D Unsteady Flow Numerical Model

2014  Laboratory Observations and Numerical Simulations of Wave Height Attenuation in Heterogeneous Vegetation

2014  Large-Deformation Numerical Modeling of Short-Term Compression and Uplift Capacity of Offshore Shallow Foundations

2014  Large-Scale Experiment and Numerical Modeling of a Riverine Levee Breach

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2014  Mesoscale Modeling of Chloride Penetration in Unsaturated Concrete Damaged by Freeze-Thaw Cycling

2014  Migration of High-Pressure Air during Gas Well Drilling in the Appalachian Basin

2014  Model for Coupled Large-Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport under Constant Rate of Strain

2014  Modeling Attenuation of Storm Surge over Deformable Vegetation: Methodology and Verification

2014  Modeling of a Transient Event in the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan System in Chicago, Illinois

2014  Novel Numerical Approach for 1D Variable Density Shallow Flows over Uneven Rigid and Erodible Beds

2014  Numerical Modeling of a Highway Embankment Using Geofoam Material as Partial Fill Replacement

2014  Numerical Modeling of an Embankment over Soft Ground Improved with Deep Cement Mixed Columns: Case History

2014  Numerical Modeling of Cellular Reinforced Fly Ash Walls Subjected to Strip Loading

2014  Numerical Modeling of Conventional Steel Stud Walls’ Static Resistance for Blast Response Predictions

2014  Numerical Modeling of Frozen Soils

2014  Numerical Modeling of Ground Temperature Response in a Ground-Source Heat Pump System (GSHP)

2014  Numerical Modeling of Shear Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Different Systems

2014  Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Buoyant Wall Jets in Stationary Ambient Water

2014  Numerical Study of Sandbar Migration under Wave-Undertow Interaction

2014  Numerical Study on CFRP Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Masonry Infill Walls

2014  Optimal Management of a Freshwater Lens in a Small Island Using Surrogate Models and Evolutionary Algorithms

2014  Partitioned Analysis of Coupled Numerical Models Considering Imprecise Parameters and Inexact Models

2014  Predicting Soil CO2 Dynamics in Arable Land of Andisol Using the SOILCO2 Model

2014  Seismic Performance of a Hybrid Building System Consisting of a Light Wood Frame Structure and a Reinforced Masonry Core

2014  Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Model Parameters in a Multilayer Root Zone

2014  Shaft Resistance and Setup Factors for Piles Jacked in Clay

2014  Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Numerical Modeling of Structures Impacted by Tsunami Bores

2014  Soil Behavior and Geomechanics

2014  Soil Liquefaction-Induced Uplift of Underground Structures: Physical and Numerical Modeling

2014  State of the Art: Permeability of Asphalt Concrete

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Long-Term Structural Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Transformed Stress Method for Generalizing Soil Constitutive Models

2014  Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Beach Evolution Modeling: Case Study of the Kizilirmak River Mouth, Turkey

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2014  Vertical Stress Isobars for Trenches and Mine Stopes Containing Granular Backfills

2013  Analysis of Concrete Creep in Compression, Tension and Bending: Numerical Modeling

2013  Analytical and Numerical Model of Electro-osmotic Consolidation for Soft Soil Improvement

2013  Application of Numerical Methods for Estimating Settlements Due to Consolidation and Creep - Two Case Histories

2013  Applications of Finite/Discrete Element Modeling to Rock Engineering Problems

2013  Assessing Factors Affecting the Thermal Properties of a Passive Thermal Refuge Using Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flow and Transport Modeling

2013  Back-Calculation of Resilient Modulus of Lightly Stabilized Granular Base Materials from Cyclic Load Testing Facility

2013  Bearing Capacity of Foundations with Inclined Groundwater Seepage

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Cappella dei Principi in Firenze, Italy: Experimental Analyses and Numerical Modeling for the Investigation of a Local Failure

2013  Centrifugal and Numerical Modeling of High and Steep Geosynthetic-Reinforced Slopes

2013  Coastal Engineering Analysis for Airport Improvements, False Pass, AK

2013  Coupling Rock-Fracture Propagation with Thermal Stress and Fluid Flow

2013  Deformation of Reef Breakwaters and Wave Transmission

2013  Effects of Geometrical Parameters on Numerical Modeling of Pavement Granular Material

2013  Evaluating the Fire Response of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Near-Surface-Mounted FRP Reinforcement

2013  Failure Analysis of a Highway Dip Slope Slide

2013  Finite-Volume and Shock-Capturing Shallow Water Equation Model to Simulate Boussinesq-Type Lock-Exchange Flows

2013  Flow and Turbulence Structure past a Cluster of Freshwater Mussels

2013  Ground-Penetrating Radar for Inspection of In-Road Structures and Data Interpretation by Numerical Modeling

2013  Hybrid Simulation of Curved Four-Span Bridge: Comparison of Numerical and Hybrid Experimental/Analytical Results and Methods of Numerical Model Calibration