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2015  Assessment of the U.S. Nuclear Construction Industry in Terms of Human Capital and Construction Technologies

2014  Analysis of a Large Wide-Body Commercial Plane Impact on CAP1400 Shield Building

2014  Assessment of Critical Construction Engineering and Management Aspects of Nuclear Power Projects

2014  Characteristics of Nuclear Spacecraft in Nano-Gravity for the Deep Space Explorer

2014  Design of Nuclear-Island Fill Concrete

2014  Research of Wave Incoherence Effect of a Nuclear Power Plant on a Soft Soil Site

2014  Synopsis of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Design

2013  Chinese Nuclear Emergency Situations and Suggestions after Fukushima Nuclear Accident

2013  Design Guidelines for the Cracking Control of Thick High-Strength Concrete Members

2013  Dynamic Energy Conversion: Vital Technology for Space Nuclear Power

2013  Fault Model Study on Primary System of Civil Nuclear-Powered Ship

2013  Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Exposed to Nuclear Power Plant Environment

2013  Ice Thermal Storage Systems for Nuclear Power Plant Supplemental Cooling and Peak Power Shifting

2013  NewsBriefs: Hadron Collider Completes Proton Tests (

2013  Nuclear Thermal Propulsion: Past Accomplishments, Present Efforts, and a Look Ahead

2013  The Response Analysis for Buried Pipelines in Nuclear Power Plant Subjected to the Subsidence

2013  Water Content Monitoring for Nuclear Concrete Buildings: Needs, Feedback and Perspectives

2012  Advanced Construction Technologies for the Nuclear Construction Industry

2012  Analysis Recommendations for Steel-Composite (SC) Walls of Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities

2012  Assessment of Public Opposition to Infrastructure Developments: The Case of Nuclear Power Projects

2012  Impact Analysis of Steel Plated Concrete Wall

2012  Impact of Public Policy and Societal Risk Perception on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Construction

2011  Effect of Structure, Soil, and Ground Motion Parameters on Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction of Large Scale Nuclear Structures

2011  EVMS for Nuclear Power Plant Construction: Variables for Theory and Implementation

2011  Government Policy and Future Projection for Nuclear Power in China

2011  In the Wet Placement of Articulated Concrete Block Mat by Divers

2011  Modeling and Analysis for Seismic Evaluation of Nuclear Structures

2011  Options for the Treatment of Uncertainty in Seismic Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants

2011  Prediction of the Siltation in the Intake of Nuclear Power Plant Using the Water Depth Monitoring and Coupled Model

2011  Seismic Isolation of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures

2011  Stakeholder Future Vision Process for the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

2011  World’s Largest Fusion Machine Planned for International Energy Project

2010  Casewise Visual Evaluation for High-Performance Collaborative Visioning of PGDP Nuclear Enrichment Plant End State

2010  Evaluation and Optimization of Cooling Water Use in Nuclear Power Generation

2010  Flood Hazards from Impoundment Failure in Nuclear Power Plant Sites

2010  The Impact of Regulatory Licensing Processes on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Project Performance

2010  NewsBriefs: U.S. Department of Energy Creates Energy Innovation Hub

2010  Sizing Cooling Water Discharge System to Control Water Quality Impacts of Tritium Releases

2009  Assessing Postulated Accidental Releases of Radioactive Liquid Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants

2009  Nuclear Energy and the Management of High-Level Radioactive Waste in Japan

2008  Expanding Existing Nuclear Plants: The Impact on the Thermal Performance of a Cooling Reservoir

2008  Managing Tipping Point Dynamics in Complex Construction Projects

2008  Probable Maximum Precipitation Flooding Analysis for Nuclear Power Plant Permitting

2008  Strain-Dependent Soil Properties Estimated from Downhole Array Recordings at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant during the 2007 Niigata-Ken Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake

