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2015  Application of Multicriteria Decision Analysis with A Priori Knowledge to Identify Optimal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Plans

2014  Development and Demonstration of a GIS-Based Cumulative Effectiveness Approach to Buffer Design and Evaluation

2014  Drainage-Process Analyses for Agricultural Non-Point-Source Pollution from Irrigated Paddy Systems

2014  Sensitivity Analysis of Annual Nitrate Loads and the Corresponding Trends in the Lower Illinois River

2014  Sustainable Land-Use Planning for a Downtown Lake Area in Central China: Multiobjective Optimization Approach Aided by Urban Growth Modeling

2013  Bayesian Optimization Framework for Cost-Effective Control and Research of Non-Point-Source Sediment

2013  Classic Optimization Techniques Applied to Stormwater and Nonpoint Source Pollution Management at the Watershed Scale

2013  Effect of the Seasonal Rainfall Distribution on Storm-Water Quality Capture Volume Estimation

2013  Monte Carlo Simulation-Aided Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach: Case Study of Assessing Preferred Non-Point-Source Pollution Control Best Management Practices

2013  Non-Point Source Pollution Models Applied to an Urban Watershed

2013  Optimal Location of Sediment-Trapping Best Management Practices for Nonpoint Source Load Management

2013  Pollutant Distribution on Urban Surfaces: Case Study in Southern Brazil

2013  Relationship between Urban Runoff Pollutant and Catchment Characteristics

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Modeling Hydrologic Processes and NPS Pollution in a Small Watershed in Subhumid Subtropics Using SWAT

2012  Nutrient Loads to Cayuga Lake, New York: Watershed Modeling on a Budget

2012  Optimization Model for BMP Placement in a Reservoir Watershed

2012  Phosphorus Loading to Milwaukee Harbor from Rivers, Storm Water, and Wastewater Treatment

2012  Water Treatment Residual as a Bioretention Amendment for Phosphorus. I: Evaluation Studies

2012  Water Treatment Residual as a Bioretention Amendment for Phosphorus. II: Long-Term Column Studies

2011  Impact Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution with the L-THIA Model

2011  Mass Balance and Water Quality Modeling for Load Allocation of Escherichia coli in an Urban Watershed

2011  Modeling Escherichia Coli and Its Sources in an Urban Bayou with Hydrologic Simulation Program—FORTRAN

2011  Pollutant Load Evaluation in Stormwater Systems

2011  Possibilistic Stochastic Water Management Model for Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution

2011  Regulations and Liabilities of Constructed Wetlands for Aquacultural Wastewater Treatment

2011  Road Runoff Water-Quality Mitigation by Permeable Modular Concrete Pavers

2011  Roadway Runoff Water Quality from Milled and Unaltered Surfaces during Convective Storms

2010  Analysis of Bioretention Media Specifications and Relationships to Overall Performance

2010  Case Study of Distributed Hydrologic Model for Soil and Nutrient Loss Estimation in Small Watershed

2010  Characterizing Physicochemical Quality of Storm-Water Runoff from an Urban Area in Calgary, Alberta

2010  Connecting the Science and Economics of Watershed Pollution Abatement

2010  Dual Discharge Approach to Accessing Assimilative Capacity: Probabilistic Analysis and Management Application

2010  Hydrologic-Economic Analysis of Best Management Practices for Sediment Control in the Santa Fe Watershed, New Mexico

2010  Long-Term Simulation of a System for Catchment, Pretreatment, and Treatment of Polluted Runoff Water

2010  New Approach to Evaluate Pollutant Removal by Storm-Water Treatment Devices

2010  A Nonpoint Source Pollutant Loading Model for Small Suburban Watersheds

2010  Urban Runoff Mitigation by a Permeable Pavement System over Impermeable Soils

2010  Water Quality Component Development and Integration with USACE Watershed Hydrologic Models

2009  Analysis of Bioretention Media Specifications and Relationships to Overall Performance

2009  Analytical Solution for Conservative Solute Transport in One-Dimensional Homogeneous Porous Formations with Time-Dependent Velocity

2009  Construction and Performance of Bioretention Cells

2009  Corrosion Deterioration in Consumer Battery Litter

2009  The Economic and Environmental Significance of Nonpoint Source Abatement in Large Watersheds

2009  Estimating Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Upper Yangtze River Using the Export Coefficient Model, Remote Sensing, and Geographical Information System

