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2015  Sliding Mode Reconfigurable Fault Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Aircraft Systems

2015  Track Nonlinear Energy Sink for Rapid Response Reduction in Building Structures

2015  Trade-Off Analysis among Multiple Water Uses in a Hydropower System: Case of São Francisco River Basin, Brazil

2014  Design of Dual-Range Linear Multivariable Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Application to UAV Control

2014  Dimension Reduction of the FPK Equation via an Equivalence of Probability Flux for Additively Excited Systems

2014  Experimental Testing and Numerical Simulation of a Six-Story Structure Incorporating Two-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Energy Sink

2014  Family of Structure-Dependent Explicit Methods for Structural Dynamics

2014  Fast and Practical Method for Model Reduction of Large-Scale Water-Distribution Networks

2014  Nonaffine-Nonlinear Adaptive Control of an Aircraft Cabin Pressure System Using Neural Networks

2014  Nonlinear Cross-Anisotropic Model for Soils at Various Strain Levels

2014  Nonlinear Guidance and Control Laws for Three-Dimensional Target Tracking Applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2014  Nonlinear Lead-Lag Controller Synthesis for Unstable Nonlinear Systems

2014  Nonlinear Proportional and Rate Feedback Controller Design Synthesis with Experimental Verification

2014  Nonstationary Stochastic Response Determination of Nonlinear Systems: A Wiener Path Integral Formalism

2014  Realization of a Strongly Nonlinear Vibration-Mitigation Device Using Elastomeric Bumpers

2013  Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Sliding Mode Control for Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicles Subject to Input Nonlinearity

2013  Identification of Hysteretic Dynamic Systems by Using Hybrid Extended Kalman Filter and Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis with Limited Observation

2013  Response and First-Passage Statistics of Nonlinear Oscillators via a Numerical Path Integral Approach

2013  Robust Skewness-Kurtosis Descriptor for Damping Calibration from Frequency Response

2012  Pipe Friction Parameters Identification Method Based on Moore-Penrose Pseudo-Inverse Solution

2010  Acceleration of Levenberg-Marquardt Method Training of NSV Attitude System Fuzzy Modeling

2010  Genetic-Algorithm-Based Strategies for Dynamic Identification of Nonlinear Systems with Noise-Corrupted Response

2010  Improved Decentralized Method for Control of Building Structures under Seismic Excitation

2010  Modeling Nonlinear Systems by Volterra Series

2010  Nonlinear Controller Synthesis for Single-Input Multiple-Output Systems with Application to Cruise Missile

2010  A Nonlinear Method for Harvesting Mechanical Energy from Vibrations

2010  Research of a One-Way Slide Mode with Constraint State Condition

2009  Linking Nonlinear System Identification with Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation under OpenSees: Some Justifications and Implementations

2009  Time-Centered Split Method for Implicit Discretization of Unsteady Advection Problems

2008  Capturing Nonlinear Vibratory Roller Compactor Behavior through Lumped Parameter Modeling

2008  Computer-Aided Model Generation for Nonlinear STructural Analysis Using a Structural Component Model Database

2008  Linearized Stability and Accuracy for Step-by-Step Solutions of Certain Nonlinear Systems

2008  Monte Carlo Methods for Estimating the Extreme Response of Dynamical Systems

2008  Nonlinear Model-Based System Identification of Lead — Rubber Bearings

2008  Nonlinear Time-varying Systems Identification by Fuzzy Linear Programming Support Vector Regression

2008  Seismic Vibration Control of Nonlinear Structures Using the Liquid Column Damper

2008  Stochastic Response and Stability of a Nonintegrable System

2007  Autoparametric Resonance in a Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge: Solferino Bridge, Paris

2007  Peak Response of a Nonlinear Beam

2007  Retardation of Nonlinearly Sorbed Solutes in Porous Media

2007  Retardation of Nonlinearly Sorbed Solutes in Porous Media

2006  Coupled Surge-Heave Motions of a Moored System. I: Model Calibration and Parametric Study

2006  Coupled Surge-Heave Motions of a Moored System. II: Stochastic Analysis and Simulations

2006  Developing a Conjunctive Nonlinear Model for Inflow Prediction Using Wavelet Transforms and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of Dez Reservoir Dam, Iran

