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Found 87 Records with the keyword term of "North Sea"

2012  Driving of Foundation Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines

2012  Large-Scale Penetration Test at a Deepwater Site

2011  Dispute between Finland and Denmark on Shipping through the Great Belt

2010  Evaluation of Hutton TLP Response to Environmental Loads

2008  Strategies for Enhancing the Predictive Ability of Sediment Transport Models

2007  Mesoscale Behaviour of Longshore Bars — Net Onshore or Net Offshore Migration

2007  A Probabilistic Investigation of Foundation Design for Offshore Gravity Structures

2006  Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport During a Tidal Cycle on the Kwinte Bank (Southern North Sea)

2006  Interactions of Large-Scale Groyne and Tidal Inlet Migration

2006  Modelling Sand Wave Evolution Using Various Grain Size Dependent Sediment Transport Equations

2005  Deaths during the 1953 North Sea Storm Surge

2005  Management of Risk at the German North Sea Coast with RISC — The Risk Information System Coast

2005  Risk Analysis — A Tool for Coastal Hazard Mitigation

2002  Analysis of Direction Spectra in Shallow Environment: Comparison of Field Data and Results from Mathematical Modeling

2002  Application of S-Transforms to the Study of Modulational Interactions of Waves

2002  Design Wave Evaluation for Coastal Protection Structures in the Wadden Sea

2002  Nearshore Directional Wave Measurements for Regional Coastal Management

2002  Nonlinearity in Successive Wave Crest Height Statistics

2001  Coastal Steepening in Denmark

2001  Fifty Years of Experience with the Implementation of Artificial Sand Nourishment Techniques on the East Frisian Barrier Islands, Germany

2001  Medium-Scale Morphodynamic Modelling in the Meldorf Bight

2001  Ocean to Near-Shore Wave Modelling with SWAN

2001  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Wave Heights: Trading Space for Time

2001  Set-Up of a Hydrodynamic Model for the Meldorf Bight

2001  Uncertainties in Sediment Inputs from Coastal Erosion

1999  Beach Evolution on the Southern North Sea Coast

1999  Change of Mean Tidal Peaks and Range Due to Estuarine Waterway Deepening

1999  Directionality of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone under High-Energy Conditions

1999  The Holocene Coastal Evolution of Eastern England: Evidence from the Offshore Southern North Sea

1999  Oil Spill Detection in the Norwegian Sea Using Spaceborne Synthetic Apeture Radar (SAR) Imagery

1998  Axial Capacity of Offshore Piles in Dense North Sea Sands

1998  Directional Distributions in Wave Spectra

1998  Evaluation of Long Term Dune Recession Data

1998  The SWAN Wave Model Verified Along the Southern North Sea Coast

1998  A Vessel Traffic Simulation Model for the North Sea Channel Area

1998  Wave Crest Distributions: Observations and Second Order Theory

1996  Wetland Restoration in Southern North Sea Coastal Areas: The Experience of Britain and The Netherlands

1995  Design of Breakwaters and Beach Nourishment

1995  Line-Modeling of Shoreface Nourishment

1995  The Maximum Significant Wave Height in the Southern North Sea

1994  Tide- and Stormdriven Sediment Transport on the Inner-Shelf Along the Dutch Coast

1993  Assessment of Coastal Processes for the Design and the Construction of the Zeepipe Landfall in Zeebrugge

1993  Bed Boundary Layers

1993  Case Studies for Coastal Protection: Dithmarschen; Eider Estuary; Sylt

1993  Coastal Morphological Modeling for the Southern North Sea

1993  Coastal Planning for Recreation in Denmark along the North Sea Coast

1993  Coastlines of the Southern North Sea

1993  The Ecosystem of the Wadden Sea

1993  The Effect of Waves on Surges in the North Sea

1993  Fisheries in the Southern North Sea

1993  Geology of the Southern North Sea Basin

1993  Long Term Water Level Observations and Variations

1993  Long Term Wave Statistics

1993  Morphology of the Danish North Sea Coast

1993  Morphology of the Southern North Sea Coast from Cape Blanc-Nez (F) to Den Helder (NL)

1993  The Protection of the Wadden Sea in an International Perspective: Planning, Protection, and Management of the Wadden Sea

1993  The Shaping of the French-Belgian North Sea Coast Throughout Recent Geology and History

1993  The Southern North Sea Functional Uses and Institutional Arrangements

1993  Water Quality Management in the Southern North Sea

1993  Water Quality of the Wadden Sea

1992  Uncertainty and Reliability Analysis of Jacket Platform

1991  Artificial Beach Nourishment on Norderney, A Case Study

1991  Development of Water Level Changes in the German Bight, an Analysis Based on Single Value Time Series

1991  Fate of Dredged Material Dumped Off the Dutch Shore

1991  The International North Sea Conferences: A New Force in Marine Regional Environmental Co-Operation

1991  Long Term Changes in Wind and Wave Climate on the North Sea

1991  Morphologic Response of Tidal Basins to Changes

1991  North Sea Wind Waves on Tides and Storm Surges

1991  Quantifying Mud Exchange Between the Eastern Scheldt Tidal Basin and the North Sea

1991  A Regional Study of Coastal Morphology

1991  Shoreface Connected Ridges Along the Dutch Coast

1990  Cooperation in Counter-Pollution Response: The European Approach

1990  North Sea Bottom Steady Boundary Layer Measurements

1989  Directional Sea State Near the Island of Sylt

1989  Secular Change in Tidal Flat Heights

1989  Storm Statistics in the North Sea

1987  Analysis of Prototype Freak Waves

1987  Modelling as a Tool for Analysis and Assessment of North Sea Pollution

1985  Longterm Changes of Tidal Regime in the German Bight (North Sea)

1985  North Sea Technology Transfer to the Bering Sea

1985  North Sea Tide and Storm Surge Investigation

1985  Shore Approach at the Danish North Sea Coast, Monitoring of Sedimentation in a Dredged Trench

1978  Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Southern North Sea

1978  Storm Surge Prediction in Tidal Rivers: A New Conception

1974  Sea-Level Measurements in the Wash Bay

1974  Tracer Tests in the Middle North Sea

1893  Notes on Projects For the North Sea Canal From 1629-1893