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Found 100 Records with the keyword term of "Nuclear safety"

2003  NewsBriefs: Group Wins Nuclear Cleanup Contract (Washington Group International, Inc.)

2002  The Chernobyl Problem

2000  Safeguarding Los Alamos

1998  Construction Forum

1998  Millstone Nuclear Plant Will Restart

1996  Retrofitting a Nuclear Lab

1996  Safety Assessment of a Robotic System Handling Nuclear Material

1995  Burnup Verification at Arkansas Nuclear One-Unit 1 Using the Fork Measurement System

1995  Comparative Repository Performance of Plutonium Forms - Initial Studies

1995  Long-Term Criticality Analyses Process

1995  Radioactive Waste Management in Poland Status and Strategy for the Future

1995  Reactivity Effects of Nonuniform Axial Burnup Distributions on Spent Fuel

1995  Update on the PWR Axial Burnup Profile Database

1994  Analyzing Mass Perceptions of Nuclear Politics: Puzzling Over Trust

1994  Avoiding Dual Regulation of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

1994  Burnup Verification Using the Fork Measurement System

1994  Can Long Term Criteria for Deep Disposal be Implemented

1994  Enhancing Nuclear Waste Disposal Safety by Exploiting Regional Groundwater Flow—An Exploratory Proposition

1994  Growing Interest, Growing Programs, Growing Pains: Successfully Customizing Public Outreach

1994  Implementation of Spent Fuel Storage Options - A Utility Project Engineers Perspective

1994  Long Term Nuclear Criticality Potential in Waste Packages

1994  Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Approaches to Improving the Integration of Regulatory Guidance Documents and Prelicensing Reviews

1994  Nuclear Word Images as Policy Instruments

1994  Overview and Status of NRC’s High-Level Waste Repository Program

1994  Repository Criticality Safety for the DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

1994  Role of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s On-Site Representatives in Pre-Licensing Activities for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository

1994  Sand Filter Backwast Pit Criticality Analysis

1994  The Spent Fuel Disposal Program in Taiwan

1994  Staff Technical Position on Consideration of Fault Displacement Hazards in Geologic Repository Design

1994  Status-NRC’s QA Overview of the High-Level Nuclear Waste Geologic Repository

1994  Swiss Guideline: Protection Objectives for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste

1994  Tank Waste Information Network System (TWINS)

1994  Training for Effective Public Outreach: A Model for Transportation Risk Communication Training

1994  The Use of Expert Judgment Elicitation to Predict Future Climate for the Yucca Mountain Nevada Vicinity

1993  Crisis Management Training at Nuclear Facilities: Simulations in Bomb Threats

1993  Nuclear-Waste Study Warns of Unrealistic Deadlines

1993  Recent Improvements in the LLNL PSHA Methodology

1992  ALWP-67: A Little-Known Big Nuclear Accident

1992  Current Perspectives on Performance Assessment at the NRC

1992  The Impact of Risk Communications on Public Understanding: Combining a Survey with an Experiment

1992  In-House Training, Formal Education and Public Outreach

1992  RW-859—A Key Link Between Government and Utilities

1992  Towards Confidence in Transport Safety: Demonstrating an Extraordinary Safety Program

1991  Case Studies in Cooperation with External Groups

1991  Communicating Confidence and Creating Credibility

1991  Failure Modes of Flat Bottom Vertical Storage Tanks

1991  The Licensing Support System (LSS): Who Should Operate it and Will it Work?

1991  MARNIE, a Near Field Transport Model for Radioactive Waste Repositories

1991  The MD Design—A Cool Concept for Geologic Disposal of Radioactive Waste

1991  A Proposed Regulatory Guide Basis for Spent Fuel Decay Heat

1991  Rethinking the Economic factors of Centralized Spent Fuel Storage

1991  Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Disposal: A Priority Area for International Co-operation Within the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

1991  Uncertainty Analysis of Preclosure Accident Doses for the Yucca Mountain Repository

1990  Concrete Cask Storage Technology

1990  Implementation of NUREG 1318 Guidance Within the Yucca Mountain Project

1990  Initiating Event Identification and Screening for Nuclear Waste Repository Preclosure Risk Assessment

1990  Issue Missed Some Issues

1990  Optimal Route Selection for High Level Nuclear Waste Transport Based Upon Radiological Risk

1990  Preparing a Safety Analysis Report Using the Building Block Approach

1989  Positive Influences of Nuclear Construction

1989  Safety Goals, Uncertainties, and Defense in Depth

1989  Wolman’s Words Live on (LTR)

1985  Design of Structures to Resist Nuclear Weapons Effects

1985  Intact Decommissioning Alternative for Nuclear Power Plants

1985  Nuclear Future: Structurals Hope to Make It Safer

1985  Seismic Design-Qualification of Non-Safety Related Items in Safety Related Envelope

1985  Seismic Experience Data—Nuclear and Other Plants

1984  Capability of LMFBR Plant Structures Beyond the Design Base

1984  Evaluation of Non-Ductile Drilled-in Expansion Bolts

1984  Probability of Seismic-Induced DEGB in RCL Piping

1984  A Real-Time Emergency Dose Assessment System for Nuclear Power Plants

1984  Seismic Qualification of Main Control Boards by Combined Mathematical Model and In-situ Modal Test

1984  A Summary of the Seismic Qualification Utilities Group (SQUG) Program

1984  Treatment of Design and Construction Errors in PRA

1983  N-725 Guideline for Design and Analysis of Nuclear Safety Related Earth Structures

1983  R/C Containment Safety under Hydrogen Detonation

1983  Seismic Response of Buried Pipes and Structural Components

1982  Nuclear Safety: A Problem of Technology or Ideology?

1981  The Nuclear License Picture--Overview and Outlook

1981  Nuclear Regulatory Commission Enforcement Policy

1981  Steel Fabrication in the Nuclear Power Industry

1981  Strength and Special Properties of Concrete

1981  USNRC Inspection of Reactors Under Construction

1981  Will Nuclear Power Survive in New England

1979  Hoover Tribute

1979  Is Nuclear Energy Appropriate?

1979  Nuclear Waste Disposal

1979  Nuclear Waste Disposal

1979  Nuclear Waste Disposal

1979  Nuclear Waste Disposal

1979  Nuclear Waste Disposal: Is there a safe solution?

1979  Nuke Hazards Outweigh Benefits?

1979  Residual Projectile Velocity through Concrete

1978  Cost of Social and Environmental Regulations in Construction

1976  ASCE and Nuclear Power Plants

1969  Environmental Protection for Nuclear Applications

1962  Concrete for Shielding Nuclear Radiations

1960  Additional Aspects of the Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant

1960  Containment Studies for an Atomic Power Plant

1958  Blast Phenomena From a Nuclear Burst