2006  Modified K-NN Model for Stochastic Streamflow Simulation

2006  Optimal Control: Basis for Performance Comparison of Passive and Semiactive Isolation Systems

2005  Biot — Frenkel Poromechanics in Russia (Review)

2005  A Constructive Neural Network Approach for Simulation and Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

2005  Nonlinear Modeling of Flexible Cable Loads on Large Sheaves

2005  Nonlinear Zigzag Theory for Buckling of Hybrid Piezoelectric Rectangular Beams under Electrothermomechanical Loads

2005  Optimal Control of Earthquake Response Using Semiactive Isolation

2005  Statistical Nonparametric Model for Natural Salt Estimation

2005  Structural Vibration Reduction Using Fuzzy Control of Magnetorheological Dampers

2005  System Identification of Base-Isolated Building using Seismic Response Data

2004  Hysteresis Compensation Using LPV Control

2004  Modified Sliding Mode Control for Wind-Excited Benchmark Problem

2004  Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Crack Behavior in Oriented Strand Board Webbed Wood I-Beams with Openings

2004  Optimal Neurocontroller for Nonlinear Benchmark Structure

2004  Stochastic Analysis of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Experimental Moored System using an Independent-Flow-Field Model

2003  Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Nonlinear Building-Magnetorheological Damper System

2003  Irrigation Hydrology: Crossing Scales

2003  Spectral Approach to Equivalent Statistical Quadratization and Cubicization Methods for Nonlinear Oscillators

2003  Updating Properties of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Uncertain Input

2002  An Automatic Newton-Raphson Scheme

2002  Irrigation Hydrology: Crossing Scales

2002  Microstructural Finite-Element Analysis of Influence of Localized Strain Distribution on Asphalt Mix Properties

2001  Framework for Finite-Element–Based Large Increment Method for Nonlinear Structural Problems

2001  Nonlinear Diffusive Wave Modeling and Identification of Open Channels

2000  Application of Neural Networks for Detection of Changes in Nonlinear Systems

2000  Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrology. II: Hydrologic Applications

2000  Editorial

2000  Iterative Simulation for Stochastically Nonlinear Large Variability

2000  Methods and Guidelines for Effective Model Calibration

2000  Model Predictive Control for Industrial Robots

2000  Optimal Structural Control Using Neural Networks

2000  Phase Space Reduction in Stochastic Dynamics

2000  Structural Identification of Frames under Earthquake Loading—Time Domain Identification Algorithms

1999  Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Groups Shoaling in a Tank

1999  Genetic Algorithm for Design of Nonlinear Framed Structures

1999  Nonlinear Distribution of Nearshore Free Surface and Velocity

1999  Non-Linear Modelling of Shoreface–Connected Sand Ridges

1999  Nonparametric Identification of Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems

1999  On-Line Parametric Identification of MDOF Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems

1999  Probabilistic Solutions to Nonlinear Random Ship Roll Motion

1999  Wave Crest Interaction in Water of Intermediate Depth

1998  Dynamic Response of Cable-Stayed Bridges Under Moving Loads

1998  Dynamics of Nonlinear Aeroelastic Systems

1998  Exact Stationary Response Solutions of Six Classes of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems under Stochastic Parametric and External Excitations

1998  Experimental Calibration of Bifurcation Superstructure of Nonlinear System

1998  Frequency-Domain Analysis of Offshore Platform in Non-Gaussian Seas

1998  Identification of Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Systems Using Wavelets

1998  Nonlinear Inertial Loading in Steep 2-D Water Waves

1998  A Nonlinear Oscillator-based Technique for Implementing Obstacle Avoidance in an Autonomous Mobile Robot

1998  Nonlinear Structural Control Using Neural Networks

1998  Nonlinear Wave Loading and Dynamic Response of Drag-Dominated Offshore Platforms

1998  Reliability of Nonlinear Structural Frame Under Seismic Excitation

1998  Simulation of Nonlinear Waves in Shallow-Water Basins

1998  Spectral Identification of Nonlinear Structural Systems

1998  Wave Climate Parameterization of the Distribution of Maximum Wave Heights and Crest Elevations

1997  Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Dynamical Systems