2009  Field Evaluation of Silt Fence Tieback Systems at a Highway Construction Site

2009  Impact of Traffic Load Cycles on Urban Battery Litter

2009  Inclined Plate Settlers to Treat Storm-Water Solids

2009  Including Source-Specific Phosphorus Mobility in a Nonpoint Source Pollution Model for Agricultural Watersheds

2009  Mitigation of Impervious Surface Hydrology Using Bioretention in North Carolina and Maryland

2009  Modeling Nonpoint Source Pollutant Losses from a Small Watershed Using HSPF Model

2009  Prototype Geographic Information System for Agricultural WAter Quality Management Using CropSyst

2009  Sediment Fingerprinting: Review of the Method and Future Improvements for Allocating Nonpoint Source Pollution

2009  Solids Removal in Storm-Water Filters Modeled Using a Power Equation

2009  Storm-Water Filter Media Pollutant Retention under Aerobic versus Anaerobic Conditions

2009  Urban Battery Litter

2009  Water Quality Impacts of Corn Production to Meet Biofuel Demands

2009  Zinc Pollution Potential of Consumer Battery Litter

2008  Assessing Uncertainty in Mass Balance Calculation of River Nonpoint Source Loads

2008  Documenting Stormwater Quality on Texas Highways and Adjacent Vegetated Roadsides

2008  How to Include Economic Analysis in TMDl Allocation

2008  Spurious Correlation in the USEPA Rating Curve Method for Estimating Pollutant Loads

2007  Development of Refined BOD and DO Models for Highly Polluted Kali River in India

2007  Modeling Erosion and Sediment Control Practices: A Management Approach for Disturbed Sites

2007  Sensitivity of a Distributed Watershed Simulation Model to Spatial Scale

2006  Area-Rated Rational Coefficients for Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Pavement

2006  Estimation of Non-Point Source Pollution in a Typical River of India

2006  Investigation of Boundary Shear Stress and Pollutant Detachment from Impervious Surface during Simulated Urban Storm Runoff

2006  A Model of Optimal Best Management Practices Placement

2006  Runoff Quality Analysis of Urban Catchments with Analytical Probabilistic Models

2006  Study of Total Maximum Daily Load and Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Strategies for Reservoir Watershed

2006  Uncertainty Analysis for Coupled Watershed and Water Quality Modeling Systems

2006  Watershed Environmental Hydrology Model: Environmental Module and Its Application to a California Watershed

2005  Bacteria Loads from Point and Nonpoint Sources in an Urban Watershed

2005  California’s Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

2005  Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Dynamics: Development of a Grid-Based Watershed Mercury Loading Model

2005  Compliance Rates for Storm Water Detention Facility Installation

2005  Effective Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Through Collaborative Education and Outreach Efforts

2005  Estimating Nutrient Outflow from Agricultural Watersheds to the River Kali in India

2005  Geographic Information System Support for Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis of the Mattole River Watershed, Humboldt County, California

2005  Implementation of the EPA’s Water Quality Trading Policy for Storm Water Management and Smart Growth

2005  Increasing HSPF Model Performance by Improving FTABLEs: Case Studies on the Illinois River Basin

2005  Low Impact Development (LID) Retrofit Strategies for CSO Controls

2005  Mass Wasting Identification in the Navarro River Watershed Using Hyperspectral Imagery

2005  Multistage Hierarchical Optimization for Land Use Allocation to Control Nonpoint Source Water Pollution

2005  Phosphorus Trade Credits for Non-point Source Projects

2005  Pollution Buildup on Road Surfaces

2005  Quantitative Assessment for the Effects of Non-point Source Pollution Loads on Water Environment of Plain Area

2005  Trace Metal Pollutant Load in Urban Runoff from a Southern California Watershed

2004  Applying the First-Order Error Analysis in Determining the Margin of Safety for Total Maximum Daily Load Computations

2004  Assessment of Agricultural NonPoint Source Model for a Watershed in Tropical Environment

2004  The Best Management Practices of Tea Farm on High Mountain Areas

2004  Decision Support System for Stakeholder Involvement

2004  Evaluation of Constraint-Handling Techniques for Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Watershed Management

2004  Nonpoint Pollution Control for the Xili Reservoir in Shenzhen, China

2004  Optimal Best Management Practices (BMPs) Placement Strategies - Application to Fei-Tsui Reservoir Watershed in Taiwan

2004  Optimal Location and Sizing of Stormwater Basins at Watershed Scale

2004  Pollution and Water Quality Evaluation for Tseng-Wen Reservoir

2004  Storm Flow from First-Flush Precipitation in Stormwater Design

2004  Watershed-Based Modeling with AGNPS for Storm Water Management