2007  Aquatic Assessment of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Its Remediation

2007  Grouting Beneath a Main Output Transformer at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

2007  Using GIS for Pipeline Data Management at the Palo Verde Nuclear Facility

2006  NewsBriefs: Chernobyl Cleanup Delayed for More than a Decade (New Civil Engineer)

2006  NewsBriefs: Leaks Found at Nuclear Power Plants (Chicago Tribune)

2006  NewsBriefs: Two Nuclear Power Plants Planned For Texas (United Press International)

2006  Seismic Performances of Underground RC Structures in Liquefiable Soils in Nuclear Plants

2005  Hazards of Buried Radioactive Wastes from Electricity Generation

2005  The Nuclear Energy Debate and the Importance of Radioactive Waste Management

2005  Seismic Design Criteria for Structures, Systems, and Components in Nuclear Facilities

2005  Thermal Modeling of the Power Plant Cooling Lake System

2004  Concrete Degradation Under Multiple Processes

2004  Performance Simulation of Nuclear Containments for Security

2004  Structural Integrity Assessments of Nuclear Power Plant Containments

2003  Analysis of Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model and Parameter Uncertainty

2003  Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant Repair Project

2003  A Nuclear Power Plant on Karst Terrane?

2003  Technology: Heaviest Vehicle Transports Nuclear Generator

2002  Development of the System of Robotic Complexes for Technical Centers of Russian Ministry of Atomic Industry

2002  Long-Term Modeling of Pittsburgh’s Nine Mile Run for Ecosystem Restoration Analysis

2002  TEDSS—A Software for Evacuating People around Nuclear Power Stations

2001  Nuclear Shutdown

2001  U.S. Missing Nuclear Energy

2000  Capstones of 20th Century Construction, The 75th Anniversary Record of the Construction Division, ASCE 1925-2000

1999  Condition Assessment and Maintenance of Aging Structures in Critical Facilities—A Probabilistic Approach

1999  French Engineers Decommission Nuclear Reactor

1999  Frost Heave Problems Inside a Nuclear Power Plant

1998  Cultivating Near Term Demand for Helium 3

1998  Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

1998  Lunar South Pole Space Water Extraction and Trucking System

1998  Millstone Nuclear Plant Will Restart

1998  Power Satellites for Lunar Development

1997  Angel Villasor, with Long Career as Structural Engineer, Dies at 74

1997  DOE Undersecretary Joins ICF Kaiser

1997  Electric Power Deregulation Hits Resistance

1997  Goals and Procedures Evaluation in Decommissioning Planning

1997  SRA Technologies Gives Life to Dames & Moore

1997  Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelling of Thermal and Chlorine Discharges of a Maritime Nuclear Power Plant

1996  Analysis of Proliferation Risk for Taiwan’s Spent Fuels

1996  Building Codes and Nuclear Plants

1996  Design of an Advanced Fork System for Assembly Burnup Measurement

1996  Evaluation of a Bi-Directional Aluminum Honeycomb Impact Limiter Design

1996  HPS: A Space Fission Power System Suitable for Near-Term, Low-Cost Lunar and Planetary Bases

1996  Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

1996  Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 2: Containment Seal

1996  Local Damage Assessment of Metal Barriers under Turbine Missile Impacts

1996  Methodology to Group DOE Fuels for the Purpose of Repository Technical Acceptance

1996  Nuclear Explosion Near Surface of Asteroids and Comets - II. General Description of the Phenomenon

1996  Parametric Thermal Evaluations of Waste Package Emplacement

1996  Probabilistic Diagnosis of Seismic Design Load—To Harmonize Seismic Design Codes of Various Engineering Structures

1996  Remotely Controlled Salvage Machines

1996  Risk Model Applied Backwards

1996  Robotics for Challenging Environments

1996  Saved by the Net

1996  Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Transfer System

1996  Synthesis of Correlated and Vector-Valued Time Series Based on Random Vibration for Nuclear Piping